Ron tore it up today, delivered Peter’s spare propane tank along with a hand-made wood stand to keep it off the deck; made another stand for our spare tank; bought four pretty cordial glasses and a cool winter hat at the COLA thrift shop; redeemed a pile of cans and bottles; picked up bread at the Senior Center and DVDs at the library; and now he’s making supper!

I worked diligently on Jim’s preowned selection page. Tired and looking forward to doing some actual programming for the Commission.

I went to a presentation at gGreen last night on healthy eating. A lot of vegan lore. I won a door prize.

Too Much Coffee

I did it to myself this morning. Ron took on a coffee and cardamom grinding project today, as well as cleaning out the toaster oven. What a guy! Having an extra cup of the good stuff sent me into orbit.

Got our plans squared away for the next two weekends.

It was very cold this morning, 11 degrees. Glad I held off on cleaning leaves from the flower beds.

Spent part of yesterday talking with Mike about our refi. The appraiser nudged the value up a bit and we decided it was enough to go ahead. We’ll be able to wipe out three high-interest cards, assuming Mike can negotiate that for us.

Was looking at outdoor exercise equipment yesterday. Asked Catherine via email if the DPW would consider a proposal.

‘Twas a Bust

The appraisal came in low, and I’m exhausted from all the financial BS. Trying an equity line from HFCU.

Ron figured out how to get the shades off the chandelier in the kitchen and fixed a loose connection in the process. He also made a nice platform for the propane tank.

The pile of shingles is gone, gone, gone.

We went to a Steering meeting last night and the Senior Center this morning. I finally unleashed my unhappiness with the cliquishness there and got a sympathetic hearing from the new Director, who is a welcome change from the old regime.

Catching Up

Good meeting on Tuesday at the Commission.

Worked most of Wednesday pulling together a list of improvements for the appraiser: over $48,000 worth. I’m astonished, fearful that I spent foolishly and at no small cost.

Had a couple of helpful catch-up conversations with Chad Hathaway, the septic inspector, about Edgewater. He offered to give us an assist with the appraisal if needed.


One of Peter Randall’s traps caught a mouse at the end of the attic where we had the work done.

We had the new dishwasher installed yesterday, went over to Edgewater for the appraisal visit and after supper, I attended a Tea Party meeting. We picked up season 1 of “Treme” and a copy of “The Corner” at the Mashpee library.

Went to a really nice lecture about Yeats at the Falmouth Library this morning and joined the Friends of the Falmouth Library.

Our Peter dropped off the truck this afternoon. We gave him some bread that we picked up this morning at the Senior Center. I just shoveled a little across the street to make a path for Joe in case he drops by straight from a business trip (!)


002My legs, arms and ankles hurt. Snow removal yesterday and continued today; not much today besides trying to clear the top of Ron’s van, a major pain, and I’m feeling it.

We got the transfer station run done, don’t ask how, I was half asleep, if not physically, then mentally. Did laundry, changed sheets.

Ron chainsawed some branches that were hitting the new siding. No damage here or at Edgewater, thank goodness.

Last week was Bonnie’s birthday or more correctly, un-birthday, the anniversary of Judy’s death, income tax docs, refi docs. Washing machine, dishwasher. High school drama production, Science Before Supper lecture. Ron did his bit last night for the WH Folk Music Society. Oh, and we gave blood.

I went on a video binge the entire weekend; that is, unless I was removing snow: Downton Abbey, Moyers and Company, almost the entire first season of The Wire, House of Cards.

Prescriptive easement argument today with next door neighbor.


Blizzard conditions are predicted for later today and tonight. A shame, since so much snow has melted and it’s been nice to see the ground.

United Wholesale Mortgage approved our financial status, and we’re waiting to hear from Peter so we can schedule the appraisal inspection.

We’ve been making a divine salad dressing out of used avocados, plain Greek yogurt, olive oil and garlic.

Omelet this morning with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, cheddar cheese and Greek yogurt.

Good Week

Sent paperwork to Mike for refi and to Larry for taxes.

Visited Judy’s grave on the 12th. No headstone yet. I’m glad we went.

Attended an excellent “Science Before Supper” last night about the creatures that live on plastic debris in the ocean.

JR repaired the washing machine earlier this week, then we noticed that the dishwasher seems to have croaked. Jamie is working on it now.

It’s Valentine’s Day.