Winding Down

Almost threw Ron out this morning, but he redeemed himself.

I’ve been having a rough time with neighbors.  He tried to patch things up with one and pretty much blew it the first time.  Made it better in a second visit.

I’ve been stressing about a work project but finally made progress today.

The neighbors had bitched to me about chainsaw work Ron did back in July.  It was on a Monday.  I complained to them about 5 1/2 hours of loud noise from their lawn people this past Saturday.  Big difference.

Ron seeded a corner of the front lawn that has a bunch of bare patches.

He also did the CSA run.

It’s been quite warm and we have the A/Cs on.  Even so, the electric bill we got today was only a dollar and change.

Paul came by to drop off a nice photo of South Cape Beach.  He thought he was having problems with his merchant account, but looks like the funds came through today after 5 days in transit.  Talk about playing the float.

Paul mentioned a problem sending email to me yesterday.  I did notice that nothing was getting through for a couple of hours.  Turned out to be GoDaddy, and they fixed things pretty quickly.


Where To Begin?

Alpha and I went to Duxbury yesterday to see the tea ceremony at the art museum.

Afterwards, we went to FarFar’s and the Patisserie and did a little touring.

Several of our paranoid Irish Catholic neighbors have their knives out for us.  The fact that Ron shares that background makes me physically sick.  Had a long talk with Tony about this.

Found out that Ron’s much adored Melody passed away earlier this year.  Guess she can’t be a threat any longer.

Paul called this morning about the photo I ordered.  Thank goodness to hear from a friend!  He’s going to find a pic of South Cape Beach for me in lieu of the Chappaquiddick bridge (who knew?)

Planted the cold weather vegetables, although it’s quite warm today.

Smokey has been by the last two days.  Ignoring him is breaking my heart.

Stopped by the police station to see if I could view the infamous videotape from August 19.  They said because it was taken on school grounds, they don’t allow public access.  Just as well: imagine the tape as a weapon in a vicious custody fight or (worse) in the hands of a child-molesting priest.

The mystery plant growing from the compost bin turns out to be spaghetti squash.  I had some for lunch today; very, very good.

Last 24 Hours

We took Smokey in last evening because it was raining, and called his dotard owner, who was hysterical and threatened to call the cops when Ron tried to calm him down.

We were upset for Smokey, which put a damper on a storytelling performance at the Woods Hole Community Hall.  We left as the second half was getting started.

I stress ate for a couple of hours afterwards and was sick.

Today, we were tormented by 5 1/2 hours of noise across the street, starting at 8 am.

I finally left to get gas and to buy a couple of annuals to finish the flower boxes.  Lynn gave me a great deal: two free lettuce bowls and four cold weather vegetable flats for the price of 1.  Also picked up a pot of arugula.

I went to the Cotuit Historical Society open house around 2.  I’d signed up for a hearth cooking class, but the teacher led me to believe in a call last night that it would take the whole day, from 10 to 4.

Turns out, they were done by 2.  It might have been fun but then again, it may not have, and I’m okay with missing it.

Went home to work on the gardens.  Pulled out all the corn and squash and by mistake, a couple of tomato plants as well.  Harvested several squash and a zuke.  Made room for the chard, arugula and kale.  Did the flower boxes.

Had neglected to renew the Santuit Pond Estates website domain, which expired today.  Fortunately, was able to pay the normal renewal price, and it was back on line almost immediately.


We are getting rain.

Yesterday, one of Smokey’s owners grabbed him off our deck and brought him home.  Wondering how long it’ll be before Smokey finds his way back, if ever.

Tried out a new mobile banking app this morning.

Ron brought home a load of vegetables yesterday from the farm.

We had pizza and ice cream at the Senior Center yesterday.  Got to visit briefly with Lynn.

The replacement deck chair seat arrived yesterday.

My star and I had a philosophical discussion yesterday morning about whether politics is inherently corrupt.

Caught Up

Finished normal weekend chores this morning: changed sheets, laundry.  Irrigated Rudbeckia with kitchen water, mulched and picked up last evening’s weedings.

Did some pre-storm harvesting while Smokey sat under one of the big grasses: tomatoes, beans, egg plant.

Ron drove Robert to work and brought home carbs from the Senior Center.

Very humid.  Glad we’ve left the A/Cs in.

Sunday Chores

We got back early enough from RI to do a transfer station run.  Ron kept James’ old bed for the wood.

I (finally) planted the Rudbeckia given to me last weekend (ouch) that have been sitting in water in a bucket.

We watched “First They Killed My Father” which started streaming on Netflix two days ago.

Kingstown, RI

In what was no doubt our last trip of the summer, we went to Southern Rhode Island for a dazzling CD release party put on by one of Ron’s friends.

We stayed the night and had breakfast in Jamestown and made a brief visit to Beavertail State Park.  Unfortunately, it was foggy, so we missed some great views going over the Pell, Newport and Mt. Hope bridges.

Deck Chairs

Alpha and I found some on sale (2/3 off) metal deck chairs at KMart (their idea) last night. They’d planned to go to a film showing but didn’t feel up to it, which worked out well for me; I got home about an hour earlier than expected.

I made stuffed zuke for lunch and pesto pizza for supper.

Ron put the chairs together today. One of the chairs has a slight hole. I called the manufacturer and asked for a repair kit, but the manufacturer is sending us a new seat.

We talked about going out to eat tonight, but when it comes down to it, there aren’t a lot of choices for vegetarians.  So, we made meatloaf: eggplant, carrot, celery, onion, tomato, seasonings, cheese, egg, panko. Cooked it on the grill, served it with corn.

Smokey likes our deck!