First snow…

…. witnessed on the way back from the Kennedy rink in Hyannis, prompting young master James to say, “I’ll bet Santa will be here in just a couple of days.”
There is something preternatural about seeing snow before all the leaves have turned. The weather persons predict up to an inch of it for us, with sunny, warmer weather tomorrow.

Gardener’s Diary

It’s October 29, and today’s big decision is when to dig up the dahlias, which are still happily blooming.
Per my friend Carolyn, who is a superb gardener, I should do it NOW, before there’s a hard frost.
Most of the mums have weathered the long period of rain that should banish any talk of water shortages for a good while, and roses are still blooming in other places, like the Fairgrounds.

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Decisions, Decisions

Something happened yesterday, a consequence of a series of decisions going back many, many years, and if anything, it proves the point that no matter how hard we try, we are still at the mercy of fate and folly, either our own or that of others.
Let’s just say that for my part, I’m damned sorry I didn’t change our family name when my son was a minor and leave it at that.

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