Ron worked in terrible humidity and heat today and power washed the entire front gutter. It can be painted now, and already it looks 1000% better.

I called ARL/Brewster to review Teddy’s meds and his schedule for heartworm and flea/tick. They weren’t especially concerned. They did promise to email a copy of the document we signed. I asked how he was doing, and it sounds like he’s fine. Probably not as attached to us as we were to him. I think I’m ready to move on.

I finally remembered, two weeks late, to replace our transfer station stickers.

While Ron worked on the gutter, I did the transfer station run and some stops in Osterville. Needed some rich neighborhood magic: natural food store, Amie. The farmer’s market was mobbed; I didn’t get anything there.

Stopped off at Rockland this afternoon for cash to tip Nathan (Weed Man) and transfer money to Robert for his birthday.

What’s a Metaphor for Disaster?

We returned Teddy to ARL yesterday.

I hate Ron for this. I wish he’d drop dead so that I could bring Teddy back here.

Brought Ron to the Falmouth ER, still in my pajamas. He got one of his wounds cleaned out. Picked him up later, stopped at Walmart for a new med (visit with doc yesterday for GERD) and requested a transfer of records to a cardiologist in Hyannis. Trifecta in Falmouth, good.

Brought him to Stop & Shop for Tramadol and an antibiotic. Only the antibiotic had been filled. Based on the after-care written information he got at the ER, he thought the PA at Falmouth put a stop to his Tramadol.

I went nuts, talked to one of the Medical Directors who was extremely helpful and sympathetic.

Turns out, his doctor’s office – once again – failed to call the pharmacy.

I’m done. This screwed up my plans to visit gardens in Eastham today, but to be honest, I wasn’t much in a mood to “intrude” on the idle (or worse, new) rich.

Have been having a great dialogue, on the phone and on Facebook, with a sympatico woman in her 70’s in Mashpee. We agree on the state of the Town in every way we’ve discussed so far.


I’m feeling it more and more these days. Not envy or jealousy. It’s taken a while to figure out, and maybe I was able to do so because there’s so much of it in the Boomer versus Millenials versus Gen X recent social warfare.

I resent people with money because having it depends so much on luck. Born with the right looks and/or the right name, for one thing.

Anger, indignation at unfair treatment underlies resentment.

A lot of it is fully justified, even from the Trumpists.

The question is, what to do about it. Would elimination of quotas and preferences do it, or would we need an overhaul of our economic system, a guaranteed monthly income, for example?

We have a guaranteed monthly income, but that doesn’t make me feel better about our circumstances. We can pay our bills and even afford an extra or two from time to time, like Ron’s bike.

I’m not sure why I always feel like I’m missing something, like forgetting a memory that is major, important and consoling.

Did He Kill the Vacuum?

I just paid to have the Hoover repaired (new belt) and this morning, I smelled burning as Ron was vacuuming.

Turns out, there was a cord stuck in the roller, and Ron was oblivious to any sign of trouble: loud noise, burning smell and worst of all, smoke.

Most of our plants survived yesterday’s big winds. Stupidly, I forgot to anchor the tomatoes, and we lost a couple of big branches with flowers. I was able to tie up around seven others. Glad to have the extra ones from Jen’s farm.

We have lots of squash flowers. The St. Johnswort and Potentilla are blooming, too. Nice to see the bright yellows.

I made some stovetop biscuits this morning, a green salad yesterday. Made some good oatmeal/cranberry/walnut cookies and tapioca as well. A small lasagna’s in the oven now.

We are recovering from Ron’s unexpected draws on the joint account so are trying to keep from spending until this Wednesday. Thus, my from-scratch desserts and baking.

Two Walks; Pea Blossoms

Ron mowed, walked Teddy and did laundry yesterday. I took Teddy out twice this morning.

We’re waiting for the predicted tropical storm conditions.

I’ve been spared requests from MRS this week.

Got squash and pea blossoms. Tomatoes are slow.

Teddy Hates Fireworks; Salads

I was up with Teddy through two hours of local fireworks and then outside from 11:20 to 11:50 on the night of July Fourth.

I hate human beings.

Have been making cold salads the last couple of days. Turning out pretty well.

Only found one film that interested me at the Woods Hole Film Festival, and it’s available online, which is fantastic. Bought a ticket today.

Called for an appointment with a new cardiologist today.

Fourth of July

Rise and shine, people: Teddy was up at 4:30. Ron walked him then and I walked him again at 6:30.

It rained all day yesterday, which gave me pleasure for several reasons. We need the rain, we don’t need the fireworks crowds and it serves the damned drinking and driving tourons right.

Looks like clouds for the rest of the day, and I guess that’s fine.

Working on the third load of laundry in the past two days. A lot for us.

After plowing through online coupons – so much easier than paper – I did a shop at Shaw’s.

Didn’t do much the rest of the day besides husk corn and make a white bean with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella salad for lunch.

Casabianca (as told by the Captain’s dog)

The dog stood on the burning deck
Beside the captain’s son.
The canine was prepared to dive,
But the boy was having none

Of it. “I cannot leave my post!”
The dog was not delighted:
“You’d better scram, my little man,
“Before you are ignited.”

“My Dad said stay and I obey,”
The loyal son cried, boasting.
“Your father’s dead!” the dog did yelp,
“I can smell the fucker roasting!”

The dog tried one more warning woof
To flee the burning barque.
The boy, a dolt, mixed up the quote:
“Your bite’s worse than your bark!”

The clever dog escaped the flames,
The kid went up the flue.
The moral: when it comes to fire,
Your dog knows more than you.

All’s Well

Yesterday was a banner day for getting things done.

Started at 7:15 when Ron and I dropped off his van to get the Dutch doors fixed.

We got two big casseroles in the oven by 9.

Ron picked up the van a little before noon.

We got Teddy in the van around 12:30 for his grooming appointment at PetCo. They refused to admit him because I’d given him a Trazadone beforehand. Stupid.

We stopped at a groomer in Mashpee who never seems to be there and doesn’t answer her phone, then lucked out at Captivating Canines, where Teddy got his claws trimmed by no lesser a personage than the manager of their new Sandwich salon. Thank goodness.

And we did a laundry, too.

Evil Teddy; Doors; Crisp; Casserole

Teddy tried to bite Ron yesterday when we attempted to get him into the van. I yanked him hard and this morning my left shoulder was screaming.

Rained last night and this morning. I did hear thunder.

We dropped off Ron’s van to Excel at 7:30. Hope they can fix the Dutch doors.

I took Teddy out briefly. Ron did a longer walk after getting back from Excel.

We got two big dishes in the oven before 9 this morning: strawberry rhubarb crisp and squash/onion/cheese casserole.

Mashpee fireworks are rained out for this year.