Truck, New Modem

Midas removed the rattling heat shield this morning, no charge (nice!)

Switched out modems; we now have one with wireless built in. Hooked up the Vonage “device” and set up the computers with the new network.

Ron is out with the trimmer. He let me sleep in this morning, made coffee, woke me in time to get tothe appointment at Midas, set up the sprinkler. What a guy!

Ron asked for Jambalaya the other day. Roche had raw shrimp on sale yesterday, so we picked some up on the way back from meeting Peter at Edgewater. I made up a batch today so Ron could eat before his shift at the boat ramp.

I’ve got Pandora on and am enjoying a gorgeous breeze.

Added Google Analytics back in to the Foreclosures website. Made a change to MRS and blew out the page; can’t get back in to fix it.


Cleaned out the sprayer and loaded it with BT from the Feed & Garden. Sprayed all the roses and the little maple tree.

Ron mowed the lawn.

We had a really nice lunch (as always) at the Upper Cape Tech restaurant.

Heat shield on the truck is rattling. Got an appointment at Midas on Saturday.



James and I got it on the truck yesterday; Ron and I planted it today. Beautiful!

Got an appointment with Dr. Gray today. She found inflammation in my right eye, but no infection. Especially prominent on top of my eye, which is about where I’ve been having problems.

Cardio doc wants to see me on Friday. Well, I guess if it were really urgent, he’d want to see me sooner.

It’s been drizzling all day. Ron is still outside getting things in order.  Peter Randall is here doing his Spring treatment.

Memorial Day 2014


A bit rainy, so traffic has been piling up since around 10 this morning.

Fed, composted and watered the roses.

Ron’s Rec Department gig was cancelled due to the weather.

Fixed the bathroom shade yesterday. Made a good strawberry/rhubarb crisp.

Planting Today

Planted today: 4 tomatoes, squash, cuke, melon, pumpkin(?), second bag of day lilies, basil, rosemary, forget-me-nots, marigolds. Used two of the Earth Boxes.

Ripped up the extra paper from the new plot.

The leek is growing! Also, a couple more asparagus. First bag of day lilies seem to be doing quite well. Amazing since I haven’t been able to pay much attention during the eye surgeries.

Pruning, spraying tomorrow.

Ron drove to Hyannis Toyota so I could fetch my truck before traffic got crazy. No charge for replacing the oxygen sensor. Peter thinks it’s been done before.

Stopped off at Breakaway in Centerville, picked up some tick repellent.

Got a warning message from the OS about creating a system restore disk. They were out at iCape, so I picked up a flash drive (on sale) as well as Omeprozole with Magnesium (on sale) at CVS.

Ron finished the bathroom closet shelf. I started putting away.

Ron worked for the Rec Department today. He picked up on-sale hamburger from Roche on the way home.

Seem to be a lot of people here this weekend.

Third Day of Getting Up Early

Had a mammo appointment at InMed this morning at 8:30. It’s only every two years, so happy to have it out of the way. The tech, Hope, is very skilled.

Ron and I caravanned to Hyannis Toyota to have the Check Engine light looked into. Turns out it was a bad Oxygen sensor, and they aren’t charging me.

We stopped by Whole Foods, had lunch there (Meh). We went to Home Depot for Ron, didn’t find what he wanted, but he was able to pick up the equipment for his shop at Harbor Freight.

No one from Emerald had called yet about Ron’s script, so we dropped in to their Hyannis office. Made a stop at Four Seas on the way back, then Mahoney’s, then Mashpee Stop & Shop to pick up a prescription for me and fill his script. Last stop at Andy’s. Ron has his meds, thank goodness!

We got back home in time to meet a gentleman from Capewide who is going to give us an estimate on finishing the basement.

Right Eye

Recovery from yesterday’s surgery went better for my right than my left eye.

Had a checkup today in Plymouth: 20:30 vision, good enough for driving.

I am getting by with +2.00 reading glasses from the dollar store.

We stopped at Savers for clothes and the Blueberry Muffin. Did the transfer station run.

Picked up the truck yesterday. Check engine light went on, again, today.

Must be a big fire somewhere, air is filled with smoke. I’m inside for that reason, my eyes.

Contract with the Commission ended today. Good!