Weed, Water, Indian Summer Weather

Warm today. Nice breeze through the window right now.

Installed VS Premium 2013.  Barrett as the UG Leader had 10 licenses and was kind enough to give me one.  Fantastic!

Ron has WHFMS tonight. I had tix to another event but gave them to a friend when I discovered that the act tonight are Nova Scotian musicians.

I mentioned this to Ron at 9 am.  He sulked all day because he thought we’d have to attend as paying guests. It wasn’t until around 2 when I asked him when he had to leave that he realized I was suggesting that he do his stagehand thing.

Then he was mad because we had to do the transfer station and he hadn’t had lunch(!)  I bought him a sandwich and drink at S&S and lent him some cash so he could have supper with the talent before the show.

Rose Cohen, the Incredible Sulk: incarnate.

Watered a bunch of areas. Weeded nasty strawberry plants out of “Emme’s garden” by the back stairs.

Finished the sifting and washed the tools.

We did laundry, I changed sheets, we did the transfer station run. Got hollered at because I tried to move the truck so another patron would have room to unload their trash.

Some day, Ron might think the best of me instead of the worst, but somehow, I doubt it(!)


We signed a contract for leased solar panels yesterday.

DSC01591Today we built up the new garden with sifted soil, topsoil and peat moss.

I’m glad we got to work outside and I’m starting to be pleased with creating more garden areas in the back yard.

DSC01659Took out the A/C and put in the screen in the bedroom window where I work.

Amazing 27 Hours

Ron got half-price tickets for us to see Emmy Lou Harris at the Worcester Hanover Theater last night. I wanted to stay over, so we spent a good part of today at the extraordinary Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

In fact, we loved it so much that we had lunch there AND took out a membership.



















Early To Rise

Out at 6:30 this morning for a fasting blood test that needed to be done before my annual physical next week.

Almost fell asleep in the C-Lab waiting room.

After making coffee and breakfast, picked up more peat moss and compost mix at Mahoney’s. Stopped at Senior Center, nothing appealed.

Ron is finishing up the 2x2x2 foot hole in the back to transplant the peony. We’ve been working on reconfiguring the back yard to include more garden. I picked up more hardy mums on sale and planted three in the front. Even with all our watering, everything is discouragingly dry.

Ed dropped by yesterday morning. Gave Tony’s phone numbers to a man from Falmouth who was interested in buying his boat. Peter Randall refilled the mouse bait traps and plugged some possible entry points.

We stopped for frozen yogurt and treats from Panera.

I updated the SPEA website yesterday, repointed the images to the proper domain.


Great Railsbridge/Boston workshop yesterday at NERD.

Nice visit to Highfield after laundry and transfer station run today.

Made chili and microwave corn bread for supper.

Signed up for HuluPlus.

Ron found two dead mice in the basement.


We put in two butterfly bushes this week, and I started layering a new vegetable garden for next Spring.

Ron packed the truck with overhanging branches from our street, in preparation for the Town’s snow removal inspection.

We brought the lot to Emma’s this afternoon. Had a nice visit with her dog and the sheep loved the leaves. We sat for a few minutes by the lake and ate a couple of her heirloom tomatoes.

We did laundry and cooked supper, chicken and baked potatoes. Easy cleanup.

Between Then and Now

It’s been almost a week since my last post.

Cindy came over for dinner last night. We had our usual really nice visit.

Our new handyman/carpenter/genius Mike Yeomans treated the Edgewater deck last Friday. We blew it by not putting on a second coat right away.

Ron bought a dremel so he could finish sanding, especially the gate. He’ll finish up the staining before it gets cold.

The whole house fan has been fantastic. The house was 82 (oven) and the fan cooled it to 68 in almost no time.

We planted a butterfly bush yesterday and Ron picked up another one today. The butterflies found it immediately. They may have been Viceroys.

The awning went up last Friday. I love it!

Properties Doings

Mike of Mike’s Powerhouse Crew will be treating the deck tomorrow at Edgewater.  Ron will be the designated homeowner.

The awning is scheduled to be installed as well.

Looks like the lawn is going to be limed in the next couple of days and aerated in the next two weeks.

Problem Solved?

The carpenter adapted Peter’s basement window to accommodate the low-profile air conditioner.  Ron was there and I stayed here to install Rails for Saturday.

The body work on the truck is done and truck is home.  Ron has been a good sport shuttling me.

Made baked salmon and bread pudding.  Both quite good.


Lemons to Lemonade

We attended the wake in Milton of a family friend who passed away at age 101, then had lunch at Strawberry Fair, a walk on the Nantasket strand, a drive along Jerusalem Road in Cohasset, ice cream at FarFar’s and a visit to Cretinon’s farm stand in Duxbury.  Then we voted in Mashpee.