Yard Work

Mowed the back and the sides today at Dixon. Leaves are starting to fall. Did some more scraping at Edgewater.
Added some cute decorations to the gardens, 90% off at Christmas Tree Shop.
Dropped in to see Laurie and all the kids at their annual Halloween party.

Gardener’s Diary

Not much doing this week other than a good rainstorm yesterday and some cleanup after the window installers. Still getting tomatoes.
Have been doing bicycle crunches and already notice a big improvement in how my back feels when I get up in the morning.
Working on scraping paint at 11.

Pain in the Afterpart

Finally got around to installing IIS 7.0 and its administrative interface today.
I also tried to install Drupal, Joomla and some other programs. What a pain! Each app not only requires a database password, which is nuisance enough, but also up to two additional password keys. Overkill, methinks, for a single-user development machine.
So, I’ve spent about the last 9 hours – since 4:30 this morning – on maintenance.
I’m ready for a nap.


I worked for over 5 hours this morning and a couple last night to resolve a network driver problem with my HP Pavilion.
This followed an unsuccessful attempt to update drivers, itself an unsuccessful attempt to resolve a Blue Screen issue that’s been reported for both Vista and Windows 7.
My Broadcom wireless driver is still fried, but I’m hard-wired to the Comcast modem via a newly-installed NVIDIA nForce driver, and that’ll do for now – especially since everything fits into the computer armoire.
So, it looks like my bedroom is a bedroom again, which is probably not a bad thing, and the spare room is an office.
I do miss the view of the garden, though.