Too Hot

91 today.  Too hot to work. I spent most of the day watering: roses (sprayed them, too), vegetable garden, fence front and back, small islands, big island, left side of the U.

The hibiscus have no buds.  I watered them and fed them with a high K fertilizer and phosphorus.

Picked up glue at Botellos so that Ron could attach a tiny ceramic boat to my sign.  Sprayed on acrylic fixative that Laura gave me.

We stopped at the transfer station and later at Edgewater so I could pick up the organic sprays for the roses and for Laura’s plants.

Delicious grilled pork loin and fresh corn for supper.

August is gone, and good riddance.  James starts school on Wednesday and offered to do the lawn tomorrow.

Downloaded a Kindle book on GIT.  Applied for a contract job at a place that will not be named.

We Moved the Mountain

Awe-inspiring Mt. Chia
Awe-inspiring Mt. Chia

Ron and I finished cleaning the pile of gravel that used to be a feature of Camp Ronamock.

That’s about the extent of our outdoor work today.

Grilled chicken kebabs and made green salad and fruit salad (watermelon and peach) for lunch.

Realized this morning that we have very little cash to tide us over until Ron gets his pension check.  Just as well we punted on our weekend plans!

The tow truck arrived a short while ago to bring the van to GMC.

Healthy Eating

15. Perfect protein pairings

Worried about getting enough protein on a plant-based diet? The trick is to partner legumes, grains, nuts and veggies that supply all nine of the essential amino acids your body can’t make on its own. Try these match-ups in the ratios described below.
1 1/3 parts chopped red peppers to 3 parts cooked cauliflower

1 part cooked chickpeas to 3 parts cooked mustard greens

1 part lima beans to 2 parts cooked carrots

1 1/2 parts cooked broccoli rabe to 1 1/3 parts cooked wild rice

1/2 part firm tofu to 1 1/4 parts cooked soba noodles

Superfoods by ‘Blue Zone’

Ikaria, Greece
Olive Oil
Wild Greens
Feta Cheese
Black-Eyed Peas
Mediterranean Herbs

Okinawa, Japan
Bitter Melons
Sweet Potatoes
Brown Rice
Green Tea
Shiitake Mushrooms

Ogliastra region, Sardinia
Goat’s and sheep’s milk
Flat Bread
Sourdough Bread
Fava Beans and Chickpeas
Milk Thistle
Cannonau Wine

Loma Linda, California
Whole Wheat Bread
Soy Milk

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Maize Nixtamal
Black Beans
Pejivalles (Peach palms)


Saw Dr. Harris today.  Our next visit is in 6 months.

Mary called!  She sounded like her old self; great to hear from her!

Got some more gravel cleaned.  May need to buy more.

Got the bluetooth adapter installed on the WIN7 machine.  Recharged and linked the Braven!

Also installed Visual Studio, SonicWall and the NEPS .rcf and SQL Server.  The new thumb drives are certainly coming in handy.

Held John’s hand, again, over the CCO website.  Getting old.

Cathy still sick, with the flu.


Cleaned and spread more gravel for the outdoor shower yesterday.  It works very well!

100_6439Briefly watched the Groovalottos last evening.  Left early to catch a lecture on green burials at WBNERR.

Still struggling with First Data.  Unnecessarily complicated, bureaucratic requirements for setup.  Wish the client had gone with PayflowPro!

Ron’s van stalled – again.  And again.  Poor fellow, he is at his wit’s end.  Thank goodness for the truck!