Many Hours

Met Alpha at 9:30, went to a splendid Tai Chi exhibition at the Canty Center.  We both loved it.

Had lunch/snack at Dixon, then visited the Maker Faire at the High School.  Terrific displays, got to say hello to Jerry T. and Mike L., who raved about James.

Brought them home, then persuaded Ron to check out the Maker Faire as well. He enjoyed a couple of the exhibits, and I bought the chain mail glove that Alpha had their eye on.

Afterwards, we picked up a thumb drive from Robert and a DVD I had on hold at the library.

Back home, Ron mowed the lawn and I raked out the front bushes.  More pruning of the little Azalea and the Autumn Clematis.

Moonlight Garden

Robert and Ryan from Sylvia Landscaping dug up a 10×5 foot oval this morning and backfilled it with soil and compost.

I planted the Breck’s Moonlight Garden, plus 50 additional bulbs from BulbsDirect (Gladiolus Nymph, Acidanthera bicolor murielae, Anemone blanda White Splendour, Freesia single white).

Social Libertarian

A social libertarian is a person who believes in social liberty, i.e., individual independence and communal autonomy from overarching government or state control.

A social libertarian typically rejects the concentration of decision-making authority into distant, oligarchical, centralized bureaucracies – federal or monolithic – favoring instead the diffusion and localization of that decision-making authority.

Social libertarians support a political, social, and economic environment which allows voluntary accession to associations, but also permits a person to choose to remain free of restraint by society, except in cases in which an individual’s claim of freedom interferes with another individual’s right to be free from unwarranted, aggressive coercion or harm.

Social libertarians regard free-market capitalism and democratic, communalistic socialism as equally conducive economic means towards the ends of generalistic liberation from tyranny.
Urban Dictionary

More Rain; Coding; Eggs for Supper

I made some awful bran muffins. Two versions of the same recipe, and I must have picked the wrong one: it called for baking powder instead of soda.

Eggs with tomatoes and chard for supper last night.

Didn’t do any yard work yesterday. Made progress on an email reader for Jim. Wrote a new admin page that got good reviews.

Applied for 3 more .NET jobs. Got an email callback on one.

Truck is at Midas for exhaust system repair. $30 coupon.

Fertilizing; Blood

Dug up most of the tulip bulbs that were growing randomly around the roses. Transplanted about a dozen at the corner of the deck.

Ron set up the front hose and power-washed the bird bath and several chairs.

I fed the roses with Rose Tone and spread mixed cranberry bog/horse farm compost around the roses, the little trees and the front hydrangeas.

Used up the big bag of 5-10-5 on the vegetable and flower gardens. Nice compliment from Tony.

Got a nice check from MRS. Ron and I donated blood at C the K. I drove Robert this morning, he drove this evening.


I did a deep prune of the big hydrangeas in the front and cleaned out the leaf litter.

The smaller plants didn’t need quite so much work. I fertilized all of them, and the rhodies, the dogwood and the little blue spruce, with MirAcid. Stuff stings when it gets on your hands.

I joined Cindy and Cathy for a birthday brunch. Ron and I did the transfer station and he did laundry. I treated him to ice cream at Polar Cave.

UpATree stood us up, yet again. We told them not to bother.

Laura came over for pizza and wine.

Getting There

I cut the dead rose canes and did some shaping as well as a barrel full of weeding.

My hands were bleeding in so many places that I washed them with alcohol.

Didn’t do any cooking today.

Finally figured out how to parse the lead emails for Jim.

Ron set up the fence posts for the new garden.

I am realizing how much I wasn’t able to do last year. This year will be better.

This Week

Had two job interviews, one onsite and one by phone. Got turned down by the phone people.

Spent most of the week prepping and working on NEPS.

Got an error message on RAGNAR yesterday; the hard disk had disconnected, easy fix.

We are still waiting for UpATree to check out the work at Edgewater. Appointment has been postponed since Wednesday. Rescheduled once again for Sunday afternoon.

Forgot to cancel Carbonite, so I transferred it on RAGNAR instead of leaving it on WORKERBEE, which already has BackBlaze.

Got a GREAT haircut at Arabella! Very expensive. The stylist’s interpretation of the cut I showed her is much better than the original.

Caught up with Paul yesterday for lunch.

Two PT appointments. Going well.

“Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body”: Exercise Pays Off

Almost done with garden cleanup. Started work on the “bean” garden, filled up the truck with detritus.

Bought a 6-pack of violas at Soares to finish the flower boxes.

Simple meal for Easter, burgers and asparagus. Leftover casserole for dinner. Got the bed made very late.

Happy that I got so much exercise since January as part of my recovery. Well prepared for the gardening season.