Sleet, Rain, Bedford

Sleet and rain for most of the day, here, there and everywhere.

We closed on our equity line today. Enjoyed our conversation with the branch manager, a fellow libertarian.

We are waiting to hear from the plumber. Talked with the carpenter/contractor this morning about installing the vanity.

I was probably over-cautious, figured we’d miss road construction traffic by taking 495 to the Pike instead of 24 to 128. Ron didn’t seem to mind the conditions or the truck traffic, although he couldn’t stop talking about the crazy private automobile drivers.

We did the transfer station and senior center runs first thing this morning.

Disappointing Day

It was not a good day for work. I painted Emme’s door and Ron got the new toilet seat on, but I think munged one of the hinges. It might be a part we can replace.

I cleaned the cat boxes and loaded the trash and recyclables on the truck for transfer station run tomorrow.

I also tried to wash the stairwell walls. Another pass might do the trick, depends on how it looks when it dries.

We blue taped Emme’s bathroom, and I hung a new shower curtain liner and the laundered shower curtain.

Ron had to leave at 3:45 to get to Woods Hole. I stayed until 5:38.

No Rest

We’d offered to do some painting at Edgewater along with carpet and closet negotiation. We spent part of yesterday doing prep, i.e. cleaning and repairs.

I’m planning to bluetape the downstairs bathroom and maybe upstairs as well. Doubt that we’ll get to paint today, since Ron has WHFMS.

Ron got a lot done. He repaired Emme’s medicine cabinet, tacked down the metal strip between the kitchen and living room, and removed the wood trim from the upstairs bathroom: no small feat, since some fool had filled the screw depressions with wood putty.

I had a pretty busy week: meetings at Edgewater, meetings at the Commission, meeting with our tax preparer, a hearing evaluation, a planning session about the vanity setup, and 3 after-hours events: Glastonbury Abbey, a 1717 Meetinghouse Foundation debate on the Cape Cod Commission, and the South Shore .NET User Group Gadgeteer presentation, which Emme attended as well.

Tiny Survivors

We’re at the end of a blizzard that started before dawn, with high wind speeds and temperatures below freezing.

We realized a little after 7 am that we’d forgotten to shelter a tray of violas purchased earlier this week. ¬†They were on the deck, fully exposed to the wind, and covered with about a half inch of snow.

I brought them in the house for now, but we needn’t have worried; they did just fine.


Birthday Brunch

What a great brunch this year: Cathy, Cindy, Mary at the Woods Hole Golf Club. Crab cakes Benedict and a delightful coconut/praline pudding for dessert. The girls gave me a bottle of Grand Marnier. Mary, as usual, cracked me up.

Just wish we could have stayed all afternoon.

Ron is off to visit his friend Bruce in Dennis, so I have the house to myself. I’m tired and chilled. Paid bills this morning.

We went to Botello yesterday for a few odds and ends, including a new CO monitor which Ron set up in our bedroom.

We ordered a bathroom faucet at Ferguson and picked up groceries at Roche.

I made poached fillet of sole with pepper strips and sauteed greens for supper.


We were at Plymouth Court this past Monday through Thursday to show solidarity with the P-12, whose trial ended yesterday with a “Guilty” verdict and time served.

By Friday morning, we were pretty well fried. I couldn’t deal with any more bombast, especially closing arguments, and Ron was happy to stay on Cape as well.

We ended up going to Beltone for my hearing aid evaluation and afterwards bought a beautiful vanity, a floor model that we never could have afforded at full retail.

Today we almost killed each other getting the vanity off the truck and into the house.

The Carbon Monoxide monitor went off last night and still didn’t work correctly, even when Ron replaced the battery. We’re pretty sure it simply has worn itself out after eight years.

5:47 PM Yesterday

The Cape Cod Times requested reader photos for World Minute Day, and they were nice enough to publish mine, a shot of the prayer flags in our back yard. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left out the description; oh, well.

We visited a counter factory in the Industrial Park and picked out some granite for the bathroom countertop.

Ron will be off to the WHFMS shortly. After tonight, he has only two more gigs until the Fall.

I’ve been cleaning up my poor laptop. Met with Sandy F-S on Friday morning to talk about a labor-themed film series.



005I spent part of my 68th birthday working on stuff for the Commission and the better part of the afternoon with Ron to, at and from the Plymouth Registry of Deeds to execute the docs to refi Edgewater. After six weeks (started February 2) of misery, it went very smoothly. We are still keeping our parts crossed that no last-minute spanner gets thrown in the works.

On the way back, we stopped at Market Basket for flowers, vegetable rolls and a half-price platter of petit fours, which we enjoyed with the champagne Cathy gave us when we got married. It was quite festive. We also scarfed down some of the boiled dinner I’d made earlier in the day. Finished off by watching the last of The Wire, Season 2.

Today, it’s snowing, and I’m grateful we can stay put, at least for now.