Pittsfield Pipers installed a new return line, grill, supply register boot that does not block the cellar door and two new furnace filters. They turned around this whole project in less than 36 hours, from measurements to installation.

I am thrilled.

Ron attached the anemometer to the deck.

The roses next to the driveway are leafing so I fed and sprayed them with fungicide.

Meanwhile, the furnace was off this morning. When I got up a little before 7, it was 60 degrees downstairs. Our oil man came over quickly and got it started but couldn’t figure out why it shut off.

We had lunch at the Food Project yesterday and saw Linnea afterwards. She was exhausted from OT. Ron brought protein drinks and ginger ale, which pleased her.

Going Way Too Fast

The weeks are getting shorter, or so it seems.

Today is Cindy’s birthday and though I didn’t put it on the calendar, got reminders from Facebook and Siri and texted congratulations to her. Looking forward to reading about her day.

Otherwise, it’s catch up today on odds and ends.

Uploaded files to Warranty. Thank goodness Jim already revised the Claims table by making the primary key an identity column.

I am thrilled to have found a metal fabrication company that has the know-how to complete what I hope are the last of the “big system” projects: a furnace return and replacement of ductwork that is interfering with the bulkhead door. Some day the basement might even become useable space but even if not, this is a burden lifted.

Having done the diligence and obtained three rave reviews of Insight, I signed the contract yesterday.

Ordered more supplies today from Optum. Found a replacement for the base of the La Crosse wind sensor on eBay.

Rescued a DVD player that is compatible with my computer!

Enjoying the exercise area in the sunroom. Have been running the dehumidifier.

Yesterday morning Ron did a donut run to Maestri’s. We spent the afternoon at Walmart and Job Lot. Came home with piles of snacks for Ron and an adorable fuzzy “flying dragon pig” bank.


We watched in the back yard with special glasses. Nice weather and interestingly, it started to cloud up immediately after maximum.

In the morning we fetched a desk for the third bedroom from the First Congregational Church. Ron was thoroughly obnoxious, acting like a stuck up supervisor. He wanted to recruit our next door neighbor to bring it in, but our handyman offered, which I much prefer.

Over the weekend, we traveled to Pittsfield hoping for Metaxa 7, which seems to be out of stock everywhere. We stopped at Pittsfield Rye to pick up an online order via DoorDash. The owner was confused and a little nasty and a customer grinned the whole time we were there, enjoying the show.

We ended up with five loaves of bread (Ron gave the owner an extra $20 when he insisted that we take home a couple of extra loaves). Ron brought 3 loaves to neighbors.

Ron treated us to lunch at a terrific place, Misty Moonlight Diner.


Ron spilled a glass of red wine on the carpet last night. I’m glad to report that seltzer works to remove the stain.

We did errands earlier, including lunch pickup at the senior center and dropping off correspondence at the post office. Visited Linnea, brought flowers. She has a beautiful view from her room.

Woke up to the strange sight of Ron in a cow outfit and beautiful snow this morning. No school or senior center. Wind was strong last night but it’s quiet now.

Cardboard Boxes

I’ve been moving Ron’s stuff to the second bedroom and have been able to actually empty and recycle a couple more boxes.

Ron made a nice supper last night, rigatoni and veg “meatballs” with Ragu. We watched “Bite the Bullet” and cleaned the kitchen. He woke me up at 8 this morning.

Safelite was here to fix the ding in the Corolla’s windshield.

Ron made runs to the recycling center and transfer station.

Easter, Hospital Visit, Warranty, Taxes

We visited Linnea last Thursday at BMC and dropped off a box of donate-ables to Goodwill on Saturday. Ron thought he’d lost his glasses; they were on the washing machine at home.

Spent Easter at home enjoying a champagne, stuffed mushroom, asparagus and salad midday meal. Watched “Pulp Fiction”, which delighted Ron. He “gets it”, I still don’t.

I uploaded a new set of files for Warranty.

Advertised the former owner’s bedroom linens on the free FB site and found an interested neighbor; she picked them up today.

Finally figured out that I did almost no web work in 2023, so with the necessary info previously compiled, was able to file our state and federal taxes through a new free online service: slick!