Double Stents, Four Gents

Home today from the stent surgery.  70% and 90% blockages.

Saw “Four Guys in Tuxes” tonight at the Commons.  What a great show!  Tried out the renewed arteries with a short stroll from the toy store to the library.  Finally found marbles for the frog!

Ron did a great job keeping everything watered yesterday and today.

Summer Doings

DSC01540Last night, we saw “The Winding Stream” at the Woods Hole Film Festival. Got to the Bourne music fest, part of the 100th anniversary of the Canal, on Saturday. Enjoyed performances by 2 Cats and a Dog, the Rum Soaked Crooks and the Jeff Hughes Hot Six Jazz Band




Good Day for Us

Ron spent most of the day at Johns Pond for the Rec department. He enjoyed this particular assignment! Had a nice companion to chat with.

I was thinking about doing a house/garden tour in Wellfleet but opted to save the cash and do some projects here: laundry, sheets, NEPS work, vacuuming, bank.

We gave Robert his card and 19th birthday gift.

Ron bought us fried clams and cole slaw to celebrate the end of the Fair (only two more hours to go).

An Answer To the Do-Gooders

Mrs. Teheux and Mr. Bosen: You have the ability as individuals to help Unaccompanied Children, many of whom are teenagers. There are numerous private organizations as well as formal sponsorship through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families.

So, instead of excoriating your fellow citizens, you could put your convictions to work in a positive, constructive way. Please let us know how it works out.

Late July

The co-founder explains the name:  “Late July is the sweet spot of summer.  The perfect moment.  The carefree feeling of childhood and a deep connection to nature.”

She also admits that since her birthday is July 30, that “may have had something to do with it!”

Nice story, good company.

Fair: Day 6

We got caught in Fair traffic for the first time yesterday, and it was ugly but not unendurable.

It’ll be over tomorrow.  I gave our tickets to Laura.

Received and was able to return the 23andme DNA kit yesterday.  Got the blood work done at C-Lab.

Picked up two loaves of Finnish bread for Ron and saw Bonnie and James at the O’ville farmers market yesterday.  One loaf has already been devoured!


Nassim Nicholas Talib’s The Black Swan: “Categorizing is necessary for humans, but it becomes pathological when the category is seen as definitive, preventing people from considering the fuzziness of boundaries, let alone revising their categories…”

Hummingbirds, New Garden

Put in another small garden near the back steps.  Ron and I dug up the ground rather than layering.

Moved a big grass that was getting crowded out by the Joe Pye Weed and transplanted the small grass from Edgewater.  Put in an Agastache (Hummingbird Hyssop or Jewel of the Sierra Madre) a member of the mint family that I got for free at Mahoney’s, along with $20 of on-sale topsoil.

The other day, two hummingbirds flew within 3 feet of me, at about knee-height, while I was holding one of the new trellises.

They are magical, other-worldly with their lavish green plumage and odd behavior.

Rally and Other Busy Things

Attended the immigration rally last evening.  For a while, I was a loyal opposition of one.  Eventually, several other Tea Partiers joined me.

After the rally, our group and several members of O-F got together to talk informally and share ideas and opinions.  It was a great moment , and I hope to hold on to that in the days and weeks ahead.

Today I did some web work for Jim and O-F and brought the truck to Hyannis Toyota for an oil change and a free ($8) car wash.  They’ve added a valet service, a nice perq so customers don’t have to hunt for a parking space.  One of them is a student at Mt. Ida, the only other I’ve ever met besides Joan Allen!

Stopped off at Home Depot to order a new door for Emme and to the Organic Farm.  Unfortunately, the nice young woman that we liked to trade with has left to work with horses.

While I was gone, Ron watered all the gardens, the window boxes, etc.  Good man!

I bought some crabmeat salad at the Osterville Fish Market for a treat in lieu of more wine and hunted for short regular and soaker hoses.

Found a short hose, the last 15 footer, at Mahoney’s in Falmouth when I stopped in to pick up the trellises they’d had delivered for me.  We put up the trellises but they aren’t even.  Tomorrow.