One Down

Ron got his second COVID shot last evening. Mine is the day after tomorrow.

He’s doing well today, so far just a little tired.

Teddy got on the couch by himself yesterday, clever fellow!

“No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only the Wrong Gear”

I underdressed this morning when taking Teddy out the first time, but got smarter for the next two walks. Ron walked him in between the rain.

Last night was the first on the new mattress. We seemed to do okay.

I made Trader Joe’s beer bread (very good) and a salad with old vegetables, packaged slaw and salad fixings. Cleaned up the kitchen, emptied wastebaskets and (twice) the compost pot.

Think it’s time to call a plumber to unclog the bathroom sink.

Feeling Better, Workday Has Started

I woke up around 2 am this morning and put a brace on my right hand, which was hurting. The pain went away almost immediately, and I slept in until well after 7.

Teddy wanted to go out with me, claims Ron, not him. We did the “circuit”. Ron thinks there is a union rule that I have to do the early shift.

We got the queen mattress off the frame and into the second bedroom.

I hope to rake out the front of the fence today. Seeing lots of daylily, tulip and daff leaves.


Well, we accomplished a lot today.

Got the new clothesline up, sort of. We’ll need to dig a hole and place it properly, but it works well enough that I could dry a shower curtain liner on it.

Did two loads of laundry.

I did rake leaves from the front of the fence and the corner garden as well.

We straightened out the tonneau cover, and I swept/raked out the truck bed.

Tony came over and helped us unpack and place the king. I put the mattress pad and bedclothes on it.

It’s a little after 5 and of course, I’m still in my bedclothes. Never bothered to change, just threw on a vest.

It was a nice day to be outside, too, and Teddy enjoyed it.

More Pain

This queen mattress on a king frame is killing me. I was up because of pain before 5 AM today.

I did get some errands done yesterday, like filling up the truck, fetching Teddy’s meds and doing a transfer station run.

Ron fixed the mailbox! He dug out the old 4 x 4, replaced it and attached the mailbox to it. I have to laugh because our neighbor the retired postmaster never bothered to reinstall his mailbox. It’s been propped up with rocks and cement blocks for years.

It was warm enough to have lunch outside yesterday – chowder – and this morning it was 50°.

Too Much Work, Too Much Pain

We put the platform and mattress together yesterday, only to find that the mattress is the wrong size: queen instead of king.

After two false starts, Ron found a customer service rep at Amazon who agreed to send us the correct size without the ridiculous requirement that we return the first one. Sure, we have a machine that can compress a 125 pound hybrid mattress and rebox it for shipment. Doesn’t everyone?

I did a transfer station run with trash and recyclables.

Then we loaded the old double mattress and both box springs and frames onto the truck and did a second run. The good news is that it was half the disposal cost of Bourne ISWM.

We did laundry, piles of it as well, including all the old and new bedding.

We unpackaged and unrolled the mattress. Only then did we discover that it’s the wrong size. We got the bed made after a fashion, folded and put away the laundry and found temporary spots for a mass of plastic coverings.

Ron took Teddy out for his last walk, I think around 9.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 with pins and needles followed by pain in my right hand. Slept for another hour, then got up to feed Teddy and take him for a walk around the block.

I was a madwoman yesterday. Exhausted, frustrated with Ron, furious at the mattress vendor for blowing us off when it was their bloody mistake, shipping us a mattress that was mislabeled and refusing to take responsibility.

As if all yesterday’s merriment wasn’t enough, I cleaned up the kitchen from Sunday’s holocaust, gave Teddy his heartworm med, did a shop on the way home from the first transfer station run, threw a pizza in the oven for supper and set up coffee for this morning. We had leftover stir fry and packaged salad for lunch.

This morning I made oatmeal and veg washed grapes in an effort to provide us with a bit of healthy nutrition.

First Day of Spring: At Least I Got My Page to Run; Check Engine Light

I didn’t do much yesterday, nor did Ron, after we gave up on trying to put the stupid fences together for the deck. I’ve initiated a return today. It seems we can just drop the pieces off at Kohl’s in Hyannis, which is fantastic.

We also got the platform that Ron ordered for the new bed. Another project; whoopee.

Ron made himself sick last night and slept in his chair until I woke him this morning at around 6:45. This happened once before in the last 10+ years. He fell in the bathroom this morning but managed to get himself into bed after taking his pain meds.

Teddy did very well with half a med last night and walked pretty nicely this morning; we went out twice. Cold, and the ground was covered in frost.

I’ve got my old preowned page running, with real data and images. Sent a screen shot to Jim.

We watched and enjoyed the final episode of “Downton Abbey” yesterday.

The check engine light went on in the truck a couple of days ago, outside of warranty for exhaust work done last March. Same codes. I may bring it to Excel for their opinion.

Cooked today, stir fry. Boxed up the fences and extensions, counted out the parts to be sure they are all there. We put everything in the van. Pruned the autumn clematis. Took Teddy out for a walk at 8. Gave him 50 mg again tonight instead of 100, hope he’ll be okay with that.

Tapering Off

I gave Teddy half a med yesterday afternoon, and he did fine.

Haven’t been very productive these last couple of days.

The new mattress arrived and we’re waiting for the bedframe.

Ron spends his money in ridiculous ways. He got a shipment yesterday that included some Gary Larson merchandise that aren’t all that funny.

I’m starting to feel sorry for those who are working at home. Their lives seem to be subject to relentless electronic scrutiny and long online meetings in which they are expected to dress and act like little ladies and gentlemen under an unforgiving virtual magnifying glass. Hell on earth.

Sympathetic About IDs

It’s absurdly difficult to set up accounts at IRS and SSA for Bennett.

We went to the Registry yesterday to get her Mass ID. We didn’t have enough documentation, even with a birth certificate and a Social Security card, to get a REAL ID. I left a message with Markey’s office in the hope they can help.

Teddy has been out for several walks yesterday afternoon and evening and this morning. We went out the last time to clean up after a slob who left dog turds on Greg and Norene’s corner.

I picked up a load of comfort food at Stop & Shop today.

The Misfits box and Teddy’s deck fences and his toothbrush kit arrived yesterday.

Old Projects

Got an assignment and found an old project with some web page design elements that might work. Trying to set up a VPN to fetch the data. Tried to write a new application in .NET Core: say, what?

17 degrees this morning. Couple of walks with Teddy today. I like it when the three of us do the evening walk, but he wanted to skip it. Guess we wore him out.

Aside from doing a white wash, half-hearted vacuuming and picking up baked fries and grilling veg burgers for supper, I had a pretty quiet day.

I think it’s pretty funny that the Republicans are upset about Dr. Seuss and WAP at the Grammys. Remember Freedom Fries? That didn’t go very far, either.