Pouring Rain

We went to the Jonsson Center tonight for a most informative lecture on sports technology. It started sprinkling around 3 and turned into a deluge by early evening. Ron’s van told us it is unhappy with its alternator.

Ron made his angel hair pasta/white clam sauce special for supper. I made a “kitchen sink” salad that turned out very well: tomatoes, cuke (from the garden), celery, beets, corn in a light vinegrette.


Ron has been my chauffeur today. I had an endoscopy this morning – everything is normal – and not only did he pick me up, but he drove me to Woods Hole for a meeting.

We wanted cold cuts, and I couldn’t stand the thought of a trip to Stop & Shop. So, we ended up scoring some great deals at Windfall.

Last Surgery

Ron sailed through cataract surgery today. We grabbed lunch afterwards and shopped around for gas (prices seem to have gone up overnight). Stopped off at the Blueberry Muffin in Cedarville, then to Stop & Shop for a prescription.

I finished up some stuff for O-F.com and Leuckart. Made plans with the kids for Friday and put together a pizza and salad for supper.

Got a stabbing pain in my left eye as we were walking to the surgery. I can still feel it nine hours later.

Sold the compound mitre saw yesterday. Ron took care of the buyer while I was getting ready for work.


We had a good downpour this afternoon. I was watching the radar from the office in New Bedford, so missed it, although Ron got caught, briefly.

I’m very happy that the transplants have received a good dose of water this week.

Too Tired to Move

After we finished mulching, we did the transfer station run. I did some more weeding; at least, I think so. Gardening is sometimes like this: you work until you can’t work any more, then you work a little longer. There is always an errant weed to pull or something to be repotted or watered or pruned or dead-headed. Well, at least the grass didn’t need to be mowed.

Right now, I’m watching the cars in the field raise all sorts of dust, and feeling sorry for the kids working there.

I would love a nice dessert but have no desire to get up and move.

I hope the transplants make it, I really do: a Stella d’Oro and three nice purple flowered ones.

Yesterday I saw a little hummingbird moth happily feeding from the Bee Balm.

Finished Mulching

Finished up the mulching this morning, with Ron’s help. Much, much easier with two of us. One yard (although I think it was a bit more) worked very well for the whole back yard.

House Tour, Mulch, Fair

Saw most of Highfield’s house tour on Friday noon. Was a docent for most of the afternoon. Saw three familiar faces.

Traffic was miserable in Falmouth, backups everywhere, but I was able to get to Rockland and the credit union anyway. Stopped in to the PAN Action meeting.

Lisa Rose stopped by in the morning. Great to see her. She had nice things to say about the garden, but suggested that it was time to re-edge and remulch.

So, Ron and I worked on that yesterday. I transplanted four flowers to the “empty” area on the right side of the U.

We attended the Fair last evening to see The Fabulous Thunderbirds. I did the usual rounds of juried exhibits, the Community Tent and of course the Master Gardeners. Inez is recovering from surgery, so she missed the Fair for the first time in many years.

We couldn’t find the van at first, so did a fair amount of walking as a result. Ron is hurting this morning. He is still recovering from that accident on the exercise bike. Why he didn’t call Dimond’s office is incomprehensible to me, but maybe that’s “magical thinking”: the problem will go away on its own.

Cherry Tomatoes

First ripe cherry tomatoes.

Ron hurt himself on the exercise bike this morning.

I sprayed diluted FungOnil on the tomatoes.

Another dream about losing things. One interpretation is that it means being too busy (“you’re losing it”).