Yes, it’s Friday morning, sunny and pleasant, with showers (which we need) predicted for tomorrow.
The purple crocuses are blooming, and the tulips are coming up. Planted frost pansies in the flower boxes at #11 last weekend, Emme picked them out at the Rotary Garden Club Show in Hyannis.

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Escaping the Cape

This weekend, two families announced that they are leaving this neighborhood in the next couple of months, one headed to Texas and one to Maine. A third is seriously considering a job transfer to North Carolina.
The folks who are moving to Texas are good friends of Peter’s, and he wrote one of his best-ever blog entries today (yes, it’s even better than the bacon posts) about pulling up stakes when you’re established in a community, especially when you have young children, versus the often aching belief that you and they might have a better life somewhere else.

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No Surprise There

Massachusetts has got to rank close to New Jersey in the criminal incompetence of its Department of Social Services. New Jersey, that is, before the advocacy group Children’s Rights hauled their sorry butts into court and won a couple of million dollar judgments on behalf of severely abused children who had been in their care and custody.

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Net winnings from 10 scratch tickets purchased during my “lucky” oldest grandchild’s overnight visit. It would have been $34 if I’d stopped after the first 5. We split it, he promised to save his share, and I wonder if he will.

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Office Dogs

My current client allows employees to bring their dogs to work.
For the most part, the dogs are a friendly and quiet bunch. My favorite is a chubby Corgi, an adorable little chap who greets his fellow office mates with lavish affection. I miss him when he’s not around.
A couple of the dogs are clearly higher maintenance, though, and perhaps not by coincidence, their owners are highly placed in the company. Perhaps for that reason, there isn’t a lot said about them under normal circumstances.

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