Gardener’s Diary

Deadheaded most of the fairy rose and all of the Bachelor’s buttons.
The Columbines that are most exposed to the sun are looking sickly, losing their leaves, maybe not getting enough water.
Penstemon is doing great, though, maybe put in more next year.
The yellow flowers on the left side of the fence have come back, I can’t remember their name.

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Better Mousetrap

I wish someone would invent a portable driveway for kids who don’t have a place to set up one of those cool home basketball nets, not to mention homeowners who have to shovel snow off gravel.

Father’s Day

Let us now praise Father’s Day, which I declared years ago to be MY holiday, eschewing Mother’s Day as homage to the Sadie, as in spoiled-rotten married lady who views her motherhood not as the gift of nurturing a new life, but as “a lovely token of my love’s affection.” Barf.

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Badnarik for President

That’s right, this November, I’m voting for Michael Badnarik, the programmer/technical trainer/constitutional scholar who is running as the Libertarian party’s candidate for President.
With two exceptions, I’m in complete accord with Michael’s positions on the major issues of the campaign. Of the two exceptions – free trade and censorship – I’m only in partial disagreement. So long as greed and evil exist, I think some government control of industry is necessary, and I don’t think porn should be protected by the First Amendment.
It’s important that Bush be fired this November, no question, but it’s also important that the Libertarian message continues to be included in political discourse, at both the national and state/local levels.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Here is a list of the 164 US theaters that, in spite of pressure from the Republican right, will be showing Fahrenheit 9/11 starting June 25.
There are only 7 theaters in Massachusetts on this list, but I’m proud to say that no fewer than THREE of these (N. Falmouth, Dennis and P-town) are located on Cape Cod.

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This from the Boston Irish Reporter:
If John Ashcroft’s loss to a deceased opponent in the 2000 Missouri Senate race wasn’t enough reason to hold him in mocking contempt, the fact that his Patriot Act has rendered BC’s Gaelic Roots Festival obsolete should carry you over the finish line. We’ll see him in the other place.