Alpha’s Job

Solved a minor crisis with the Krups.  Cleaned it and the old coffeemaker last night with no problem, but when I tried making coffee this morning, it didn’t perk.  So, I used the old coffeemaker and it worked fine.

Drove Alpha to their new job today and wrote out and mailed checks on my way back to Mashpee.

Unfortunately, I left Alpha hanging when they were done: forgot to bring my phone in from the truck and never got their text.  They were gracious.  Said they had a good day and are looking forward to working again.

Drove Robert to work.  Stopped for baked goods at the Senior Center.

Had a good phone conversation with one of the captains at Mashpee PD.  Have his number for the future.

Stuffed all the tree pruning from the back yard at Edgewater into the truck.  Might bring it to Bourne tomorrow, have an errand there for the Keyes campaign.  It took me about five times to explain this to Ron, who didn’t believe I could fit all of it into the truck, especially without cutting it with the chainsaw.

Heard from my cousin Ron.

Katrina at Dr. v’s office had my back today and called in a script for a med that I’d forgotten to refill.  Picked it up at Walmart and did a shop at Shaw’s.



Spare Room

It rained all day yesterday, but work started anyway on the new spare room in the basement.  Framing is pretty much complete, the suspended ceiling frame is in place and John put up most of the sheet rock.

Ron did Robert driving both ways.  He also made a trip to Home Depot to return a door they sent in error and to pick up the correct one.  On his way back from Hyannis, he picked up Peter and brought him back here so Peter could borrow the truck.  I told him to let Alpha know that their guest room was on its way.

Ron and I had cleared out almost the entire work area the day before and finished it up by about 8:45 am with help.  We didn’t need to rent a storage unit.  That was a relief.

I was able to pull hard drives out of two old computers so we can recycle the cases and the rest of the innards.  Our Christmas boxes are in the attic.  We parked a few items in the living room.  The back of the truck and the rest of the cellar are jammed.

We might see the electrician before John comes back this weekend.

My welcome sign caused a shitstorm with the people across the street.  I revised it to “Hi Neighbor” rather than “Dear Realtor” and taped it to one of our windows.

Had a long conversation about it with the social justice reporter from the Globe yesterday.

I left a request for realtor help at several places but have heard nothing.  Wrote to the Tribe’s housing director this morning.

Meanwhile, I got approved for a fee waiver from the state Republican convention this Saturday and reserved a spot on the bus from Barnstable to Worcester.

More irritating correspondence yesterday about the SPEA website.  I finally got the IP and login creds for their new server, so uploaded files last night.  They are way overpaying for hosting, too bad.

Ron performed one final heroic act by finding and resetting the dishwasher circuit breaker, which had tripped in a brief power outage.

Websites; Emails

I finally bit the bullet and transferred this site to a LINUX WordPress plan.

The CapeCoder site will be gone in two days.

I’ve unsubscribed from a number of email lists.Emails are being forwarded to one address, which I get for free with the capecoder domain.

Planning to post this when 17 Dixon goes on the market:

Another Trip to Home Depot; Waquoit Farmer’s Market

We dropped off the list for the basement project and fortunately, the same salesman who helped me before was available. We’re expecting the delivery on Wednesday. Ron was reassured that the materials would be covered to the weather.

While we were in Hyannis, we shopped at Shaw’s, Harbor Freight, Trader Joe’s and World Market. Got my favorite tea, a socket set for Ron and a bunch of groceries. By that time, the Home Depot order was ready for payment and sign-off.

We didn’t get home until around 4, so didn’t get much else done for the day.

Went to the Waquoit Church Farmer’s Market today. Ron found some exceptional soup for lunch.

Had a nice phone conversation with my cousin Nancy the other day and received an email today with her contact info.

Think I finally have things squared away at GoDaddy. The CapeCoder website is going away in a few days as is SPEA. They consolidated my email accounts.

Fence, Stump Grinding, Faucets

Two projects got done yesterday, not by us, but by “Jon” and “John”: new fence at Edgewater and long overdue stump grinding here.

Ron set up the hoses today and turned on water to the outdoor faucets.

I replanted the small blue spruce that was knocked askew yesterday and UPS’d the revised contract pages to HFCU.

Ron did some more wood chipping. I cleaned up the area at the end of the U where Jon ground down the stumps.

Dropped off the truck for Peter to use to get to a job interview tomorrow.

More insane reactions to my innocent post in the “Mashpee Message” FB page.

These are people who hate anyone who doesn’t think exactly in the same way as they do. This is not people who disagree with them, it’s more fundamental and more intolerant: they hate people who can’t read their * minds.

Example: I posted a question on the “Mashpee Message Haters” page asking about traffic tie-ups on the day the Yarmouth policeman was buried. Turns out, Route 6 had been blocked for a while to allow a cordon of off-Cape police to get over the Sagamore.

Instead of a rational answer, I got a bunch of crazy reactions, including one curse-laden private message. The moderator accused me of posting an inflammatory message: “You should have known” blah blah.

This is the world we live in, that a question about traffic flow not only gets misinterpreted but the person in charge joins in the piling on.

Left the page, had enough: out of over 1,800 people, there are 5 or so lunatics. Hope the administrator can deal with them.


Ron brought a book for the Seidner gang to the post office.

Also mailed letters to four cousins on the McLean side to see if any of them knew the cow story.

It rained off and on. I had some interesting dialogues on FB about the murder of a 32 year old Yarmouth policeman.

The “Blue Line” is something most of us haven’t experienced, and it’s affecting. The average office worker would slit the throats of their coworkers if they could get away with it.

Fence Materials

Materials arrived this afternoon.

I cleaned up a bunch of leaves, weeds and twigs from the front yard at Edgewater. Filled the truck, made a trip to the transfer station and came back for the rest.

Nice emails from Sandy and Eilis.

Rented “The Shape of Water” for cheap. Ron liked it a lot. I thought “Three Billboards” was better. Still want to see “Get Out” and “The Post”.

The poem at the end, which came across as a sappy Harlequin romance bit, was written by a Sufi about his relationship with God. It makes a lot more sense that way.

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”


Ron has been working with the shredder since before lunch. He fed the first set of chipped wood through twice more, which makes a very good compostable mulch.

I did some more raking in the front yard and on the right side of the house at Edgewater. Filled the truck and hope to finish with the next visit.

When I close my eyes, I see oak branches.

John from Emerald came by to drop off cards. He’ll be back on Monday to grind stumps: thank goodness.

Spinach, beets, cuke and goat cheese salad for lunch. Fast, healthy and good.