Truck Is Inspected; Watering

I gave the veggie garden, the roses and the corner garden a good watering today.

Planted the two new flowers.

Picked up bagels, bread and pie at the Senior Center.

Cormier’s fixed the truck – two tie rods – and the truck passed inspection.

Ron has been laid up with a bad knee today. I set up his cooler. Buddy Cormier gave me a lift home and Laura drove me to the shop this afternoon.

Made pasta salad (used pasta, used red pepper), fruit salad and egg salad for dinner tonight. Good! Once I got chopping, there was no stopping.

Gardener’s Diary

We’ve been watering today. Ron and I placed the soakers in the front garden. He’s got the sprinkler going on the lawn. We are determined to keep our dear ones alive in spite of the weather.

I finished pruning the hydrangeas: six today, nine all together. Made only two mistakes, but broke a lot of leaves because the stems were so brittle.

There were a few old stalks with leaves. Most of the leaves are on new growth. I hope I didn’t mutilate them too badly.

Day lilies are out!

Cleaned up the front corner around the purple hydrangea and put down mulch. Did laundry, changed sheets, made a deposit to James’ account, bought a Bluetooth speaker at iCape which we enjoyed immensely while we worked and while we ate supper.

Met Cindy and Cathy for a really nice birthday lunch at an outdoor restaurant on Main Street in Falmouth.

Bought two plants for the corner garden from a Carver grower who’s set up shop in downtown Falmouth for the last seven years.

Gardener’s Diary

We’re putting down soakers in the gardens along the fence. Long overdue. Got the hoses on sale at Botello Lumber.

Stella d’Oros are out, bright and cheerful, and the Evening Primrose. Tickweed has started to bloom.

Hopping Mad

In a week and a half, the medical establishment is going to shove it down my throat and up my ass!

Ron is on his way to Enfield for his much-removed cousin Stephen. He left late and it WASN’T MY FAULT THIS TIME, HAHA!

Jen emailed some really cute pix of her gang.

Gardener’s Diary: Soakers, Pruning

Ron finished the tree trimming and we took a load to the transfer station along with the broken hose holder.

I made a package for Big Brother/Big Sister. We emptied the credenza and brought it outside, but they don’t take furniture, and I couldn’t find anyone else who wanted it. So, the credenza is in the basement, for Ron to study and maybe to fix.

I pruned three hydrangeas – four to go, including the front – and all the big roses; have the scars to prove it.

I set up the two new soakers in the vegetable and front corner gardens. Gave them a good watering along with part of the “U”. Ron set up the hose for another section a few minutes ago.

I had several conversations with Cape Cod Hospital and Cardio Specialists today. Someone dropped the ball: they were supposed to call Dr. Cobb for clearance because I’m anemic and they wanted to rule out internal bleeding. I’m told the stent procedure should be done in the next month, but no need to rush. Hope they are correct.

Ordered new batteries for the phones and the proper part to fix the front window.

Ed dropped by to say “hi”. We think we need to talk with Bonnie and young Ed about how they’d want to handle the mortgage if it came to that.

Gardener’s Diary

I broke off a beautiful Delphinium today, but will plant the roots anyway.

Finished bracing the Foxglove in the front.

Stella d’Oros have started blooming. Beautiful, love them.

Everything is so dry. No rain expected until Thursday at the earliest.

Ron bought two more soaker hoses today. We’re planning to place them plus two more in the rest of the gardens. Only way to go in conditions like this.

Ron put up two hornet traps here. I joined the new TruValue consumer club and got $5 off.

Ordered eye glasses, had a phone screen with the HR director at MBL. Stopped at Town Hall to see the archive staff but they weren’t in. Filled up the truck, it was down to the last 2+ gallons. Yikes.

Visited Candy, John and Scully. They are doing well. Candy drove me to Botello to help Ron who had locked his keys in the van. It was that sort of a day.

What exactly did we do today?

We went to the Senior Center for bagels and to Stop & Shop for food.

We dropped off tree parts and a bag of trash at the transfer station and paid a brief visit to Botello and to Edgewater.

More tree trimming; set up the Oriole feeder; read and ordered a copy of Peter’s article on troubleshooting for the Mac (excellent); made supper (grilled salmon and baby zuccini, vegetable and fruit salads).

Seems like that shouldn’t have filled the day, but I guess it did.

Mission Accomplished

We took care of things at Edgewater for the last couple of days (Thursday through Sunday evening): trash, mowing, kitty, trimming bushes, etc.

Ron discovered a wasp nest the size of a softball in the wishing well. He sprayed it this afternoon. I’d just finished feeding Angel and cleaning out the litter boxes when the Cohens pulled in to the driveway. Glad they made it safely.

I made progress washing the stairway walls. One more time should do it. It’s tiring and hard on the back.

We did the transfer station today, changed the sheets, did laundry here. Nice supper with leftover baked fish, frozen vegetables, roasted asparagus from the garden, salad. Tried a blueberry muffin in a cup microwave recipe today for Ron.

We got hardware to raise the oriole feeder. Saw a pair of beautiful goldfinch in the veggie garden today. We have tomatoes!

Oh, yes, I planted annuals in a couple of little pots on the deck. Decided that’s a sign of affluence and funny, Laura had done something similar but on a larger scale with Stella d’Oros.

TimeShare (SeaMist)

Our first timeshare week was June 2009. As far as I can tell, we used it that year.

In 2010, I did an internal exchange to September for Ron’s visit.

In 2011, we used the condo to entertain guests, Bonnie and Joe from California.

We used the condo again for Betsy and David.

I think we blew off our week in 2013.

This year, I got smart and put the week up for rental. I was desperate for a shower and we both wanted to cool off (it was in the high 80’s and humid yesterday), so Ron and I figured to check in last night, only to discover the great news that it was rented for four nights. We settled for a swim in the outdoor pool.

Gardener’s Diary

Fed Miracle Gro to everything but the grass.

Staked some flowers in the front with Ron’s help.

Replaced pansies in the trellis hanger with begonias and coleus.

Ed dropped by.

Ron did the lawn. We brought Ron’s summer shirts down from the attic. I put up the summer curtains.

Has felt like rain all day; getting foggy now. Great weather for work: cloudy, nice breeze, not too warm. Perfect for feeding.