What a Way to End the Year

Had the last and most important medical appointment of the year, with Dr. Guerin, yesterday.  Good news from the echo and the nuclear stress tests.  Biometrics not so wonderful but consistent with past winters.

Used Cathy’s gift certificate and a $5 off reward to buy a waffle iron with removable grids at Eastman’s yesterday.  Still a splurge, but ended up being even less than if I’d bought it at Amazon by about $10.  Made waffles for Ron.

I’d knocked the red hawk photo off the wall the day before and destroyed the frame, so got a new lightweight frame with a discount coupon at A.C. Moore.  Expensive couple of days, especially with the $30 copay.

Minor spill this morning, Ron forgot to put the pot back in the coffee maker.  The counter needed cleaning anyway.

Brought 13 honey buckets to the dumpster and a pile of cardboard and branches to the transfer station.

Brought Robert to and from work (early New Year’s Eve closing for him) and Alpha to Hyannis.  Picked up lunch for Alpha and me at Wendy’s, where a considerate customer pointed out that I’d left my wallet on the counter.

Brought home an excellent frozen pizza, which Ron and I had for an early supper, from Stop & Shop.

Ron was dismissed from work after only two hours, thus giving him time to reattach the fence sections.  The gardens look so much neater, 100% better.  We found the owners manual for the snowblower online, allowing him to check the oil level before it got dark.

Peter was released from the hospital and glad to be home.  He asked if we could pick up Alpha.  Ron and I watched a Star Trek DVD but, since Alpha wasn’t responding to my texts and I thought their phone might be dead, left early for Hyannis.

Turned out they were ignoring texts, but wanted to finish their to-be last shift at 10; the station is closing.  So, Ron and I had some time on our hands and went looking for ice cream, first at Friendly’s, which was closed, then at Wendy’s, which doesn’t have soft serve, only frappes.

I got out to check Wendy’s drive-up menu (restaurant doors were locked).  I didn’t realize until later that I’d dropped my phone in their driveway.

We drove to downtown Hyannis in search of ice cream, but nothing was open but crowded restaurants, so we stopped at the newly renovated Cumby’s on West Main, where I bought pints for Alpha and me.  At that point, I realized that my phone was not in my purse.

Went back to Airport Gas to bring Alpha their ice cream and tried calling my phone; wasn’t in the van.  We had 7 minutes left on Alpha’s shift, so went back to Wendy’s; incredibly, my phone was still in the drive-through, almost intact and essentially undamaged except for the front-facing screen.

Happy New Year, indeed.


Appointment Week; Peter Recovering

Had the third and last diagnostic test for my cardio doc this morning.  Echo yesterday, nuclear stress test today starting at 7:20 (first up).

The tech rescheduled my follow-on appt with the doc for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to shell out a higher copay next month.  Outstanding.

Picked up some treats for us at Dana’s Kitchen.

Rain started around noon.

Watched the latest episode of Vikings.   Very depressed afterwards.

Visited Peter at Cape Cod Hospital.

Appointment at Wound Center.  Dreaded the ride back to Mashpee, but hit the lights almost the whole way so made good time, even with the rain.  Ron and I got home within a minute of each other.

They’re Gone!

I was permitted to help Ron complete the preparation of granola boxes for mailing, and now they are GONE.  Thank goodness.

Ron had appointments today with his dentist and his Primary.

Very warm: over 50!  That helped shove me out the door at 6 this morning to get a fasting blood test done.

Window Draft Dream: Patching Up Holes

If you have a dream about a draft then this means that you need to try the best that you can to make sure that everything in your life is air tight. You are doing a lot of work to make sure that you have done everything that you have needed to do in life. You can sometimes leave out some major gaps if your head isn’t in the right place or you just overlooked something. Don’t let this happen to you, just remember that you need to close off that draft before it ruins the integrity of the whole thing. This is what you need to know.

More: http://www.gotohoroscope.com/txt/dream-dictionary-draft.html

A Little Boxing Day Julskinka

Ham, mixed vegetables with dill sauce and potatoes for midday meal.

Did transfer station run.

Helped Ron package his granola gifts.

Proud of Ron: he mowed and mulched both front and back yards at Edgewater.

A kind-hearted soul dropped off dermatological medicine for Ron.

We started watching the Greg Palast CD.  Learned a lot.

Christmas Eve (It’s Pouring)

From the weather map, looks like no snow, all rain for this front.

While it was just sprinkling, I got to the transfer station to give the guys their gifts and to unload the truck of branches and cardboard. Picked up a few things at Stop & Shop.

FINALLY planted garlic and transplanted the little mum from Thanksgiving. Also finished pruning the gone-bys around the fence with the little folding knife. Ground is still very soft and didn’t feel that cold.

Made lasagna and cheese pie with Farmer cheese; both excellent.

Talked Ron into arm-wrestling and hurt his left shoulder. What a jerk I am! He whupped me good with his right arm, though.

Drove Alpha to work yesterday and shopped at Job Lot for a Dust Buster* and at BB&B for a bath mat*.

Bit of work to put the holiday card label list in the correct format for the new Avery labels**.

*Also excellent!

**Printed perfectly. We signed and sealed the cards on Christmas afternoon.

This, Etc.

I put the cart together yesterday and wound the big, ugly hose up today. The cart fits in the big shed.

Picked up some little gifts for Ron at the Mashpee COA gift shop yesterday. Struck out at St. V deP and Emerald House.

Drove Alpha to YAG yesterday. Wanted to pick up a bath mat at BB&B, forgot where the store is located. Ordered the mat today, will pick up tomorrow when I bring Alpha to work.

Sprout Farm donated a bunch of beautiful wreaths to the Pantry. It had been my wish to hang one on the back of the lean-to shed, so I got that done today.

Squared us away with Arbella.

Rained off and on today, so couldn’t do much outside.

Peter let us know he’s going in for surgery next Wednesday.

Pork chops and root vegetables in an apple, cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar sauce for supper.

Full Stop to Debriding

I had an appointment today at the Wound Center. Stopped on the way by intestinal distress, but I was still very early, so I visited “Five Below” for the first time. Now understand why Jen’s kids love it so much!

When I got to the Wound Center, they kept me waiting another 25 minutes. Short-staffed. I was assigned a new nurse, and she is great, a real straight-shooter and had some ideas for a different dressing. I refused debridement after being in pain for so long last week.

Afterwards, dropped off Ron’s yogurt and ordered a Christmas treat for Edgewater. Had lunch, went to the bank, filled up at Cumby’s and took care of dishes. Kitty came and went and returned.

Watched a film about the martyr William Tyndale, whose translation of the Bible into English played a major role in the growth of the Reformation.

Defrosted turkey soup and made a salad for supper. Meagre but healthy fare.

Hose cart arrived today. Installed XFinity WiFi on my iPhone.