Lost? Found? Misplaced?

We were missing Ron’s 20 ounce hammer. I found it.

I also found Jan’s linen scarf; our clothespins were in a pile in Ron’s room.

That’s about everything that we’ve been looking for since the shop build.

I had a bad dizzy spell this morning after eating a chocolate cookie.

Yesterday I gave a pizza to Trevor as a thank you and brought one home for us: Dino’s specials. Picked up Ron’s meds at Stop & Shop along with veg cleaner and a jar of roasted red peppers.

Nice visit yesterday in West Barnstable. G, F and I walked around Meetinghouse Farm; beautiful rhodie trail. Something to look forward to this summer.

Electrician is due this afternoon.

Signed off on the loan papers for the Coop yesterday. Planted the fennel and sage.

I’m plodding through Babbel and Coursera Finance. Good stuff; I’m a lousy student, though.

Baked roast cauliflower florets and kale chips. Ron and I made egg salad.

Sunnova will be here next week to check out the panels.

A Place for Everything?

The basement reorganization resulted in the clearing of a good amount of floor space.

That makes new activities possible, like using a power band to simulate a rowing machine.

Yesterday, I cooked: cheese omelet breakfast and a chickpea/rice dish for lunch. Ron finished the MOTO pizza.

It was cold, rainy and windy yesterday, and I was still feeling a little “off”, so we didn’t walk. I’m hoping we (Ron) can finish cleaning the solar panels this week.

Also hoping to hear from Hanscom about refinancing our equity loan.

Squared things with Weedman and paid the account in full that I transferred to Peter.

I found the parts to the outdoor shower! They are in a box in the yellow room on top of a tall bookshelf.

Our shop lights were delivered this afternoon.

Dig Safe marked the rest of the underground lines today.

We have sufficient funds to pay the irrigation company.

We received the Peets Nespresso pods and had coffee after our 2.1 mile walk to JPE and back.

Walk in the Rain (but before the Storm)

Ron and I have been fighting like cats and dogs. I don’t think it’s because of the coronapocalypse; this has been going on for a while.

I suggested a walk, and we went a fair distance, across the way to John’s Pond estates and around the neighborhood.

It was raining lightly when we started, but by the time we got back to Holly Farm and Dixon, it picked up a bit.

We put on the tea kettle and had hot rum drinks to warm up. By that time or maybe shortly thereafter, the rain became a wild thunderstorm. We were lucky to have missed it. Raisins and nuts for dinner.

This morning, I cleaned up the sawdust from the yard and managed to clog the shop vac, not bad enough to damage it, but loud enough to wake up the neighbors. We were able to get the clog out, finally, but that’s what started our day-long argument. I did get everything done before the rain, which was the objective.

After that, I did a shop at Stop & Shop, drove to the beach (Mashpee lots are open) but didn’t stay long and stopped in to the wholesale nursery for herbs, which I didn’t plant because I was ravenous. Brought home fried pickles and pizza for lunch.

I’ve spent a small fortune on food this weekend: vinegars from Gustare, produce and groceries from Shaw’s and S&S, Peet’s for the Nespresso, take-out from Moto.

Feeling Better; Transfer Station

John and Russ were over to finish up some carpentry.

Ron did a quick run early to HD but they gave him the wrong materials (!) John “made it work” anyway.

Transfer station run, managed to cram everything into the truck. Met Peter’s new neighbors, saw James briefly.

We did a shop at Walmart and Shaw’s.

Ron powerwashed the front door, the back kickplate and the bird bath.

I pretty much finished removing grass from the front of the fence garden and planted two more herbs: rosemary and parsley.

Still Dizzy; Epley; Workshop

The workshop is looking great, and the guys worked on the outdoor shower today as well. They should be done soon.

I’ve tried the Epley maneuver, but still getting dizzy. No pain, no fever. Ron found the sphygmomanometer and took my BP: 147/64.

I had a yen for expresso last evening, and Ron set up the machine for me, too. We had three Nespresso pods. Then I had a dream that I made coffee in someone else’s house, but others drank it, so the host made more with a French press.

Nice today, so I planted alyssum, parsley, rosemary, lettuce and dianthus. Dug up long strands of asparagus, whoops, and replanted them. John offered advice on making new window boxes.

We ordered drop-in lights for the shop; received a copy of the sales order, invoice and UPS tracking number. They’ll be shipped today.

Ron has treated the guys to pizza lunches yesterday and today.

Asked POAH and the West Barnstable FD to do a wellness check on Geri and Free. They did and she’s fine, texted me but is “speechless” with worry and, thus, incommunicado.

We have a little more work to do on the solar panels, but should only require using the ladder. Today Ron picked up a big cleaning tool that I’d ordered from Home Depot. He was antsy and needed something to do.

Sent off a pile of documents to Cape Cod Coop. Plowing through Schiller’s lectures on Finance.

Stove; New Battery for Van; Oz

After trying to recharge the old, Cormier’s installed a new battery in Ron’s van.

Ron moved the stove for me and retrieved a hotplate that I’d knocked off the wall, along with a flashlight, a broken knick knack and a small container of RainEx.

I cleaned the floor behind the stove and the sides of the stove and countertops.

Afternoon ZOOM presentation by C.L. Fornari and Titcomb’s on gardening books and questions.

Had an hour-long conversation with Sandy and Lloyd from Oz at 7 pm! Great to see and hear from them.

Ron’s Shop

The A/C install is almost done. Ron has been trying to figure out how to program the thermostat. Tom has been working on the wiring for two days now. We were worried about the furnace not being connected, but it did come on.

The crew is doing a nice job with Ron’s shop. I moved upstairs, to the kitchen for today.

Had pizza and pickle chips sent to Robert’s bank. James didn’t want anything.

Haven’t done any walks this week. Still have a little vertigo, and it’s cold, windy and unpleasant out.

Work Is Going Ahead

The installation of the central A/C should be done tomorrow. The carpentry crew delivered materials today and plans to start work, also tomorrow.

We hired our carpenter/contractor’s young neighbor to clean the solar panels. He got a good start today, will be back tomorrow to finish up.

I made oatmeal for breakfast and a fine corn chowder for lunch. At least, I like it.

Not feeling well yesterday but better today. Dr. vonHaam phoned, assured me that my symptoms are not Covid-19 but more likely dehydration.

I emailed the landscaper to come next week for edging and mulching.

Ron is somewhat motivated to get rid of “stuff”. I still have things to plant. Plants from last week not doing well.

Dizzy (Again)

Didn’t walk yesterday; it was cold and rainy, and we opted to do the transfer station run, figuring there would be less people because of the unpleasant weather.

I picked up some plants at Scenic Roots and Ron treated to lunch from Moto. They are doing smashingly well: one and a half and two hour waits the prior evening!

Planted the Scenic Roots daff last evening and spread mothballs around the little area to the right of the driveway.

Woke up around 3:30, having a dizzy spell. Not yet 100% this morning, but better.

A couple of nights ago, I gorged on chocolate and ruined my stomach. Can’t do that.

I did a Babble lesson yesterday. Enjoyed revisiting a couple of Rollo/Gisla scenes from Vikings.

Ron made coffee this morning, and fetched the paper. John had been planning to start the shop project today but was sick last night. He offered to bring a helper to wash the solar panels.

I ordered replacement lids for the Pyrex storage bowls.

Ron did a shop at Shaw’s and Walmart this morning.