Vermiculite Removal: Day 2

Hit the roof yesterday when they told me that there was a sheetrock ceiling in the guest bedroom.

It didn’t have to be removed and replaced.

Turns out, the tech from Mass Save probably never really examined it. According to his boss’s boss, the techs are trained to flag tile ceilings, whether or not they are backed by sheetrock.

I’m waiting to hear if Clear Result will make this up to us.

The people from Barile are respectful and hard-working, unlike the jerk who was here from Clear Result.

Light dusting of snow this morning.

Good news by the end of the day: will be receiving a check that will cover a chunk of the vermiculite removal. Tax returns are done, we don’t owe the feds or the state. Ron will get a refund. Trump was indicted.

It’s Just Money

$30,000 in labor costs for the second bedroom/hallway/stairway project.

$8,200 for the driveway.

Received and signed the Mass Save contract for insulation.

Vermiculite removal starts tomorrow.

Productive Morning

Got to the medical lab for blood work today, exactly 3 weeks after it was ordered, thus, within the appropriate time. Tech was great, another good person at Williamstown Medical.

Ron has been unloading boxes from the “office”.

I cleaned up the little garden around the dumb flagpole in the back. I mean, who puts a flagpole in their back yard? Anyway, cleared some rusted chicken wire – probably an attempt to keep squirrels and rabbits from eating the bulbs – as well as grass and weeds. Had to disrupt and replant some bulbs.

Finished the tax info, had a phone conversation with one of the partners at the new firm. Just have to copy and ship.

Depressing Start, Fine Finish

This morning was a letdown after a fine day yesterday.

I went to DG for snacks. Pulling info together for taxes. Ron’s out spending money somewhere, too.

Then mid-late afternoon, the sun came out and it warmed up enough to work outside. I started clearing the little garden around the flagpole.

Gave up before the job was done because I was “done”. Got to work up to it.

Found a light socket at the flagpole and one on the deck.

Betcha somewhere, someone is playing golf.

Flower & Garden Expo

It was snowing for a while but with Ron’s encouragement I drove us to the Capital Region Flower & Garden Expo in Troy today. Shortly after we started, the car seemed to be making a terrible noise. Ron reassured me that it was probably nothing, and he was right. Turned out that one of the back windows was open.

We had a fine time at the show, brought home astilbe and lilies for planting as well as a splendid hoe that Ron bought, stopped for dinner at Coyote Flaco and got back before dark. Perfect day!

Got a good proposal from A1 for a driveway.

Waiting for another driveway proposal from the guy who was here last week. Also waiting for word from our Mass Save inspector about additional documentation(??) and a proposal from a mold removal company.

Signed us up for the Daffodil and Tulip Festival at Naumkeag in May and Easter Brunch in North Adams.

Also signed up and sent a check for a CSA, produce to be delivered to Wild Soul River.

Ron did a phenomenal job organizing the mess in the sunroom! We can actually use it. He’s been working on clearing out the office as well.


Inspection by the town Building Department went well. The bathroom window needs to have safety glass.

Ryan will order it along with a gutter for the back side of the garage.

A driveway installation person gave us a very good price; we’ll no longer be dirt driveway burdened in a couple of months.

Yesterday Ron and I brought the load of grass cuttings to the transfer station.

I set up an account at rkMILES so Ryan and/or Zan can pay for supplies.

Ron fixed the first floor bathroom door.

Long conversation with MassSave about documentation. I sent them another one.


Yes, it’s Spring, and even at this latitude, the heart says it’s time for yardwork.

I cut down the three grasses by the driveway. Actually four, including one tiny one.

Ron and I put everything on the truck. We also dug up an ugly thorn thing growing next to the Rose of Sharon. At least we managed to dig and pull the bulk of it out of the ground, nasty thing.

I tried raking the snow off the sunroom roof. Too difficult. Wanted to at least stop the drip near the door, but the snow was too heavy and awkward.

Ron did a transfer station run. I picked up our lunches at the Senior Center. Sarah was nice enough to sign us up for doubles on Friday since the Center will be closed next Monday. It’s a good one, too, vegetarian “sausage”.

We got our signatures notarized yesterday by the Town Clerk. Ron wants to close his savings account at First Citizens. I was able to log in to his account today and at his request, moved money into the account so I don’t get any more emails about it.

Ryan and Bill were by to finish sealing the front windows. Big day tomorrow, the Building Inspector will be by to evaluate the work.

Have been corresponding with a couple of mold remediation services. Waiting for a quote from one of them. The other can’t give us an estimate until the end of April: hello?!!

I did a laundry today, whoopee.

And I don’t have to cook tonight. Thank you, Elder Services!

Corolla was behaving badly. When I tried locking it, it unlocked itself. Too tired right now to try to figure it out.

Mount Greylock Visitor Center

Actual sunshine and cloudless blue skies made it the perfect day for a visit. One of the guides engaged me in cheerful conversation about the area. Unfortunately, the trails were too icy for walking. Our street and in fact a tiny dot for our house are on their North Berkshire maps.

Promise to return to Bob’s Country Kitchen kept: on the way back I stopped for vegetable soup, but it wasn’t as good as the first time we had it.

Ron and I brought the Corolla to the car wash in North Adams. Didn’t do that great a job, though.

We did some shoveling off the deck. Rain is predicted for Thursday.

Lazy or Overwhelmed?

I want to complete our tax return and hoped to find a hard copy statement, having failed to download one before I closed the account.

Am plowing through the heavy box of unfiled documents moved from Dixon Drive.

This is an exercise filled with memories from the past, i.e., horror, infamy.

We’ve done a good job of diving into areas north and south of us. I’d like to venture east and west. We were going to go to such an event today but it’s probably going to involve a crowd and anyway it’s cloudy and cold: low 20’s. This is enough of a disincentive to keep us housebound.

Since the dinner on Friday, I’ve been too lazy to do much of anything. Turns out, probably wise to have stayed put because of the explosive product of that dinner only a short while ago.

Cladosporium and Other Fun Facts

Cladosporium lives in our attic. That’s the word from JEES. I should be getting their report some time next week, but got a preview in a phone conversation yesterday.

I received the architect’s drawings yesterday late afternoon. Looks like minimal disruption to the bedroom, just removal of part of the floor to make room for the revised staircase.

Also yesterday, I had a long-ish conversation with our MassSave inspector. He clarified the vapor barrier requirement for insulation installation, so I was able to cancel the DryZone contract, at least for now.

Ron squared himself away with First Citizens.