Back to normal temperatures.  Fair accumulation yesterday, enough for Ron to use the snow blower and loan it to Joe.

I had a full day: drove Robert to work, dropped off kindling at Emma’s (and got homemade bread and muffins as a gift!), got my eye examined by Dr. vonHaam, picked up groceries at Shaw’s and OTC meds at Walmart.

Helped Ron put together burritos for supper.  Cleaned up the kitchen while he brought Robert home.


Yesterday was chocolate cake day, so I overcame my preferred state of laziness and made a double batch of gluten free chocolate cake.

Although I’d put two quarters of butter on the counter in the morning, I hadn’t taken account that they’d been frozen. That made the butter extremely difficult to work with. I cut out parchment paper for the cake pans, which was also was hard on my hands. Poor me.

The cake layers turned out great, though, and I made frosting this morning.

Yesterday we had reasonably pleasant temperatures although it was quite windy. Ron installed more gutter guards and I raked up piles of ornamental grass fronds, which I threw over the strawberries and rhubarb for now. Raining today, and we may get some snow tomorrow.

We had cheese Chenglish muffin sandwiches and salad for lunch.

I made a vegetable chili today with corn, tomatoes, beans, squash, carrots and spinach. We were through with chores, including the transfer station run, by about 3.

I’m still fighting whatever it is in my right eye, although not feeling as tired as I was a week ago.

Quality of Life Improved for Free

Found the top to a nice pitcher yesterday and remembered this morning that the pitcher was in a rarely-used cabinet along with a Nespresso machine and several boxes of pods.

Ron reprimed the water pump and came up with the idea of espresso with Amaretto.  A splendid treat, a luxury in fact, for no money.

These little niceties, like the wooden plant hanger retrieved from the cellar, the wrought iron tables from Job Lot, clearing the kitchen counter and wintering over some flowers and herbs have done a lot for my morale.

I’d left the le creuset outside, which turned out to be a good idea, since it went below freezing last night.  After bringing it in, I was able to carve out four freezer bags worth.  Emma came by to drop off some “Chenglish” muffins and I gave her a serving of soup for home.


Yesterday, Ron made black bean burgers, which we had with french fries, and I made a couple of eggplant parms.  Ron brought one over to Edgewater to give Peter a break from cooking.

Uploaded some RovingGM files.

Made a canned spinach quiche today.  Edible, good recipe, but on the bland side.

Gave a housewarming gift to Joe, who’s on the mend: a framed copy of Paul’s photo of the Falmouth Road Race.

Fell asleep during a Xamarin webinar. How could I, really.

Bought a bag of bulls eye penny candy for Ron from Uncle Bill’s at the Silver Lounge. Stopped at the Cheese Shop and the West Falmouth Market.

Made a big pot of vegetable soup: celery, onion, garlic, beans, corn, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes.  Served with cheese bread from Maison Villatte; pleased to learn that they are supplying bread to a few wholesalers during their Winter break.

Found a Billy Jones 1924 recording of “The Grass Is Always Greener.”  The message is so anti-consumer, it’s almost unAmerican!

Rain, Food Pantry, buh bye VISA

It’s pouring out, which is kind of nice when you don’t have to be in it.

We visited the Falmouth Service Center for the first time in months for canned staples, dairy and produce.  Stopped at Jack in the Beanstalk for “used” fruit, vegetables and cinnamon bread.

Made a nice fruit salad with watermelon, grapes and pineapple.  Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch: free, to Ron’s delight.

I paid off the last credit card balance.  It won’t be “real” until they reconcile accounts tonight.  It’s been a struggle and took a little longer than I’d hoped.

Still applying for jobs.

Read some engine codes from Ron’s van today, but the accuracy is questionable.


Must admit, I am more in sympathy with Trump supporters as time goes by.

I’m one of the majority of Americans who has played by the rules, paid my taxes and my bills, gotten an education, worked hard, raised my son to be a good man, and find myself at age 71 behind the 8 ball because I didn’t have the right looks or the right personality to “get ahead”.

Trump represents a fellow who didn’t follow the rules, and I find his idiosyncrasy and non-conformity appealing. Also, he’s not a hypocrite like the current leaders for the Democratic party Presidential nomination in 2020.

I can’t summon a state of high dudgeon because he groped some gold digging women who were trading on their looks.

I don’t like his appointees, but the Senate failed to advise and consent in a bipartisan, objective and one might say patriotic manner.

We’ve had some lousy Presidents in the past and Trump may go down as one of those but so far, the country has survived.  May it continue.

DACA Optics

Not the eye, which seems to be getting better, but the absurdity of holding 323 million people hostage for, what, 700,000?  800,000?  22,000*?  over a deadline that doesn’t expire until March 5, and over a program which a federal judge issued an injunction to restart?

Libertarian think tank the Cato Institute has this to say about not letting DACA expire.

*whose DACA permits have or will expire by March 5

Right Eye

The Cape Healthcare Urgent Care center in Falmouth came to my rescue on Saturday.

I’ve had a problem with my right eye since a couple of weeks ago, when we were clearing debris from the gutters at Edgewater.  It started as a bite or a scratch at the corner of my eye that turned into an angry swelling that eventually resolved itself but returned a while later as a deep red inflammation around the entire eye.

The Nurse Practitioner on call diagnosed an infection around my eye and gave me erythromycin salve and a prescription for antibiotics.

I was blown away by the care I received by everyone, including the receptionist and the nurse.  I got there shortly before closing and I’m sure held them up (they left around 4:15), but they were kind and thorough nonetheless.

Made an appointment today to meet with a local attorney who’s a specialist in elder law.


We applied for passports today, unplanned, and luckily, I had enough in the checking account to cover costs.

Ron applied for his first and I applied for renewal.

Judy at the Town Clerk’s office was phenomenal.  We lucked out (again) that she was unexpectedly available to help us.

Ron has been putting this off for years.  I expected to just get our photos taken, but Judy had time to walk Ron through the application, name change and all.  I’m immeasurably relieved to have this done.  It means that in 6-8 weeks, we’ll be able to travel.  February and March are supposed to be good months for aurora displays in Iceland.

Got errands done over the last 24 hours: CVS, Walmart, Windfall, Kappy’s, Post Office.