Ron Falls; We Clear Space in the Attic; 7

Ron and I cleared space in the attic for the installation of his overhead light.

We also buttoned things up with the electrician and the attorney.

Falmouth Toyota tells me there is no need for big-ticket items like draining/changing fluids and spark plugs. Great news.

XFinity has no discounts for us. Paid them.

Found Robert’s “Sponge Bob” graphic and hung it in the new office.

Ron attempted to bring a heavy boom box down from the attic and fell. Not sure if the boom box survived, but he seems to be okay.

7 degrees this morning.

Turning Into an Epic Week

Ron put together a great tool for cleaning under the solar panels and finished today.

We received the go-ahead for the critter guard installation next month.

We met with our new elder care attorney. We’ve retained her to rewrite some of our documents and are considering hiring the firm to do some trust work for us.

Dropped in to the international food store on Main Street in Hyannis for the first time. Found a lot of good things, including some German chocolate that Ron has been raving about.

We met with an electrician today to discuss overhead lighting in the second bedroom.

I made heavy soup/stew; Ron made mushroom and cheese omelets. Saw Peter briefly to drop off New Yorkers and rolls.

Fine, No Really Good, Saturday

Brought two guitars to Fran Ledoux, master luthier. Ron had a great time, too!

Standout in Dennis. A few naysayers but a LOT of thumbs up and cheers. What a great group: no chauvinists and lots of enthusiasm. At one point, an older man gave us the finger, and we chanted “Shame!”

Internalized Nomadic Notion

From Psychology Today:

“I can say—after interviewing several of them over the years—that many of us have trouble feeling completely comfortable wherever we are—no matter how welcomed we may be. At times our discomfort can manifest in distancing, indifference, or even rudeness, but we usually don’t intend to insult anybody. We just seem to have an internalized nomadic notion that we don’t belong anywhere in particular. Even when we do settle somewhere we often work our asses off to prove our worthiness—just in case anyone gets any ideas about putting us back up for adoption.”

Taxes; Vacuuming

We went to the first meeting of the Spring session of “Fit and Strong” yesterday at the Senior Center.

Today, I found our hand and ankle weights. I like our ankle weights better than the ones at the Center.

I dropped off our property tax payments at Town Hall and asked the Town Planner about the status of the streets in our development. Our taxes went up about 10% because of reassessments.

Vacuumed the truck and the living room. Ron worked on the second bedroom.

Got a call that Trinity can install critter guards. Waiting for them to get a work order so we can get on their schedule.

Meanwhile, Ron wants to fabricate a tool to get rid of the rest of the leaves on the roof.

Made an appointment and paid a deposit to see an attorney next week for an elder law consult. Had to laugh when the person asked how I found them; their ad was on a Led Zeppelin YouTube vid.

Also made an appointment to drop my guitar off tomorrow so the luthier can see if the action can be lowered.

Cleaning; Rain

We’ve been cleaning, doors and the bathroom countertop.

I wanted to vacuum the vehicles but couldn’t find the shop vac tools. It didn’t seem to be working all that well, maybe because Ron didn’t have it put together correctly and the bag wasn’t firmly in place.

That would do it.

I went to Falmouth to donate blood but the count was too low. Did a light shop at S&S and picked up shop vac tools and stoppers at Eastman’s.

Leftover chili for lunch.

It started raining around 11, so no more outdoor work today.

Stir fry and brown rice for supper.

Single Digits

Ron’s knee is not getting better, so he got a presciption for antibiotic at
ConvenientMD, the new outpatient facility in Falmouth. He was impressed.

I made a garbanzo bean meatloaf for lunch; Ron made spaghetti with pesto for supper.

Drove Robert home. Was a minute late because I had to defrost the locks on the vehicles. Took the van, the truck was frozen solid.

We had some difficulty getting into Edgewater, but Robert managed it on the third try.

Good Ron

He made me mad with a patronizing remark, but I give Ron full credit for his work today: laundry, helping me with transfer station and now, washing floors.

He also pitched in to help me make the bed, much easier with the new Walmart fitted sheets.

Cindy, Cathy and I had a quick get-together to exchange Christmas gifts at Panera this morning.

The predicted snow turned out to be rain: a lot of it. Ron and I hit a couple of huge puddles on the way to Edgewater. Doesn’t look like Boston got a lot, but tomorrow’s roads are supposed to be very bad: single-digit temps for tonight.

Glad we’re done with our outdoor work.


Cleaned the frig first thing. It was a MESS.

Did the M2R standout this morning and talked to some of the people at the Falmouth Women’s “March”.

Also saw Phyllis, Linda and friends at the Trump counter-demo.

Brief shop at Shaw’s. Parking lots were pretty full; killer storm on the way.

Ron and I cleaned up the grasses in our back yard. Only about a third of what we did yesterday, but we are beat. Brought it all to the transfer station. Very happy to have that done!


We cut down the grasses and did some cleanup at Edgewater. Used the mega-tarp for the first time.

Ron treated us to lunch at Dunkin Donuts; we had coupons.

Ron opened a checking account at First Citizens. I shopped at Walmart, did a little banking and removed some debris from the roof. We really lucked out for weather. Supposed to snow tomorrow.