Working Saturday

I was a little disappointed with the Circle last night, too many people, and was surprised to discover today that the local winery is no more. Coonamessett Farm has upscaled, beautiful, but gone tourist. We bought oysters and beef.

I worked on a page for ducati128 and pruned and dug out a big pile of violets and weeds from the vegetable garden.

We’ve been watering since this morning. The little garden in the front was a mess but it’s been watered and cleaned up so it’s happier now.

Verdict is still out on the flower boxes.

Enjoyed resting in the hammock.

Ron spotted the orioles yesterday. The hummers are out today.

Tomorrow will be a busy one.

Good Eating

On Wednesday, we flauta’d ourselves to heaven at the new burrito shop.

Yesterday, I made tabouleh and turkey burgers. Today, I cooked up black beans, rice, onions and pepper for burritos.

Also ordered a dozen oysters from Coonamessett Farm.


One of the hottest days we’ve had this summer. Glad we’ve been watering.

Ron is at John’s Pond today.

I went to Wareham to get gas, pick up an umbrella stand at Lowe’s, and drop off donations to the Salvation Army. Otherwise, have been working on a page for Jim.

End of August

Great day today, great weather.

Ron worked at South Cape from 8:30 to 4:30.

Laura lent me their power washer, with great delight! I got through about half the deck and a good chunk of the right side of the house, plus several chairs. Will pick it up on Monday.

Did a little planting and a bunch of watering.

Jen was running late, so we punted on the visit until next Sunday. Much better, since Ron will be here.

Betsy and David belong to the Thorndike Club in Jaffrey.

Hits and Misses

Made jambalaya for lunch. Laura came over.

Made flaming feta and mussels for supper last night. The feta was a disappointment – too bland – but the mussels were good, although I think a different wine next time would be better.

Got my glasses fixed today and walked a mile on the sidewalk at Falmouth Heights for exercise.

Yesterday, I booked an appointment to install the bumper parts and did some grocery shopping. Ron worked an 8+ hour day at John’s Pond.


I finished mowing and refreshing the hummer feeders. Picked up bagels at the Senior Center and replenished the ice cream and cookie supply.

Worked on Triumph off and on today.

Had a nice chat with Ed and later, with Laura.

Checked the gutter for a birds nest; cleaned out a handful of leaves.

Nice day, mid-70’s right now.


Finished the chores today, laundry, changing sheets, watering and transfer station. Made me very happy to get rid of the junk picked up in the neighborhood. Did some Triumph work.

Ron is having a good time, and I’m glad to have made it easier for him to attend his 50th by providing a home base in New England. His ability to cope with and even enjoy large groups of people astonishes me.

Got to say hello to Remy today. One of the hummers seemed interested in the new food.

Saturday, Mid-August

Yesterday was kind of a slow one, but I made up for it today.

Coded until around 1 pm, did a load of laundry, cleaned the tub, did a small amount of lawn mowing, dropped off two containers at the hazardous waste collection.

Picked up new hummer food at Scenic Roots and refilled the feeders. Checked out the vendors at the West Barnstable annual fair, including Meetinghouse Farm, but didn’t find the wood turner.

Stopped at Toyota to see about ordering parts for the truck. The salesman was hesitant, so found what I need on Amazon for almost $100 less(!)

After some shopping around, including checking out used on Craigslist, I bought a 2-burner Weber Spirit grill at Botello. Will pick it up on Monday or Tuesday, whenever Ron gets back.

Saved half a Franklin by buying on tax-free weekend.

Have been watering via the soaker hoses since I got home.

I enjoy being single too much!

I get worn out with Ron around.