Poison Ivy, Morning Glories

Ron is miserable with poison ivy. He woke up several times last night. It seems to be getting worse. I suggested a cortisone shot. Can’t understand why it isn’t getting better.

Planted morning glories this morning. Soaked them overnight, seeded grow pots and put them in the cold frame.


Planted cukes today.

Weeded and watered at Edgewater. Ron tried to eradicate more poison ivy.

James did a fantastic mowing job, including the area I cleared recently. The grass is coming in pretty well. Lots of bare spots, but the grass that’s there is very healthy, green and shiny.

Quick Trip to Newport

We’d promised the kids a trip to Newport this weekend.

Unfortunately, Robert was recovering from toe surgery and couldn’t join us.

We had fun with James and Emme and made it a pretty quick trip: Newport Creamery for lunch, a ride down Bellevue Ave. and Ocean Drive, and kite flying at Brenton Point. It was a pretty time to be there, sunny with flowering trees, although windy and a bit chilly for some.


Dropped Fluff off this morning for his 6 month checkup and grooming. His chart is labeled “Caution”.

Stopped at Soares for annuals for the pots and realized that I was walking without pain for the first time in days. Planted them since we may get rain tonight. Watered at least part of the back yard this morning.


The back lawn looks like squares. As if I’d fertilized in a criss-cross pattern. I can’t figure it out.

There’s a lot of dead grass this year. Can’t remember if it was like that last year.

Sick as a dog last night. Bad stomach, choking, vomiting, headache. Aches and pains in legs and feet this morning. Using eyedrops almost every day now.

Ron’s surgery has been scheduled for May 23!!!

Spent a couple of hours at Tidal Creek yesterday, first time in the new office space. What an improvement! Craig and Owen look very happy.

Poison Ivy, Barley Grass

Mowed the front lawn today.

Ron and I have poison ivy rashes. Mine is mild; his looks horrible but he says it’s not bothering him much.

Planted Fluffles’ Barley Grass yesterday.

The astilbe in the front yarden are growing. Very relieved.


We had over an inch and a half of rain, and it’s still drizzling.

I fed Neptune’s to the peony, which looks like it might (knock on wood) actually bloom this year.

Bought three trays at the Wholesale nursery for Edgewater. Planted Vinca in front of the house and Pachysandra on the side.

Still pulling tiny weeds out of the compost from the transfer station.


We’ve been digging out the leaves in the front yard at Edgewater and we’re almost done. I’ve also been pruning the forsythia and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for that project as well.

The new garden is in where there used to be weeds. I’m very happy with it. Fingers crossed.


Once we’re done with the front, we have the left side of the back yard to do. That’ll pretty much finish up the grounds at Edgewater.

Fed the roses today.

Work, Work, Work

Holly Toned the rhodies yesterday.

Put in a new perennial garden at Edgewater, too. Picked up some nice plants at Soares. Emme kept me company and helped with the soil prep. We went to Sea Mist later; Ron took the boys swimming.

Emme stayed for supper. We made swordfish kebabs from one of the Fisherman’s Market purchases. Emme helped skewer them with tomatoes, onions and oranges. Delicious. I ended up getting “emergency” rice from the Chinese restaurant since it didn’t occur to make some earlier. I grilled yellowtail tuna the night before, but without marinade, it was not all that great. Good cold with Trader Joe soy sauce, though.

Raked the back yard here today while Ron mowed. Got rid of a lot of leaves, thatch and pine needles. Exhausting work, though. We did the transfer station as well. Grilled burgers for supper.

I planted asparagus and tomatoes. Supposed to be very warm this week. Peter graciously offered to do the screen door repair, thank goodness.


Found the hose nozzle. Did some forsythia pruning and raked out maybe 1/3 of the area on the right side of the yard. Am encouraged by new growth on the forsythia.

Set up the earth box for tomatoes, but it’s too early to plant outside.

Was reminded earlier this week that the new grass seed won’t germinate because I (duuuhhh) put fertilizer/weed inhibitor on the soil.