Finished A Couple of TBDs

I installed the bracket – with screws this time – on the bedroom window and rehung the curtains.

After liberating a black wasp which likely entered the bedroom from the attic, I squared away the hatch cover, which had been put back a little askew.

Finally rehung the two rods that had gotten torn off the big wind chime.

Ron did laundry; we changed the bedsheets. Ron also picked up lunches at the senior center. I’ve not signed up for May.

Ron did his best to stir the paint, but it seems to be a lost cause. Wonder if I can return it?

Eggs and Weeding

Ron promised to make scrambled eggs this morning, but I forgot to buy some yesterday.

Not wanting to dress for a supermarket trip, I figured there’d be eggs for sale at one of the farms on our hill.

Saw a sign for eggs a short way up but ended up at the cattle farm by mistake. The owner cheerfully directed me to the big white house next door. Fresh eggs for $4 a dozen: not bad and a gorgeous ride and view.

I picked some dandelion greens for a side, which we steamed. By this time, it was just shy of noon, so it was brunch: eggs, greens and bagels.

Afterwards I dug out more dandelions from the front yard and the driveway walkway. Left the ones in the back for the bees. I neglected weeding dandelions last year so happy to have this done.

Full Friday

Pruned and sprayed the climbing rose. Put out more pest repellant in the gardens.

Enjoyed lunch and a fine lecture on recycling at the Log.

Picked up our lunches at the senior center, went back later for frozen blueberries.

Dropped off a movie at the library, Ron returned a book.

Transfer station run. Disposed of the two old ceiling fans, plastic and paper.

Attended a presentation on dementia and enjoyed wine and hors d’oeuvres at Sweetwood.

Dropped by to say hi to Linnea, met her sister Ann.

Ron and I had a great time at the Williams College Jazz Orchestra spring concert.

Got Very Little Done

Searched emails, bank accounts and this blog to find an order I placed for tomatoes and other vegetable plants, but no luck.

Found the Roku adapter and it works, but the cord is quite short. After chatting with their support person, I ended up with several mistaken orders of a free extension which may or may be helpful.

Found more cables for Ron’s setup. He seems to be missing one, unfortunately.

Ron picked up a paint stirrer at RK Miles and returned the adapter he bought at Walmart.

I’ve been culling emails – nonsensical use of time.

I’m pretty sure we have enough to pay property taxes on May 1.


I changed the sheets and returned a DVD to the library.

My hope to paint was stymied: the paint was solid from being in the cold sunroom.

I was able to weed out an invasive plant – garlic mustard – from three gardens. Couldn’t get the roots each time but at least removed the reproductive parts.

Finished Warranty, as much as I’ve been told to code. Waiting for feedback and possibly more instructions.

Attended the first event of a new group, I Know Why She Stayed, at Studio 9. Enjoyed Misty Blues’ usual great performance. We’ll be seeing them again on May 10.

Watched the adult animated fantasy action film “Beowulf” with Ron.

Full Day

I’d shut down the computer last evening and my user account failed to restart this morning, but I was able to log in as administrator and restore my settings in the registry.

First thing this morning, the installation manager from Insight did a review of the breaker box and the rafters, said everything looks good. Phew.

My appointment with the eye doctor went well. I was out in time to pick up our lunches at the Senior Center, refrigerate them and go with Ron to the Log Lunch with a presentation by the mayor of Albany.

The ROKU on the big TV failed, claimed there wasn’t enough power from the television. We foolishly ignored the error message which suggested checking the ROKU website for a solution, instead unplugged almost everything, including the modem and router.

Disgusted, I left to investigate the source of loud announcements which have been booming up Henderson Road from time to time. Thought it might be from a playing field either near or on White Oaks, but it was from a Williams College baseball game at Cole Field.

Back home I was able to restore the wifi but we do need a USB power adaptor.

We tore ourselves away from fussing over the wifi and made it to the Berkshire Symphony’s last performance of the season, featuring a Brahms piano concerto and following intermission, a Brahms symphony. It was, as always, better than good.


Dropped by the Berkshire Food Project to meet the crew leader and talk about dishwashing this summer. I was late and couldn’t find a quarter or a parking space with time on it, so parked at the library and walked around the building, admiring the beautiful woodwork.

Carr’s was nice enough to shake the can of paint I need to finish the living room wall repair project.

Dropped off Nonna’s photo at the computer store in Norad Mill. It will be expensive to restore the colors but 5×7 copies are relatively cheap, $3. We’ll see how they do.

Asplundh finished taking down the tree across the street for National Grid. I was hoping they could give us an estimate on our project but they don’t do work for homeowners.

Sauteed vegetables for soup – mushrooms, celery, garlic, onion, carrots – before I left the house. Added the condensed vegetable soup from Job Lot. Made a nice lunch.

Rained off and on, glad I fed the roses yesterday.

Got walking trail advice from Rural Lands guides at the Senior Center. Only one other person showed up for their presentation, which was great for me, especially since he’s a bit of a local legend – 91 years old and still going strong.

Very tired today.

More Furnace Mystery

The furnace had turned off and the house was 60 degrees when I got up. Our oil company owner and his son did a tune up; fingers crossed that it’s working now.

Ron finally authenticated his new bank card and paid the remaining half of the sheet metal work fee.

I fed and watered the roses along the porch. Worked on Warranty.


Pittsfield Pipers installed a new return line, grill and two new furnace filters. They also replaced and relocated the supply register boot that blocked the cellar door. They turned around this whole project in less than 36 hours, from measurements to installation.

I am thrilled.

Ron attached the anemometer to the deck.

The roses next to the driveway are leafing so I fed and sprayed them with fungicide.

Meanwhile, the furnace was off this morning. When I got up a little before 7, it was 60 degrees downstairs. Our oil man came over quickly and got it started but couldn’t figure out why it shut off.

We had lunch at the Food Project yesterday and saw Linnea afterwards. She was exhausted from OT. Ron brought protein drinks and ginger ale, which pleased her.