TLC for Truck

Over the last two days, the truck got an oil change, a new muffler plus additional exhaust system work and four brand new tires.
The difference in the drive is amazing.
The work had to get done for more than comfort and safety reasons: truck is due for a state inspection this month. Getting tires yesterday (Saturday) ate up a chunk of the afternoon, but since my original plan was to do this during the week, it was a half-full deal.


Finally, an answer to a question I’ve been asking for the last couple of months: the cicadas that are steadily emerging from their underground nests will be here for about a month.
Well, at least part of the summer will be bearable.

That Toddlin’ Town

Thanks to Father Michael Pfleger, the latest lunatic clergyman in the Obama camp, Chicago, Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, acquired two new appellations this week: Race-Baiter and Woman-Hater.
You might have trouble finding any MSM coverage of Pfleger this morning; has taken the story off its home page, and it’s nowhere to be found on, or Try
I’m wondering what this unapologetic, uncritical spewing of hate speech is doing to the relationships of Black and White workers – you know, ordinary people who don’t live in the posh neighborhoods where Democratic super delegates and owners of national news organizations roam.
I wonder how much more misery Black civil servants with a chip on their shoulder are going to bestow on the public now that at least two members of the clergy have made it acceptable to publicly vilify innocent White people, especially White women.
This whole Obama campaign has descended into a nightmare for everyone but self-hating, guilt-ridden rich White folks and middle-aged men who are looking for nookie with left-leaning coeds.
If it weren’t so ugly, it would almost be laughable.

Ratings and Polls

It was reported this week in the NYT that Oprah Winfrey’s ratings and her magazine’s circulation are down by 7 and 10 percent, respectively, due perhaps to her endorsement of NObama.
Still the #1 daytime talk show host and one of the wealthiest human beings on planet Earth, Oprah is probably not overly worried about offending non-Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters.
Meanwhile, Gallup, whose poll results made big “Clinton falls behind” headlines last week, show Hillary leading against McCain by 4% while Obama loses by 1%. The results are in the same direction for Rasmussen, 1% and -4%, respectively.
Naturally, no comment from the MSM about this turnaround.

A Mess

I’m falling apart: not only recovering from tennis elbow (week 3) and chronic stiffness in my right leg, I got hit with a cold/flu/something last Friday and was sick all weekend.
Today, it’s raining and while the immune system seems to be catching up with the virus, the muscles feel like we’ve been in a rowing competition.
So, I’m staying put and working at home.

Intent on Suicide

Given their apparent choice of nominees, it’s not just the Democratic and Republican parties who seem intent on self-destruction, but the Libertarians as well.
I mean, really: Bob Barr?
For one thing, the creepy, mustachioed Barr looks like a cross between a race track tout and the standard issue villain in a Victorian melodrama.
Worse, the anti-Choice Barr has about as non-Libertarian a political past as one could conjure, having been a co-sponsor of the Defense of Marriage Act, opposed to medical marijuana, and a supporter of the Patriot Act.
Gun control is about the only other major issue on which he could have been more offensive to Libertarians and conservative Republicans, and the fact that he was one of the mad dogs who championed the trumped-up impeachment of Bill Clinton should be enough to turn off any moderate Democrats who might have otherwise been interested in the LP.
It’s looking more and more like the only viable choice for some of us is to write in Ron Paul this November.

Mother of the Week

Brenda Sullivan, adoptive “mother”, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the aggravated abuse of her 17 year old adopted son.
When the boy was rescued by child welfare workers in 2005, he weighed 49 pounds. Both he and two other adopted boys, twins, were kept in cages.
Sullivan’s husband was also arrested but died in January 2007 while awaiting trial.
Sullivan evidently left Ohio to live in Florida. Good for the people of Jacksonville to see through her ridiculous excuse that Ohio authorities told her to keep the boy in a “crib”.

Gardener’s Diary

This past weekend was a big one for garden sales, and I managed to get to the Master Gardeners’ at the Fairgrounds.
Due to a scheduling conflict, I arrived at almost the very end, which turned out to be a bonus: they were selling everything for half price. I got five pots of healthy plants for only $14.
So, I did some planting this weekend: an astilbe from Mahoney’s and five pots from the Master Gardeners, including lily of the valley, a coreopsis, yellow day lilies and another, possibly a campion. I put three of these in the last empty spot in the garden at Edgewater, and if they take, it will be filled in with perennials.
I was eager to get everything in because rain is predicted for the rest of the week.
In about ten minutes, I’m off to Hyannis to drop off the lawn mower for repair.