MTR; Haircuts; Rose of Sharon; Hummers

I picked a perfect day to stand out with MTR: Paul was in a helicopter.

Great to see Occupiers and familiar MTR faces, some from Mashpee.

Sad to see Roland head to Western Mass., though.

Drove home via the coast. Numerous Open Houses.

Ron used a coupon to get a buzz cut at Great Clips. I paid the regular senior-discounted price for a trim.

The Rose of Sharon that I thought I’d murdered has flowers! Very pleased with that garden, and hoping the transplanted hibiscus take hold.

Cleaned out the wild onion, not a nice plant and was crowding some others. Pulled out a handful of the mini bee balm and trimmed off the seed heads. Trimmed the laurel in front of the second bedroom window.

The hummers have been gobbling up Ron’s syrup; hard to keep up with them.


Nice rain, sometimes quite fierce, yesterday and before dawn today, but the tomatoes are intact. I picked a one-pounder this morning.

Ron saw our dermatologist yesterday. We got shakes at DQ, picked up my meds at Walmart and coffee at Shaw’s.

Ron drove Robert home so Peter could bring James to work. Road debris cracked James’ windshield and it couldn’t be repaired yesterday because of the rain. James’ driving test is today. Fingers crossed.

I was late for a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on the proposed Dollar Tree store. Fortunately, the hearing was postponed to September 11. Several neighbors from the North side of 151 were there; their conversation was a good recap and one gent who has his stuff together kindly answered my questions.

After a thoroughly unsatisfactory meeting with our insurance agent, I dropped off copies of our policies to Rogers & Gray. Hope they can find alternatives. The woman I spoke with, a manager, was knowledgeable and understanding.

After driving Robert home, I got stuck in traffic, but had time to put together stuffed zukes for supper. Ron and I, mostly Ron, made egg salad for lunch. We ate pretty well today!

Poor James didn’t pass his driver’s test, and his car still has a crack in the windshield. What a week for them…. hebdomas horribilis.

More Brush, Mow

Ron cut down and brought more brush to the transfer station yesterday and left the tarps. I retrieved the big silver tarp this morning from Russ and tossed the old blue one.

I mowed yesterday. Easy, fast; it had cooled off.

Mailed a letter to young Livy.

Spoke with two realtors about Edgewater.

Dug up turf and weeds to make a continuous garden plot from the pink Monarda to the Eastern Redbud, which has grown some impressive roots. Transplanted five Hibiscus; left one in place. Potted three Hibiscus seedlings and put them on the deck where I can keep an eye on them.

Ron couldn’t find the hinges to the shower door. Bought new ones, then I found the old ones. He’ll return the new hinges tomorrow.

Andy, Kathy, Ed

Three long conversations today, one with our BOS chair, one with our Library director and one with our mortgagee.

This sounds stupid, but I’m glad I was dressed somewhat professionally, in Dockers instead of sneakers. Comfortable, too.

Meanwhile, I zested the lemon and finished cooking the veg loaf.

Yesterday evening, we went to Scenic Roots for a “Thirsty Thursday” sampling of cocktails flavored with plants and herbs: lemon grass, cucumber, basil, jalapeno, gin, vodka. Brought home a lemon grass and planted it today.

Shoes; Solar

After picking up a couple of items at Home Depot and metric tools that Ron’s been wanting at Harbor Freight, we took advantage of a sale at James’ store and brought home boots for Ron and long-wished for Dockers for me.

It was a ridiculous expense, but we’d planned the shop to take advantage of James’ employee discount, which as it turned out, was not as good as their current sale, the biggest of the year.

The store was mobbed, it’s easy to understand why. Their selection of high-end shoes at substantial discounts is fabulous.

Last evening, we were invited to learn about the new solar farm at the Fairgrounds. We were the only neighbors to show up, and I took full advantage by talking with the manager and the solar company representatives at length.

It’s a terrific project which should help the Agricultural Society stay solvent and it won’t affect us at all.


Wendy and Jay,

Thank you for your warm welcome last evening and for the opportunity to talk with you and the solar firm representatives about your upcoming project.

I’ve lived on Cape for almost 18 years and have visited the Fairgrounds most every year.

There’s a lot of animosity on Cape towards those of us not born lucky in looks, so it was a pleasant surprise to have such a positive experience last evening. I did receive a rather snide comment, not from you, that we should be grateful to live so close by. We certainly are, and I was surprised to be put down in that way. Please be assured, we don’t take the Fairgrounds for granted.

Best of luck with your project. We want to support the Agricultural Society and the phenomenal resource you provide in every possible way.


Ron had a bad jam in the shredder which has resulted in his not being able to use it for the moment. He lost the dipstick and needs to drain the gas and oil.

I’ve been using the grill to bake. Made a crustless spinach quiche for lunch today; it was good except burnt on the bottom. Made a casserole with spaghetti squash that turned out very well.

Found a recipe this morning for pseudo-tuna that is quite acceptable: garbanzo beans (we still have several cans) with lemon, celery, onion, mayo.

Ron’s doctor ordered a last-minute script for him which he was able to pick up at S&S. I signed him up on their website so he can order refills online.

Aside from cooking and half-hearted cleaning, I’ve mostly been watering.

Kitty has been around! He likes one of the chairs on the deck.

Hazardous Waste; Transfer Station

We, mostly me, filled a recycle bin with chemicals, primarily insecticides, to be turned in for hazardous waste disposal.

We, mostly Ron, had a pile of sensitive documents to be shredded.

Ron brought it to the high school this morning. We did the transfer station afterwards. Early end to chores; humidity is high today and expected to last through the weekend.

Hurry up, September.