Signs of Spring; Oh, Wait.

We have crocus, tulips and daffs coming up.

Unfortunately, it’s snowing now, which may or may not put a damper on our plans to attend a jazz set tonight in New Bedford.

Ron’s MacBookPro finally rolled over and played dead, so I set up the Acer for him.

Unfortunately, it was running dog-slow.  I turned off a bunch of services and upgraded disk cleaning utility Avast, which is running now.

I was in a state of frenzy this morning, trying to make breakfast (egg/cheese/spinach muffins) and nurse the Acer.

While we’re waiting for Avast to finish, we decided to put Ivar together.  This took a lot longer than I expected.  It fits, which Ron never expected.  He’s been bossy and obnoxious through this whole process.  And wrong most of the time.


It did rain last night, and foggy this morning, which I like.

Ron and I are still on tap for driving, and the van stalled twice yesterday, which means we’re down to one vehicle – again.  It’s been a stressful week, between shuttling, tree work, carpeting, slicing my left thumb, getting the cops called on me yesterday.  And it’s only Thursday morning.

One good thing about emptying the bedrooms is that it gave me a chance to dust.  I hope the new furnace and filter generates less of the stuff.

Supposed to Rain Today

DSC01915 DSC01916Yesterday, the tree work got done at Edgewater and the new carpet got installed here.  Lucky because it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow.

We had plenty of time to re-make the bed; no need for a motel.  Ron threw a pizza in the oven for supper, so we were spared the expense of eating out as well.

I had a minor fracas with a bully in the Stop & Shop parking lot.  He called the police, who hid any annoyance they may have felt with avuncular grace .

We took turns driving yesterday.  Hope to hear the verdict on the Jeep today or tomorrow.


DSC01911We did a big shop today at Stop & Shop and brought home 88 cents a pound roasters for ourselves and for Edgewater.

We returned the rental; thank goodness, we were close enough to the contract start time to avoid being charged an extra day (3 not 4).  Our insurance only covers rental cost in case of a collision, not a breakdown.

Ron got his van back.  GM sensor.  We have a pretty full schedule of “taxi” runs this week until P&B decide what to do about a car.

Birthday Brunch

Cindy and Cathy treated to brunch at the Coonamessett today. Delightful!

Changed sheets, used the new mega bottom sheet that I finished sewing yesterday. Ron and I pitched in to finish the laundry and do the transfer station run.

I fell but didn’t break anything, just sore.

Cars, cars, cars

Drove to Enterprise at the airport this morning, only to find that we were missing the documentation needed to pick up a rental.  Hate Enterprise and their officious customer service people.

Punted to Hyannis Toyota.  Drove back to Mashpee so Ron could complete the paperwork.  Dan at HyToy took good care of us.  We are hoping for reimbursement from our car insurance company.

We did make arrangements for AAA to reimburse Ron for last night’s tow by the company summoned by the Mashpee police.  The van was blocking access to the intersection of South Sandwich Road and Route 130, so we weren’t permitted to wait for the AAA tow.  I left a message for Chief Collins to thank the officer for his assistance.

Lent Peter $400 to tide him over until payday.


We’ve been driving Peter and the grands the past couple of days.  I put off the carpet installation until next Wednesday.  Got the results of the radon test at Edgewater.  Below EPA threshold but high enough to justify a long-term test.


Van Is Back

Ron’s van needed an adjusted computer setting (no charge).

Gent from the solar company was here this morning to silicon a hole in the attic.

Got a quote from Home Depot for the carpeting. Asked Empire to match it.

Continuing to pack up the second bedroom.

The truck made several round trips to Edgewater yesterday. I made potato soup.

Closed Emme’s account at Rockland “now that she’s an adult” so she could add the funds to her First Citizens account.

Quite a bit of melt yesterday, but it’s cold and windy today.