Fit And Strong

Ron and I finished week 4. I collapsed around 7:30 last night.

Brought the truck in for compressor replacement yesterday, but the part was defective, so it got fixed today. Unfortunately, cost a lot more than I’d planned.

“Cape & Islands Forum” has 98 members.

Trinity installed the critter guards. Ron found a flaw and fixed it.

Made heavy random vegetable soup for lunch and stir fry for supper.

Fixed an MRS bug.

House voted to overturn the fake emergency.

Truck; a Little Snow

On my way to Falmouth on Route 28, I heard a sound like loud burst of static, followed by a foul smell.

Pulled over and parked at West Falmouth Square and saw that there was a light smoke, like exhaust, coming from the hood.

Called the Falmouth Fire Department. They sent two trucks, looked under the hood, decided I was not a danger to local businesses and disconnected the battery.

What they didn’t realize is that by disconnecting the battery, they made it impossible to shift into Neutral. That is, until the AAA driver showed me a trick.

AAA sent a truck in less than an hour. Driver was great and agreeable. We stopped at the West Falmouth Market so I could get money from an ATM for a tip, which he well deserved.

The driver brought me and the truck to Falmouth Toyota, and they gave me a ride home.

I’d been calling Ron non-stop, forgetting that he was going to shovel. He did the driveway, deck, walkway and front stairs. I offered to spell him for a few minutes to make paths to the trash and compost containers.

The people at the standout got splashed by a fool with a plow. Word is they got his plate number.

Sunday Walk

We were out for 40 minutes or so, from the high school to the path through the Wildlife Refuge down to the power lines, and collected a bag full of trash.

We’d done the laundry, beds and transfer station beforehand.

Ron has lost 20 pounds!

Two Standouts

Demo’d with M2R in Falmouth (Dennis didn’t happen) and with the coyote protectors in Hyannis, the latter with Ron, who was cold and wanted to quit after about 37 minutes.

Ron had something to return, so we stopped off at Trader Joe’s and Christmas Tree Shop. Bought salad vegetables, several bags of trail mix, coffee, wine and scones, on-sale placemats and a grill lighter.

Anemic (Again); Pumpkin Bread

Ron was able to give blood yesterday but I again was deferred. 10.1

We picked up my new meds at Walmart and did “Fit & Strong”.

I defrosted 2 pounds of pumpkin and made 3 pumpkin breads. Neither Ron nor I saw the bag of flour that was already in the downstairs frig, so I bought another one at Andy’s. Used an egg substitute and oil instead of butter. The loaves turned out GREAT, better than before. Dropped off a loaf for the gang at iCape.

We did a quick walk at Great Flat Pond Trail at Town Beach before we got rained out.

Cooking Ki

Since we had nothing special planned, like doctor’s appointments or “Fit and Strong”, and we’d loaded up on “used” vegetables a couple of days ago, I’d planned to do some serious cooking today.

Ron did the cleanup after his beer run to Falmouth.

I made two eggplant loaves; a big lasagna with zukes, carrots and red peppers; and brownies from a box.

We did a walk around Sea Mist. Ron managed a mile in 20 minutes, I didn’t.


Snow started around 12:30. At this hour (9:15), it’s rain, but there were local accidents in the meantime.

This rollover on 28 happened around the same time I was heading home from Falmouth.

I had an appointment with Dr. vonHaam at 2. Got there at 1:30, left around 3. By that time, roads were already slick, but I made it home okay.

Think I sorted things out with comboInk and the Babble subscription, which auto-renewed, surprise.

Ron and I moved the lamp that was in his room to the previously unlit corner of the living room.

I was able to lift the lamp up and out pretty easily, but had to cut off the plug because it was jammed behind the big bookcase in the second bedroom. Ron rewired it, and it works very well.

Practiced a little more with the guitar.

Catching Up

Billy installed the light in the second bedroom, and Ron is pleased.

Ron installed a second shelf in the new room closet and patched the hole in the attic floor.

I attended a meeting of the Mashpee Introverts and am still waiting for them to add me to their FB page.

After the Introverts, I drove to Dennis, intending to stand out with the M2R group there, but no one showed up. I messaged Paul and the group leader. Paul offered no explanation, and I haven’t heard anything else.

By good fortune, I stumbled onto a craft fair at the Dennis Senior Center and was entranced by a display of stone and silver jewelry.

I took photos of 9 necklaces and sent them to Emme to pick for her birthday. She liked the pendant style made from a blue bowling ball!

The vendor let me take the necklace with me along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. She said this has worked out well for her, since she doesn’t want to deal with credit cards or PayPal! I mailed her check today.

Today, we dropped off Bonnie’s card and birthday gift and mailed Ella’s birthday cash and card. February is a big month for birthdays: two more to go, Mike’s wife and daughter.

Did a shop at S&S and made out quite well with used produce, as well as some sale items, including veg burgers.

We did the transfer station, changed the sheets and did 2 more loads of laundry and are spending the rest of the afternoon filling out forms for the attorney.