Transfer Station, Blue Benn Diner

I loaded the truck with paper, trash and recyclables this morning and did a dump run.

Had a phone call from a person at the Blood Bank about our Shingrix shots. The moron confused Shingrix with earlier Shingles vaccines. He was rude, arrogant, bossy and stubborn. I wrote to his boss, we’ll see if I get an answer.

We decided that we didn’t need a $90 hose after all so returned it to Home Depot and took ourselves out to lunch at the Blue Benn. Fantastic. Ron got himself much-needed New Balance sneakers at one of the outlet stores. We got donuts and rhubarb at the Apple Barn.

The deer attacked my poor phlox so I put down repellent in all of the gardens.

Was able to create giant bubbles with inexpensive bubble solution from Dollar General. Picked up churros at Subway.

We went to a disappointing tasting of hard cider and cheese at the Store at Five Corners. I brought home delicious almond croissants.

Skipped the news and watched a couple of episodes of a Netflix series.

Paid the electric bill.

Alyssa’s Birthday; Blood Donation

Got to see the gang this morning. Looks like tomorrow is the last day of school!

Ron met with his healthcare provider. They came to agreement on his dropping Tramadol!

We had lunch at the Project – minestrone, salad, biscuit and dessert – and picked up fertilizer, a house brand AREDS2 and castile soap for Ron and a prescription and throat lozenges for me at Walmart.

We returned a book and a movie to the library. I asked Ron if he’d like to see Remedy Hall, which we did, but only after giving blood at the church. We didn’t have an appointment but someone didn’t show up for a 2pm so they were able to accommodate us.

I fed the plants on the deck. We had G&Ts and briefly chatted with Bell.

Modern Pest, Fence

I took off for Whitney’s Garden Center in Cheshire to buy potting soil for the new Brandywine tomato and a replacement for the flowers I tore off yesterday. Brought home a dark purple petunia that balances out the hanging plant very well.

Nice ride back past a pretty lake. Stopped briefly at Five Corners.

Passed a group of elementary school students on their end of year walk. This time I knew to honk!

Modern Pest came while I was gone and put down insecticide and Maxforce Fleet Ant Bait Gel. Found mouse activity under the sink. In fact, we had a tiny dead one there this morning.

Fence person came by mid-afternoon with his gorgeous German Shepherd.

I repotted the big Brandywine tomato and started cleaning up the hanging pansies, which are still quite nice. Hung them near the table and chairs. The deck is looking quite festive with two hangers and a planter!

Burgers and fries for supper on the festive deck.

Sprayed the Roses

Picked up a gifted cutting board and drove the long way via Route 2 to Elhannon.

Bought a basil (birthday gift) for Alyssa and a pretty calibrachoa and petunia combo, another basil and a Brandywine tomato for us.

I did a horrible job repotting the combo plant, tore off several branches. Disgusted.

Fetched a football from under the neighbor’s trampoline with a long-handled claw. Bell, amused, watched and had questions about the tool (is it metal? wood? is it old? why is it red?)

Have been yanking weeds for days.

Changed sheets.

Fell asleep very early.


After moving the small TV to the sunroom, I did a little workout and replaced the chaises on the “patio”. We made the bed. And that’s about it for the morning.

Allergies are bad today, sneezing and eyes itch.

Ron cleared the area in front of the subpanel in the garage. I pulled some boxes out of the sunroom for recycling and reorganized a bit to make it easier to use the exercise equipment and watch TV.

We watched a Richard Gere movie “Arbitrage” and the rest of “Dune: 2”.

HEAT Loan App, Senior Center Lunch and Lecture, New Garden

With help from a very savvy person at MassSave, I got the loan app completed and submitted online. The worst part was editing the .pdf application.

We attended a helpful lecture on legal concerns for elders and enjoyed a pizza lunch at the senior center.

Picked up the Dune 2 DVD on reserve at the library.

Weeded and raked a bed for the wild pollinator seed kit we picked up yesterday. Sowed, tamped down and lightly watered the seeds after lunch and put up the sign.

Ron fussed a bit with the front hose; I will need it.

Brief rain shower late afternoon.

Left shoulder hurt.

Inspection, Pollinator Favorite Plant Giveaway

The solar panel inspection went very well and as a bonus, the inspector gave me a reason to get after Ron to clear his junk in front of the subpanel in the garage.

While waiting for Ron to get ready to go out, I cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

We traveled to the Mt. Greylock visitor center for a giveaway of Pollinator favorites. We were lucky, they’d had a late start so there were plenty of plants to choose from. I brought home seeds and two plants, foxglove and Echinacea and put them in the corner garden next to soakers. I may move them, just wanted to get them out of their containers.

We had lunch at the Food Project.

We are looking at possible thunderstorms later and more rain through the weekend. So after lunch Ron much to his credit mowed, front and back.

I emailed Burpee some photos of two of the plants they sent which are having problems.

Cottonwood Seeds, Transfer Station Runs, Garage Door Stuck (Again), Remedy Hall

Electrical inspection is scheduled for tomorrow.

Visited Remedy Hall for the first time and boy, was I impressed! Dropped off the bag of window treatments and other useable items and brought home a pretty lamp for the third bedroom.

We made transfer station runs yesterday and this morning. Dropped off the two old metal chairs and other metal objects. Inching toward getting the sun porch organized.

Yesterday we experienced a blizzard of cottonwood seeds while we were sitting on the patio.

I grabbed some daylily clumps from a house on Hall Street and potted them today.

Made a Mediterranean/Greek-style potato salad and hard boiled eggs for lunch.

Met with a mini split contractor. Their proposal is a lot more than the ones we’ve received. He shared some good information on Mass Save rebates which I hadn’t heard before. I put off our planned meeting with another contractor to see if I can get some info on rebate options.

I am sitting at the big desk in the third bedroom with the a/c on full blast. It is hot and humid outside and even getting disgusting downstairs.

I have forgotten what the deck looked like in Mashpee. Our Williamstown deck is starting to look like home: tomato plants and daylilies in pots, a railing planter, wind chimes, umbrella table and chairs.

We may be in for six straight days of rain.