Snow Ahead

It’s quarter of seven, and I’m glad the truck is here. I feel safer driving in snow with the truck than the front wheel drive Corolla, and we’re supposed to get weather pretty soon.

They’ve been predicting a major storm. Schools are closed in surrounding areas. The current forecast doesn’t look that bad, but we might be in for a whopper on Friday night.

I miss 20 Dixon, not because of the neighborhood, but because it was pretty in a tailored way and by the time Barbara’s crew finished, clean and neat. I put so much of my personality and creativity in that house and yard.

Ron said last night that in a year, Henderson will be great. Maybe, but it’s going to be a rough couple of months, especially since the people who are working on our projects are up to their eyeballs.

I miss Lizzie and Teddie. Not the near-continuous care but their companionship. I loved sitting in the back yard with Teddie resting next to a tree.

Today is Em’s birthday. Aka “Bennett”. They are 26.

Ryan, as promised, dropped by to clear the bay for the truck. He plans to come back tomorrow to finish the window work.

Productive (Sort Of)

I grabbed our lunches at the Senior Center and some good picture hangers at rk MILES.

We upgraded our phones, sort of, at TMobile in North Adams. Ron couldn’t finish his, he was missing Apple sign-in info.

My new phone seems to work, although a call came through on my old phone, which is confusing. I need to set up the Toyota app.

A snowstorm is predicted lasting through tomorrow. I was supposed to get my hair cut.

The best news is that the truck is home! Got a call this afternoon from Loomis. Ron drove it back to Williamstown, happy to be driving again, I think.

I called the contractor to move his tools out of the garage, which was supposed to have been done by now.

The contractor suggested that we give the vermiculite removal crew access via the “office” instead of the bedroom since that ceiling needs to come down anyway. That would solve a lot of logistical problems, but I wonder if it would be hazardous.

Ron has gotten into letting loose hysterical laughter at strange times. I’ve told him it bothers me. This may be a sign of dementia.


I found Ron’s wallet, on the floor under some framed pictures in the living room.

We’d “fired up” his new Rockland cards at the GFCU ATM. Picked up coffee and a few other groceries at Stop & Shop.

Exchanged texts with a gent who posted his plowing service on Facebook. Turns out, he’s the nephew of the former owner of this house. I was shoveling when I saw his truck, a Tacoma with a plow, drive by. Nice fellow, he’ll be our plow guy for the rest of the season.

Good thing, looks like we might get some accumulation tonight and tomorrow.

To celebrate the return of his wallet and contents, including a $20 bill, Ron took us out to eat at the Water Street Grill. Noisy but good food. He ordered the pasta primavera, I, the roasted veg burger.

Cold and Gray

Glad we did our errands and outside tasks yesterday. It was 10 degrees around 7 this morning.

Trying to figure out what GoDaddy and Toyota services I want/need.

Folded the frou-frou curtains for donation or sale.

Fell in the driveway on my way to the mailbox. Bruisd the left hip but otherwise okay.

Culled old medical records, mostly bills. Filling out a new patient form.

Hearing Again; MassSave; Truck

Ron’s visit to Hearing Aids Associates in Pittsfield yesterday was a success. He booked an appointment in May for a cleaning.

Aside from that, didn’t do much: one load of laundry, hung kids’ old artwork.

Today was another story.

A tech from MassSave did a thorough review of the house and unearthed some surprises.

Like the walls in the second floor are essentially cardboard. Same for the ceiling in the “office”. No wonder it’s so cold.

MassSave will not install insulation until we are able to waterproof the basement. This is difficult with a stone foundation and the crawl spaces.

We also need to have the rafters checked for mold or other hazards.

We had pizza for lunch with the Theater Department at Williams College. Very enjoyable!

I sent a signed contract and check to Barile Environmental.

We went to Bennington to pay for the truck – much less than expected – and checked in with a nearby repair shop to take care of the coil/sparkplug problem.

