Food Prep, Teddy and Me

I made salad, tofu crumbles, hard boiled eggs and chocolate pudding yesterday, thus assuaging guilt over Moto pizza purchase the day before.

We watched the impeachment trial for most of the day. I did have a long phone conversation with Laney, ARL’s Animal Behavior Manager. Good info and I started to use her “look at me” technique.

Teddy and I have been out a couple of times already today. I enjoyed hanging out with him in the pen just before sunrise. Really like his pen with its bit of woodland character. It’s a quiet time of day and as long as there’s no wind, pleasant, even in the twenties.

We’ve done a couple of circuits around the block and have been practicing loose leash walking.

While Ron was shopping, I made a broccoli/cauliflower casserole with onion, garlic, a parm cheese white sauce and neufchatel. Ron was ravenous, went through three small servings of different entrees, peanut butter and crackers and a haagen dazs ice cream bar.

We are watching the last day of the House managers’ presentation to the Senate. The behavior of the Trumpist fools is a disgrace, but no doubt their constituents don’t care enough to rebuke them. There should be a process to disqualify them from voting on the outcome.

Impeachment, Day 1

Trump’s pair of ambulance chasers embarrassed themselves yesterday with a worse than poor showing, contrasting with the buttoned up House managers who were well prepared and consistently on point.

39 Republican Senators approved the organizing resolution; six voted that the trial is constitutional and may continue.

One wonders what really scares the rest: loss of money, power and prestige or fear for their safety.

Meanwhile, after I collapsed early, Ron took Teddy out last night. This morning, Teddy and I made the same circuit, in the opposite direction from last night’s human and paw footprints.

Teddy got to meet Norene yesterday and gave Tony a big hello.

Impeachment 2, Teddy’s Run

Teddy had a good night, slept until about 5:15. We’ve been out for short hops several times already. He’s getting used to trumping in his run, which is a help.

It was 18 degrees or so when we went out the first time. The street is still not completely bare, and we are in for more below freezing temps. No fun for either of us.

I’m looking forward to watching the impeachment trial this week. Will be interesting to see if there’s a new crop of Democratic superstars. Adam Schiff has set a high bar for Jamie Raskin, who lost his son at the end of 2020 to suicide after a battle with depression.

I had three phone conversations yesterday with DVH, Larry and Sunnova. The only other useful thing I did was to help Ron when he locked himself out of his car in the Walgreen’s parking lot. He was trying to return some boots via Fedex.

We are almost done with “Pillars of the Earth”. A bit disappointed.


We got a moderate snowfall yesterday, but the roads are icy and there’s just enough snow in the field to make it difficult, especially for an old person, to walk.

I did go out with Teddy this morning.

Ron was heroic yesterday: shoveled, carried Teddy up the cellar stairs* and took Teddy out for his last walk. Teddy was sundowning last night; Ron gave him an extra “tranq” around 9. It looks like 100 mg is just not enough.

*I brought an armload of Ron’s wet outerwear downstairs after he shoveled and as a result, left the door to the basement open. Teddy, intrepid one, came down the stairs. Of course, he wouldn’t go back up when asked. Poor Ron carried him by himself; the harness helped somewhat, but 46-47 pounds of deadweight up 13 steps is no small task.

Devil Dog

At 1:11 am, Teddy started pacing around and whining. I took him outside, gave him some food. We could hear yipping in the distance.

He was still restless and barked once or twice around 2 am. I fed him half a Trazodone.

Ron got up at 2:30 and took him for a walk.

Teddy and I went for a long walk to Ashumet Road and back this morning after his breakfast. He’s been quiet since, listening to classical music in the second bedroom.

Yesterday I barely made it to the Stop & Shop pharmacy (they closed as soon as I paid) to pick up Ron’s Tramadol. Also roasted vegetables and made a salad. Dropped off a bag of batteries for recycling and brought some electronics to a free drop-off at the Commons.

The days are blurring with Teddy here.

Rule of 3’s

It’s been 3 weeks since we brought Teddy home, and he’s true to form: starting to settle in, feeling more comfortable, figured out his environment, behavior issues starting to show up.

Actually, he was anxious last night. Guess we need to give him 200 mg of Trazodone.

Ron posted a request on FB for vet recommendations, and Dr. Leach got a lot of very positive reviews. We made an appointment for Friday morning. The person I spoke to on the phone was extremely pleasant and interested.

I put Teddy in his run a couple of times today so I could do other things, like make lunch (mac and cheese with onions, garlic and roma tomatoes seasoned with smoked paprika, chili and a dash of cumin) and delete damnable Kaspersky and some other unneeded software from my computer.

Teddy and Ron are outside now. Ron did laundry earlier; I’m waiting for the last load to dry.

Snow, Rain

Teddy and I were out yesterday morning and thus escaped the worst of it. Poor Ron took Teddy for two walks in soaking, slushy rain around and after sunset.

This morning, Teddy and I did the almost 4 tenths walk after his breakfast. 40 degrees! Looks like we get a break from the bitter cold this week.

I have been worried about our capital gains tax liability. It might be less than I feared, although we’ll probably end up paying more income taxes than in prior years. It’s terrifying, more so than COVID and Republican mobs combined.

I’ve gained about 10 pounds since going off NOOM. If I can stay at this, it’ll come off in the spring and summer. Daily walks with our laddie help.

Got an email from MRS about a problem with a registration. Fortunately, it’s in someone else’s wheelhouse. It’s a good reminder, though, of why I don’t want to do a web development “high wire act without a net” any more.

DNA Test

We cooked yesterday (Sunday), made salad and stir fry, seasoned by Ron. I tried oatmeal in the slow cooker again.

Teddy was up this morning at 5:30, along with Ron; both slept through the night. I gave Teddy two tranqs last night.

We had an argument around Teddy’s DNA test. Ron did the swab very well, I didn’t, then he ordered a second test by mistake. Hoping we can cancel the order.

Ron’s old computer was on the fritz last night. Couldn’t connect to any website: mail, Facebook, etc. It’s working this morning, though. Very confusing.

We watched “Mortal” on Prime last night. Cleaned up my watchlist this morning.

Is This the Formula?

Teddy was asleep when I got up this morning, and he didn’t wake up until Ron roused him at 6:30.

We’ve done a couple of walks already in very cold weather, but no wind.

Last night, we gave him two tranqs and a couple of night walks. Ron did the late shift around 9 pm or so.

I don’t remember much of yesterday except for a very long nap and enjoying “Master and Commander” with Russell Crowe.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

Teddy was wild this morning: pacing and even barking from 4 to 4:30 am.

Hard to know what’s going on with him. Make that “impossible to know”.

I was up at 1 to take him out; Ron got up at 3.

It’s been a full moon the past couple of nights. This morning, I think at 5, Teddy and I saw a rabbit. A lot going on now in nature. Ron thinks we should pull the kitchen shade when there’s a full moon; a sensible idea. Maybe give him a tranq, too.

I was so sleep-deprived yesterday that I lost track of my keys in the truck (they’d fallen between the seats) and used the wrong debit card to pay for a panini at Crave. Luckily, I had a balance to cover the small amount.

I did load the truck, do the transfer station run, shop at Roche, withdraw cash at the bank, drop off a tip for Trever and pick up a book at the library.

This morning I hauled to Stop & Shop for apples for Ron’s cereal and other groceries. No line at the checkout.

It’s 15o now, another cold one predicted for tomorrow morning. We’ll likely have a couple more like it in February, but we are getting through the worst part of the winter.