I’ve been working on Warranty and got it to work, but yesterday I was in Summer sleep clothes and think I was chilled to the bone. Took a shower around 3:30, dressed warmly afterwards and felt great, but today at 5 I have no incentive to do much of anything but sleep.

Car Wash, MRS, Dentist

Met our new dentist and hygienist today. Think we are in very good hands. Requested that Mashpee Dental send them our records. Phew, glad that’s over.

Rinsed off the Corolla at Patriot Car Wash, which has several self-service bays that are as low as $4.

Launched MRS, fingers crossed. Continuing to work on Warranty.

Reattached the mailbox cover with a 1/4 inch screw, hope it stays put. Nice gent at rkMiles helped me out.

The crew boss from the insulation company did a quick evaluation of the bedroom cold problem. He thinks the interior wall under the windows is uninsulated and that’s out of scope for them. He explained what it would take to fix it.

Plumber was here from Ashley Swift on Monday. Thinks I should continue to pour disinfectant in the shower drain when it starts to smell.

I spilled about an eighth of a cup of Lysol on the upstairs bathroom floor and was impressed with how well it cleaned. Must do more.

Snow, Cold

We were looking forward to tonight’s BAAMS performance at Studio9 but decided to stay put. It’s been snowing since 2 pm and bitter cold. Afraid to drive, afraid to walk.

Yesterday we had lunch at the Berkshire Food Project: soup and their good cheese biscuits. Picked up groceries at Stop & Shop and made a stop at West’s.

I made veg and cheese sandwiches for us today with a nice loaf of bread brought home along with cookies and jam from the Food Project.

Ron drove me nuts yesterday, dour and in a fog. Turns out he’d forgotten a day’s worth of meds. He’s much better today, back to normal.

Aside from taking a shower, I’ve done nothing today but eat, read the news and catch up with emails. Hoping we can make MRS live next week. Found and fixed a bug in Warranty. Ron made us Gimlets: very good.

Power Day

Very cold today.

Plow guy cleaned the driveway this morning.

We dropped off at the transfer station, filled the car at 2.899/gallon at Cumby and picked up Ron’s lunch at the Senior Center.

Truck was fixed so we brought it home, $860.

Had a very productive conversation with SendGrid Tech Support. The engineer figured out my problem. Something I didn’t know about their application.

Ron is late putting laundry in the dryer, but at least it’s getting done.

I prepped carrots and added some to a spice cake batter. Almost done cleaning and peeling the contents of the giant bag from the organic farm.

Brought home groceries from the Food Pantry. Oranges and potatoes, dry goods, milk. Bought grated parmesan at Wild Oats.

Made invites for the boys to visit our toy collections.


The bad valve is under warranty but I authorized work on a strut and deferred work on power steering. Last work on the power steering was done 4 years ago by Cormier; they replaced a belt, so this problem is new.

Ron found my keys; they were in a jacket pocket, which both of us missed. Phew.

I found bugs in MRS, both code and SQL. Uploaded corrections.

I was going to clean bathrooms but opted to prep vegetables. Roasted some, steamed some, put some in a salad. Have leftovers. Disposed of a bunch of gone-by produce.

Made chocolate chip cookies, too, from a small mix. Used up a bunch of little margarine tubs from grab-and-go meals.

Saturday, Sunday

Did more work on “Warranty”. Picked up soup and biscuits for lunch at the organic store. Ron sawed the one tree limb that came down following last night’s rain and wind storm.

We lost power for only about 20 minutes this morning.

I sat in at Wild River’s Saturday chat group. Nice bunch, will try it again.

Sunday, I drove in snow. Really. We wanted to drop the truck off for a Monday service appointment at Bisson’s but didn’t get going until it started snowing, around 2:00. Ron was encouraging and figured sooner rather than later was wise. It worked out fine.


The doc found a 1 cm ulcer and an enlarged hiatal hernia. In other words, worse than my last endo 4 years ago.

Ron didn’t get ready in time to drive me to the hospital, then kept me waiting for two hours because he was too stubborn to take Route 7 – a straight shot from Williamstown.

The nurses were remarkable. Three of them were on the phone with Ron giving him directions. The nursing director got coffee and a lunch for me, courtesy of the hospital. The anesthesiologist tried to find a solution, but every alternative would have involved discharging me AMA.

My insurance company would have covered the claim even so. Fortunately, it’s no longer an issue since Ron finally showed up.

I plan to go back tomorrow to pick up the Corolla.

Pittsfield, Guido’s

The endoscopy appointment went so well, we’re doing it all over again today. They had an opening for 11:45 this morning and since the weather forecast was pretty good, I decided to book it.

We had lunch at Guido’s yesterday. Enjoyed a gourmet pizza and rollup veg sandwich, but we won’t be back: the grocery prices are very high and the parking lot is nasty.

Didn’t do much more than work on MRS for the rest of the day.

Good Day

Ron was finished with his eye surgery sooner than expected and called just as I was heading back to the car from picking up my prescription at Walmart. Perfect timing.

We had an hour-long visit from the wildlife specialist from Modern Pest. He did a thorough examination and did not recommend any additional services or work. Refused a tip: professional.

It started snowing about an hour later. I received a very unexpected check from a settlement with Apple and wanted to deposit it as well as return a DVD to the library. Ron was nice enough to be my “emotional support animal” and traveled with me because I am terrified of driving in snow.

Turns out, the roads were fine, but I noticed the cement walkway at the library was getting slippery around 3:30 or so. In fact, there was a post on Facebook a little before 5 that the roads were slick. Plows have been back and forth on our hill all evening. Hope our friends at the bank got home safely.

More debugging for MRS, might be some missing files or references. Too tired to figure it out now.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon in Pittsfield, a reschedule requested by the GI specialist’s office. Hope it’ll only be raining, I can deal with that, not snow. Sure would be nice to have an excuse to visit Guido’s.