Good Ron, Halloween


Oral surgery went well this morning. Ron and I stopped at Town Hall so he could drop off the checks for Q2 taxes, then Stop & Shop to give the pharmacy the script for pain med.

Good thing, too. By the time we got home, I was in pretty bad shape.

The pain eventually lessened to the point that I could make myself some pumpkin/squash soup. Went to sleep after that, woke up around 5. Ron had set everything up for trick or treaters.


Back from the oral surgeon’s office. Feel like death warmed over. Ron is on his way to pick up painkillers which (haha) we were told I wouldn’t need.

The gum around my loose tooth was irritated almost to the sinus, so the doc had to do a fair amount of cutting. He refused to describe how much, which I thought was pretty wimpy of him.

Glad I did some raking yesterday. Can’t do much of anything today but moan – how appropriate for Halloween!

We are thrilled that the Sox won – first World Series won on home turf since 1918. What an amazing turnaround. Shows the effect of good management versus bad, at least in the doc’s opinion.

Game 6

We had a good errand run this morning. Picked up and dropped off a restaurant gift cert for P&B’s 20th, talked with James about mowing, gassed up the truck, dropped a check off at the DPW for the new sign, saw Emma B. At her suggestion, we brought the load of branches and leaves to her sheep instead of the transfer station, which delighted Ron. Played with a sweet dog that was in her back yard. The sheep loved our offering.

On the way home, we stopped to read the monument at Emma Oakley Mills Way, which was named for Emma’s grandmother. Both her grandparents were very active in civic and political life.

Unfortunately, Ron was nicked by a neighbor dog that was a bit too enthused about our treats.

We got our acts together for all the big bills this week: property taxes, my corporation stuff, the check to DPW, my co-pay for tomorrow’s surgery. Got things squared away with the dissolution of I needed to file a final annual report. Looking back, I’ve been thinking about this for over three years.

I did a little raking in the back yard to clean up the piles of pine needles. Watered the little rhodie. Made meatloaf for supper.

Big news this week; the Quincy police have a suspect in the Puppy Doe case in custody. Looks like a slam-dunk.

We have the ball game on.



I was up at six and thought about going back to bed around 7:30, but the stench in the bedroom was so bad that I gave up.

Ron hasn’t paid his fair share of household expenses for the past two months, leaving us about $1,000 in the hole, and now his farts are so bad that I can’t even sleep in my own bed!

Three Meetings

Met with the “poverty lawyer” at the Senior Center to see if there are any financial assistance programs for old people that would apply to us.  He wasn’t encouraging, which pretty much matches my research, unfortunately.

We double-dipped at the bread tables today.  Ron went early for us, then we loaded up for Peter after our meeting.

Did the transfer station run and dropped books off at the library.

After lunch, met with the superintendent of schools to talk about Mashpee as Dogpatch.  He struck me as sincere and thoughtful.  Seems he’s one of these “you either love him or you hate him” people.

Grilled chicken, steamed asparagus and Ron made mashed sweets for supper.  Pizza for lunch.  We aren’t exactly starving.

Put out the Halloween decorations.  Used the right side of the yard this year, in the soon to be Narcissus garden.  Actually works pretty well.

Confirmed that I am covered for extractions through Ron’s dental plan, at 80%.

We both went to the Steering meeting. The extroverts were there babbling about their signature gathering. I suggested that the next time that comes up as an action, the group set up two lines of people, one to solicit and one to sign voters up. There was not a ton of enthusiasm; I think everyone wants “credit” for their skill at attracting sign-ups.

First Frost

The back yard is covered with pine needles.

We had our first frost Friday night (today is Sunday).  It ruined the basel (forgot to harvest it) and the impatiens.

I repotted the begonias today and put them in the shed for the night along with the jasmine.

I’ve accomplished almost nothing else today besides stand for two hours in Falmouth Center so I could see my friend David complete his first marathon (awesome, great weather), drop by the very end of the Sea Mist annual meeting to pick up handouts, and stop in to the “Farmers Market” across the street.

Camp Greenough

Visited the Boy Scout camp in Yarmouthport yesterday for a STEM fair.  What a gorgeous spot!  Then stopped off at the Mashpee Town landing on Timberlane Road to visit Santuit Pond.

Santuit Pond at the Town landing
Santuit Pond at the Town landing
Overlooking Greenough Pond.
Tractor drove us around from the parking lot to the dining hall.


Fish Chowder

I made a pretty decent fish chowder this week using last weekend’s clam broth as a base. I added mixed vegetables, bay leaf, onions, celery, turkey pastrami, bacon and potatoes.

Sent Ron into throes of joy this morning with sauteed onions, collards and tomatoes seasoned with smoked paprika and topped with poached eggs and cheese.

I’ve been trying to arrange a showing of Robert Reich’s film, but it’s just too costly. Talk about Inequality for All!