Rain, Lots of Rain

We had quite a downpour today.  Must have been 3 inches or more.

Glad I finished the root removal yesterday.  It was horrible.  Dodging the pine tree and the cable line, I ended up cutting several roots rather than continuing to excavate them.  Still, the hole was quite deep by the time I was done.

Picked up the truck today.  Alpha came with me, and it was nice to have company.  Returned $26 of ridiculous purchases at Stop & Shop.  Picked up quite a load of marked-down poultry for Edgewater and here, along with bread and produce for Edgewater and cookies for iCape.

Working on converting inline SQL to stored proc calls for MRS.

Moon, Truck, More Digging

Watched the lunar eclipse last Sunday with Laura and Joe; Ron was in Woods Hole.

Truck needs the oil pan replaced.  Big bucks.  Got a Corolla for a loaner.  It’s so low that I ran over a poor chipmunk today while driving Robert to work.  In 50 years of driving, I’ve hit only three animals – three too many, to be sure – and wouldn’t you know it, one was when Robert was with me.

Ron and I are almost done with clearing the second arbor vitae roots.

Coffee Day today, got a cup at Cape Cod Coffee.  New salesperson is really nice!

Domain Renewal, Truckload of Roots

100_6474Bees love the goldenrod!

Managed to both transfer and renew the Santuit Pond Estates domain this morning.  Things are certainly speedier nowadays than they used to be.

Ron drove Alpha and James yesterday and Robert this morning.

Picked up a couple of bargain hardy mums today and planted them in the front.


Brought a truckload of roots plus four bags from Laura’s yard to recycling today.

Lots of activity today at Ron’s Pond.

Made a good beef stir fry last night.

Pizza, More Excavation

We are almost done with the big excavation.  Filled up the truck with all the roots we dug up.

Called two tree companies about transplanting our Eastern Redbud and the Red Maple.

Made mushroom/tomato/feta pizza from a giveaway.  Excellent!

Ellen sold and bought her house!  She found a cash buyer and her offer on the new one was accepted.

Much cooler today.  Equinox is two days away.  Ron wore a flannel shirt and jeans.  He looked like a cute farmhand!

On-Hand But Still Gourmet

We got our Sunday NYTimes – early!

Having found some used squash and an eggplant in the downstairs frig, and wanting to clean up the tomatoes, I made a ratatouille for lunch yesterday.

From there, it was pretty easy to put together a coq au vin using the frozen whole chicken in the freezer and tomatoes, shallots and herbs from the garden.

100_6469I also did three loads of laundry.  It rained in the morning, but one load dried anyway.  Changed the sheets.  Did the transfer station run.

Got some ideas at New Seabury for the front yard.

Laura came over for dinner.  We had our usual great visit!

More Excavating

100_6467Ron joined me in excavating today.  We manged to clear a lot of roots from the area.

I visited the French patisserie in Popponesset for the first time.  Picked up some dried fruit for almost 75% off.  Want to go back to take a photo of a pretty vignette made from grasses and roses that I think would be perfect for the excavated area.

Made a nice salad for supper:  greens, blue cheese, nectarine, our tomatoes and cuke.