So Very Smug

“Would fill a stadium”.  How smug.  How very knowing.  This person, a social worker, had no idea of the complexity of the situation he thought he was describing.

I asked Ron yesterday why Peter and I didn’t go to California with him.  He said he didn’t know.  We’re even: I don’t know, either, except that I’ve always believed that I couldn’t rely on other people, that I had to take care of myself.

Last night’s forum on employment matters was very impressive.  Some good contributions and respectful, knowledgeable feedback from Representative Vieira.

Our handout went over well.  Ron got to speak, I did, too, as one of the few, perhaps the only, Libertarian/Tea Party sympathizer in the room.

I told them I was glad for the experience of being a “contingent worker”, that it gave me a point of view that employees don’t have.

Forum Tonight

Ron and I both spoke, very well attended.  Our tribe did well and our handout was favorably received.

I cooked.  Defrosted the Christmas ham, made soup, a grain and vegetable salad, a chocolate cake.  Easy cook, easy cleanup.

Got a cute outfit for the walking doll.  Too big, I misread the tag, thought a “9” was a “3”.  Wonder how close I am to cataract surgery.


I woke up at 3 am, back to sleep around 6.














Ron and I paid a visit to the Waquoit end of the Child’s River conservation area for which we are land stewards.   Lunch afterwards at Moonakis; we slid in at the last minute and they were nice enough to let us sit and eat.







Ron accomplished a lot yesterday: bank deposits, got his prescriptions refilled at Emerald and squared away his old insurances.

Today, he’s going to find out how he gets reimbursed from Cal’s new spending account plan.

I did a small amount of shoveling. It’s been so cold (4 degrees last night) that there’s almost no melting.

Stomach was bad all day yesterday starting with breakfast. Practically drowned myself in Rolaids, Pepto and handfuls of snow. We went to FET at St. Anthony’s for supper. Very nice: salmon, fresh green salad, and my favorite, mac and cheese. Skipped bread and dessert and felt well enough to sleep soundly last night.

Snow, Shovel

We hadn’t planned to, but we shoveled ourselves out yesterday.  A couple of people from John’s Pond got us started on the driveway.  We finished around 5.

Ron spent almost the entire day (about 6 hours) fussing over his new pharmacy plan, only to find that it will actually cost him less than his old one.  I think inactivity has affected his brain.

I made a hearty soup for dinner: chicken, onion, rice, pinto beans, spinach.

Worked on the handout for the Monday forum on minimum wage. Mildly irritated by what seems to be an attention-seeking move by Judy and Margaret, who aren’t used to sharing the spotlight.

Continuing work on data visualization project.


What did I do today that was useful?  Oh, yes…

Recycled 3 bags of beyond use, high sodium dry and canned good containers; one exploded in my face.  Roasted a chicken on sale at Roach (88 cents a pound) and found to my joy that the largest of the new glass containers could hold the entire roaster.  Made pilaf.  Did the transfer station run with Ron.  Stopped off at iCape to pick up Ron’s late Christmas gift, a telephoto lens for his iPhone.  Met the new owner who was very charming.  Deposited cash to the joint account.  Did laundry.  Changed the sheets.  Researched some info on minimum wage for O-F.  Posted Margaret’s article.  Thanked the CEO of Comcast for the fine service we received yesterday at their Hyannis office.  Put together a little report for Steering tomorrow on the web and FB pages: lots of photos this time.  Tried to watch the AFC Championship game, but Aereo was really “off” this evening, although Netflix was great.

Ron should be on his way back from the Woods Hole Folk Music Society concert pretty soon.  I don’t envy him especially; the wind sounds pretty fierce.

New Modem

Switched out the Comcast modem today at their Hyannis service center.  Internet connectivity has been “iffy” for days.  It started right up, no need for a nudge from Comcast.

We had lunch and enough food for at least two more meals at Centerville Pizza.  Found to our delight that Four Seas is open through the winter Wednesdays through Sundays.