Trip to Town

004 1 002 003We took the train from the Plymouth station, point being to attend an afternoon rally for low-wage workers.

We used the opportunity to get Ron a Charlie card senior ID. We had plenty of time for dinner at South Station before getting the 6:15 back to Plymouth. Nice afternoon and evening altogether.

Fertilizer Recipe

I tried an experiment this year, limiting fertilization to one application of 5-10-5 in the Spring.

Here’s what an urban gardener told the New York Times:

“She planted the melons in a fertile mix of potting soil, a little of her own compost, a couple of handfuls of calcified lime and a handful of what she calls Jeavons Mix. (The recipe, modified for a small amount, is from “How to Grow More Vegetables,” a book by John Jeavons.) Tonice keeps the mix in a plastic bucket with a lid, stashed in the closet. She also feeds her potted melons and tomatoes every other week with a half-strength solution of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer.”

Jonsson Center

As in the past, we’ve really enjoyed visiting the National Academy of Sciences’ Jonsson Center for their East Coast Distinctive Voices lecture series this summer.

Last night’s lecture by Cato T. Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Institute for Regenerative Engineering, The University of Connecticut was an especially good one.

Ron Says We Were Productive

Well, I hope he’s correct.

Ed dropped by this morning for a brief visit while I was watering the veggie garden. I also gave the peony a good drink.

We picked up baked goods at the senior center; brought the truckload of brush to All Cape; delivered a full box of cans and bottles to the redemption center; and dropped off recyclables and trash at the transfer station.

Ron also changed the water filter/water pitcher filter.

Peter Randall came by.

004Oh, yes, we cooked the lamb that our Peter gave us. Ron tended to it so I could go to Steering.

Waquoit Day 2013

Perfect day at the Waquoit UCC
Many games for the kids
Reverend Nell Fields
Jayne Abbott the “Mayor” of Waquoit with Citizen of the Year Paul Rifkin Video by Maxine Wolfset
Stan Terrell, Carousel of Light Board member
Rev. Nell tries her hand at wood carving with help from the carousel creator Lance Shinkle.
Ron MacInnis with homemade ginger beer and root beer.
Good dogs had a great time, too!
Cutie One
Cutie, too
Shell tree
Ebullient little guy
Free ice cream from Smitty’s.

015 014

Brenda Evans
Brenda teaches Ron the finer points of bottle playing.
Richard Latimer
Young entrepreneur, raising money for his Eagle Scout project at the church.

Evil BumbleBee

Stuffed myself last night and did I ever pay for it. Stupid.

More yard cleanup. Ready to bomb the front lawn. Vegetable garden is a mess.

Mowed the crabgrass in the front. Got stung by a bee while I was dead heading the purple hydrangea.  Ron made me a baking soda poultice.

Laundry. Ron Fetchedeline today. Last day for her and for Robert’s summer jobs.

Sony camera cable arrived and works great.

Bad news from the MHA, Peter’s rent subsidy ends September 30.

At the Rooneys

We were REALLY happy to catch up last-minute with Cheryl, Pat, Connor, Tom, Deirdre and their friend Terence while they were vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard last evening. Great meal, great conversation about music, business and politics. Turns out, both Pat and I have roots in county Cavan.














I hurt – head, ankle, arms.

We worked on the basement again today. Got a little more organized and a little tidier. I set up the futon frame so I can watch Ron work with his new saw, ha ha.

I did some deadheading and cleanup in the front garden. Ron was very tired, too, but he took care of the watering. The poor green babies are suffering terribly in spite of our efforts. I hate August.

Ron heard from Cheryl, we’ll be visiting tomorrow.

007We did a bunch of errands this morning: Botello, transfer station, banks, Walgreen’s. Posted the sign at the entrance. Worked some more on the website.

Basement, Fireworks

Ron and I worked on the basement today.

We picked up his miter saw; he put the stand together.

We put the little couch in the attic and I cleaned behind the workbench – first time in who knows how many years. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared it would be. I’ve been trying to dry out the paint cans so we can take them to the transfer station. Picked up boxes and 20 pounds of cheap kitty litter for that job.

Ron thinks he can make a nice workspace, and that would make me very happy. I find the disorganization extremely upsetting and irritating.

We managed to get in and out of the high school fast tonight for a fantastic fireworks display. Nice job, Mashpee Rec!