It’s raining, and the gardeners and landscapers are happy, if not the parents of schoolkids on their first day of summer vacation.
It’s been weeks since we’ve had rain, and this is a good, soaking one that comes, luckily, a day after the local Pro-Am.

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It’s been hot since I got back from California, and today felt like one of the worst. I’ve got two glasses of iced tea going, and my computer keyboard is acting a little strangely.
Glad today was the last day of school for the kids, and I’ll bet their teachers are even happier.

I’m a Moderate (Son of a Gun)

Found a link to a quiz that originally appeared in the October 28-30 issue of USA Weekend and scored in the Secretary Powell range, which is not bad company to be in.
Now, I can say “We Moderates hate the Bush Administration”, and get away with it.
Check it out, it only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Gardener’s Diary

The temperature dropped over 20 degrees in an hour and a half, and thank goodness – we seem to be done, for now, with the record heat.
In spite of being defoliated by gypsy moth caterpillars and who knows what else, the fairy rose started blooming. It is nice to see the little white flowers again, and pretty much on schedule with last year.

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