Dropped off DVDs at the library and picked one up.

Almost-Nothing Storm

We have a little snow this morning.

Now that we meet income qualifications, have been reading up on grants and zero-interest loans for home energy improvements.

Yesterday, after I dropped off trash at the transfer station and picked up our “grab and go” at the senior center, we were on our way to Pittsfield when Ron realized he’d forgotten his hearing aids.

Turns out was just as well, I had the appointment date wrong.

We turned around, did another transfer station, Spirit Shop and Dollar General run.

Ryan was here to finish up windows. Lucky for us that he was: the right-hand garage door was stuck and he figured out how to release it.

Tea, Downspout, Windows, Garage

Peter finished up the electric work in the garage; everything works: lights, doors, outlet.

Ryan and Erin finished the windows and installed a downspout on the new gutter.

I stupidly asked the garage door techs to install manual locks; they aren’t needed now that the electricity is hooked up. Oh, well, good if we lose power, I guess.

We attended a pretty tea at the Senior Center, a twice-a-year event put on by a local woman. She provided real linens, real tea cups, an assortment of teas and home-baked pastries, including scones.

Unfortunately, we were not able to sit with anyone else, the other tables were full, but we did chat a bit with the hostess and her “crew”. We were lucky to get in. Apparently I should have signed us up first, but evidently some people didn’t show who had made reservations.

The architect and our construction supervisor measured and consulted on the second story work.

The skin around my eyes is flaring up again. Got to take allergy meds more consistently, I guess, at least until my medical visit in early March.

North Adams Lunch, Washed Fridge, Garage Doors Fixed

We went to the Berkshire Food Project lunch today at the First Congregational Church of North Adams. Left pleasantly sated with a bag of vegetables to boot and met some nice people, including a Henderson Road neighbor.

Before and after lunch, I worked on the frig – for hours. Cleaned the freezer in the morning and the produce bins and bottom shelf in the evening. It was in pretty much the same deplorable shape as the furnace, stove, dishwasher, hot water tank and washing machine.

After lunch, Ron suggested a trip to Job Lot for his muesli. This was a good call; we were just a few minutes away, and it gave me a chance to get trash bags and a few other staples as well as his cereal.

Techs from the Overhead Door company in Pittsfield installed safety devices and locks and tightened bolts and hinges. One door doesn’t lock properly, it’s an awkward setup, and Ron volunteered to make a minor change that should fix the problem.

I returned the window well cover, it was not deep enough. Gave me an opportunity to introduce Ron to rk MILES.

I’m wondering if anyone is going to show up tomorrow.

DVD Player and the Roku TV; Dishwasher

I set up the Roku TV that will go in the guest room and connected DVD player, thus redeeming myself from yesterday’s failure.

I cleaned out the dishwasher filter, which was filthy. Ron ran the machine with a cup of white vinegar and we wiped it down. I’m pleased with the result.

We must have great immune systems, to have survived the scum in the stove, overhead fan, hot water heater, furnace, washing machine and dishwasher.

Gloomy and raw today: 40 but felt much colder. I’d be perfectly happy to read or watch tv and eat bonbons all day, if we had any. I made chocolate pudding; not a bad substitute.

Warmed up by raking the back and side yard, “three bags full” of leaves. Consolidated the piles of sticks as well.

Haircut, Fireworks, Driveway Light

We walked a little way down Henderson to see the Williams Winter Carnival fireworks. 20 degrees and a clear night. Fine display!

Ron put together the solar driveway light; nice bit of home improvement.

Ron got a gorgeous haircut and beard trim at the Clip Shop and I can’t believe the difference: hobo to college professor. We had lunch at Spring Street Market and CafĂ©; Ron found a novel at the Chapter Two bookstore.

I tried attaching the small DVD player to the big television and failed, gave up.

Had an unfortunate falling out with the electrician.

Dreading the vermiculite remediation.