Oktoberfest; Yarmouth

After visiting the bank and walking through Oktoberfest at the town green, we picked up the replacement for the washing machine o-ring in Yarmouth yesterday.

I helped out at the MRTC booth for a couple of hours afterwards with Phyllis, Elana and a terrific woman from the Tedeschi campaign.  She and I helped load Phyllis’ car: very efficient.

It was a gorgeous fall day and a friendly crowd.  As always, Phyllis’ salesmanship was outstanding.

I made a big stir fry for supper: white beans, broccoli, greens, carrots, onions, garlic, celery.

Ron put the agitator back together and did laundry.

This morning, we flipped his mattress to the “plush” side.  Did the transfer station run, made plans to get together with Em, changed the sheets, did a white wash.

I sprayed the ninebarks and the hibiscus and with Ron’s help, planted the three mums.



Rain; Planting; Blood Donation; SCOTUS Hearing

The Kavanaugh hearing feels like a breaking point, certainly for friendships and maybe for political alliances as well.

Been raining for a couple of hours.  May continue for most of the afternoon.  I did plant four little guys from yesterday, two Nepeta for Smokey, a Stella d’oro and a Siskiyou.

Hooked up a nice DVD/CD player to the receiver and am listening to Grappelli and Ma.

Both of us donated blood at the Barnstable Senior Center.  The Home Depot garden center was closed.  We did a small shop at Whole Foods.  It was around 5 by the time we got back.

Another Strange Day (but Great for Ron)

Ron got to go swimming at Sea Mist and met another member of his men’s fitness group there.  He also attended the fitness class later this afternoon.

I bought two-for-one nine bark bushes at Home Depot and picked up two free asters for Peter.  Dropped off two (free) mums from yesterday at iCape.  Peter gave a quick rundown of iCloud photo storage.

Before that, I had to cover a mobile deposit to the Rockland account that had been refused.  Afterwards, I ran around trying to figure out what happened.  Based on advice from the issuing bank, I redeposited the checks and hope this time they’ll clear.

According to Rockland, there was a second mobile deposit made of these same checks, but the issuing bank, Citizens, couldn’t find evidence that the checks cleared.

I went to the branches in Osterville, which are next to each other, and grabbed a Macanudo for Ron at a convenience store and lunch at Earthly Delights.

Made a kale/cranberry/walnut/feta salad for supper and munched on graham crackers for dessert.

Strange Day

The washing machine stopped twice this morning, which drew my attention to mold on the agitator.

Ron figured out how to remove and clean it, and in the process, he noticed that the o-ring was broken.

This sent us on a mad dash to find a replacement.  We went to Home Depot first and got a referral to a company in Dennis that ordered us the part.

Meanwhile, I stumbled on a plant giveaway in their garden shop.  They’re closing for the season and so I piled a vanload of free mums and other flowers, all of which turned out to be perennials!

I worked for a while in the new room and ordered an air cleaner which I hope will correct the occasional mustiness.

Outdoor Shower; Window Washing; A/Cs

Yesterday, we took the shower stall apart and moved it to the side of the house.

I mean that Ron and I, age 72 each, did this by ourselves.

This was for two purposes, one, to level it and two, to figure out a way to keep the squirrels from using it to access the roof.

Another possibility is to relocate it off the deck.  This would solve both problems.

Joshua of Walhoney Cleaning was here earlier than planned, which worked out well for us, to wash the windows and the slider.

He made this pretty easy for me; didn’t have to take down curtains or move Ron’s A/V equipment.  I did clear “stuff” in front of the side bedroom windows.

I did take out the a/c’s; Ron and I put them back after his shower.

It started raining shortly after Joshua finished.

Lag Bolts Off

It took only 15 minutes once he had the proper tools: Ron removed the lag bolts from under the outdoor shower.

Meanwhile, I dug up the rest of the ivy and transplanted a couple of little guys to the corner garden.

I’m eager for the shower to be disassembled so we can figure out a way to keep the squirrels from climbing on it to get to the roof.

Ron snagged bread and rolls from the Senior Center and brought home bagels from Stop & Shop.

He had another good men’s exercise class session.

Switched Beds

I moved our beds so that Ron has the wall space away from the window.  I get fresh air, he stays warm.

Otherwise, typical Sunday:  New York Times, laundry, change sheets, transfer station.

Homemade sweet and sour cabbage and spaghetti squash with sauce and Parm for lunch.

Weeding Ivy

Ron was busy with the water blaster so I worked on removing the ivy and blackberries in back of the house.

Starting to feel bad about all this destruction of plants.

This morning, I brought a box of paperwork to a shredding station at the Centerville Rockland Trust.

Picked up groceries at Stop & Shop on the way back and dropped off a small load of yard detritus at the transfer station.

Ron tried to water blast the squirrels’ nests with limited results.

Cooking; Em

I made an eggplant loaf and roasted a spaghetti squash.

We drove Em to work yesterday.  Ron bought the batteries and chargers he needed at Home Depot.

On the way back, we picked up mac and cheese at the Barnstable Village Market.

Fitness Class; Farmer’s Market

Ron completed his first fitness class today and thinks it’s going to be worthwhile.

I did more garden cleanup.  Was working on the house side of the fence when it started to rain.  Waited it out in the shed by the driveway: nice.

Removed a pile of violets and goldenrod from the old bean garden and pulled out old stalks from two big decorative grasses.  Stupidly, did not wear gloves, so my left hand got sliced to ribbons.  Got four bandages on it.

Bloody sick of weeding!

I picked up corn, potatoes, donuts, radishes and eggplant at the Falmouth Farmers Market.

Corn and Kale Salad with Cranberries for supper.  Ron helped prep and did most of the clean up.  Nice!