Happiness is a Hookup

Ron and I got a hose hooked up to the spigot in the back of the Edgewater house today.

This is huge in my world.

Ten or so years ago, I made the incredibly stupid mistake of disconnecting a hose. This caused a big problem because the hose had to run UNDER the deck. It’s taken me this long to figure out a workaround (duuuhhhh).

There is an old flagpole in the back yard, and it is about the only tool we have that was at least 10 feet long – long enough, that is, to reach across the deck.

We attached the hose to the flagpole and Ron pushed it through, within about an inch of the spigot. I couldn’t attach it, but he was able to, lefty being tighty for hoses.

This will make irrigation in the back yard infinitely easier.

We also picked up some compost at the transfer station and filled in holes in the front yard, one from where the big oak used to be and a couple of much smaller ones from the installation of the asphalt walkway.

We brought Emme back with us for tea and fish. She made a nice topping for the hake we bought yesterday at Kyler’s and I steamed the asparagus. Good dinner!

New Bedford

Ron drove me to a job interview in New Bedford yesterday. I’ve made it a point in recent years to plan activities around interviews, since so many have been a bust. That way, the trip won’t be wasted.

It was nice to have company, first time that. Ron found a good parking place and enjoyed listening to his music and reading a book.

We sampled and pick up a couple of items at Sid Wainer and the produce market and stopped off for donuts and coffee rolls.

He’d made a list of fish markets, and we did find one retail outlet that is open seven days a week. We loaded up on hake, Norwegian haddock, clams casino and fish cakes.

All in all, a very good day. I even got an offer to start work next week.

Door, Potatoes, Freezing Cold

I put the seed potatoes on the windowsill today to give them time to sprout before planting.

We had a very cold night but fortunately, the plants seem to have made it okay.

Steve the carpenter installed Emmeline’s door today. I’ve asked him to come back next week to put in a closet at Edgewater.

Put down more compost yesterday.


I seeded at Edgewater yesterday, used Jonathan Green Black Beauty. Did some weeding in the grass garden, too, although at this point, my back is not very happy.

Neighbors have been very complimentary about the white stone on the right side of the driveway. It does finish off the little garden.

Did Stuff Today

Launched around 8:30 this morning to deliver tuna to Around the Table in Falmouth.

Picked up a lot of things at Eastman’s: screening and a grid for the back door at Edgewater; 5K Jonathan Green 4-step; Bona floor polish.

Fertilized the front and back yards at Dixon and Edgewater. Met with Peter and an MMA student about deck power-washing and staining.

Went to the Post Office and then to P.A. Landers for white stone. Unloaded the stone. Went to an O-F meeting at Joyce’s. Stopped at Job Lot for steel-cut oatmeal and a few other items on sale.

Yesterday, I brought the truck to Cormier’s because the hood latch stuck (again). Brought Emme to Sears to do some shopping with her gift card; she found a nice little jacket. On the way home, stopped at Stop & Shop gas station on West Main. Stopped at 4-C’s for a quart of ice cream, too.

Garden Prep

Today I filled about half the truck bed with compost from the transfer station.

According to the DPW, the compost is left over from town landscaping jobs. So, I’m guessing it’s fairly decent stuff, although as Ron noticed, quite sandy.

I dumped it into the second garden with about four pounds of Garden Tone. By that time, my back was screaming, so I set up my hammock and rested for a while. Easy supper tonight, meatloaf. Loaded up on frozen vegetables on the way back from the transfer station.

Ron was busy, too; he shoveled enough compost from our bin so that I could cover the herb garden. Then he fixed the patio umbrella so it won’t tip over.

He brought the van back from the shop. It needed a catalytic converter. Hope this is the last big repair for a long while.


Planted pansies yesterday after redoing the soil in the windowboxes.

Ron and I cleaned up leaves at Edgewater.

Gave a little training session last evening at Occupy Falmouth.