Ron’s Birthday

Ron insisted that he didn’t want to eat out or spend money for his birthday, so I put together a shelter-in-place party für zwei: a burrito bar from on-hands and rice cooked this morning, purple and white alstroemeria and a piece of chocolate cake from Roche and a six pack of Dos Equis from Andy’s.

We’d hoped to do a walk but rain is predicted for late this afternoon, which also put a crimp in my plan to finish removing usable soil from the edging sod.

We got what was left to be done in the shed, put the good soil in one of the veg gardens and the weeds in the truck. I also cleaned up the truck bed a little. Ron watered my transplants by the stairs.

River Ridge Trail

We did the Mashpee River Ridge Trail yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail has been beautifully groomed by AmeriCorps, we had the woods to ourselves and there’s enough variation in the terrain to provide aerobic exercise.

Ron spotted berries that are safe to eat. We think they are winter berries. He tried one and survived. I found mayflowers, which we haven’t seen anywhere else.


The tech visited this morning and found that our system needed a firmware update. He was reassuring about our cleaning tools and said we could use a blower to get rid of the leaves if we want.

He thinks the underproduction problem is now solved.

Ron bought lunch, two-fers at Subway.

Our irrigation system is working, but the front devices are spraying too much on the driveway. I have a call in.

Forwarded the last set of documents to Cape Cod Coop, which has given us a preliminary approval for a refi loan.

It looks like Jeny has her own farm? I ordered plants for pickup this Saturday in Woods Hole.

Phone rang a little after midnight this morning. G was at Cape Cod Hospital being treated for a fall, had lost track of the time.

Irrigation; Herring

Quite a crew here this morning, including the 80 year old founder! Three generations.

Ron and I did a long walk to the herring run in the Santuit Pond Preserve, got lost, found our way back. Ron shot a spectacular video of the herring.

He did a shop at Walmart and Shaw’s. I washed and swept the driveway and transplanted some ground cover to the Emma garden, which was pretty well dug up.

We had another mouse burial, this time a small family that was in a hole next to the foundation.

Sunday and Rest

Made banana bread this morning and except for laundry, didn’t do much else.

Helped Ron order some meds.

Ironed the scarf Jan gave us but in the process of untangling the fringe, ripped it. I pinked both ends and when I have the energy, will hem them properly. It’ll be much easier to launder; irons beautifully.

We walked around the neighborhood and met some cordial people on the east side of Winslow Farms.

Good Work (Knackered)

I woke around 4:30, went back to bed around 6.

Ron has a) washed more solar panels and b) prepped and set out the hummer feeders. These included setting up the ladder, sterilizing the feeder parts, making the sweet water and greasing the ant traps. Not a small amount of work.

I did the transfer station run this morning and started to edge the rose bed. Was interrupted to hold the ladder for Ron. I emptied the barrel of wood chips for mulch.

I cleaned out the water line closet, including a small mouse carcass, and put the den back together again, more or less.

The electrician installed Ron’s new lights: what a difference! He said the lights are of high quality, which is a relief since I ordered them online from a company we haven’t traded with before.


Plumber was here for the irrigation system install. He thinks our outdoor washer is toast; claims the “body” expands with ice.

He complained constantly about the closet.

I made corn muffins with frozen fruit, more roast kale and heated up the falafel; very good!

Mailed the check to Sunnova for the UCC notice. Got a helpful email from HFCU. Checked out Service Credit Union. Enormous closing costs.

Bought and ate ice cream for the first time in 8 weeks.

Set up the heat pad and seed tray with old seeds: basil, cuke, marjoram, four o’clock, moon flowers. Nice afternoon to be outside. Ron found the plastic dome top.

Lost? Found? Misplaced?

We were missing Ron’s 20 ounce hammer. I found it.

I also found Jan’s linen scarf; our clothespins were in a pile in Ron’s room.

That’s about everything that we’ve been looking for since the shop build.

I had a bad dizzy spell this morning after eating a chocolate cookie.

Yesterday I gave a pizza to Trevor as a thank you and brought one home for us: Dino’s specials. Picked up Ron’s meds at Stop & Shop along with veg cleaner and a jar of roasted red peppers.

Nice visit yesterday in West Barnstable. G, F and I walked around Meetinghouse Farm; beautiful rhodie trail. Something to look forward to this summer.

Electrician is due this afternoon.

Signed off on the loan papers for the Coop yesterday. Planted the fennel and sage.

I’m plodding through Babbel and Coursera Finance. Good stuff; I’m a lousy student, though.

Baked roast cauliflower florets and kale chips. Ron and I made egg salad.

Sunnova will be here next week to check out the panels.

A Place for Everything?

The basement reorganization resulted in the clearing of a good amount of floor space.

That makes new activities possible, like using a power band to simulate a rowing machine.

Yesterday, I cooked: cheese omelet breakfast and a chickpea/rice dish for lunch. Ron finished the MOTO pizza.

It was cold, rainy and windy yesterday, and I was still feeling a little “off”, so we didn’t walk. I’m hoping we (Ron) can finish cleaning the solar panels this week.

Also hoping to hear from Hanscom about refinancing our equity loan.

Squared things with Weedman and paid the account in full that I transferred to Peter.

I found the parts to the outdoor shower! They are in a box in the yellow room on top of a tall bookshelf.

Our shop lights were delivered this afternoon.

Dig Safe marked the rest of the underground lines today.

We have sufficient funds to pay the irrigation company.

We received the Peets Nespresso pods and had coffee after our 2.1 mile walk to JPE and back.

Walk in the Rain (but before the Storm)

Ron and I have been fighting like cats and dogs. I don’t think it’s because of the coronapocalypse; this has been going on for a while.

I suggested a walk, and we went a fair distance, across the way to John’s Pond estates and around the neighborhood.

It was raining lightly when we started, but by the time we got back to Holly Farm and Dixon, it picked up a bit.

We put on the tea kettle and had hot rum drinks to warm up. By that time or maybe shortly thereafter, the rain became a wild thunderstorm. We were lucky to have missed it. Raisins and nuts for dinner.

This morning, I cleaned up the sawdust from the yard and managed to clog the shop vac, not bad enough to damage it, but loud enough to wake up the neighbors. We were able to get the clog out, finally, but that’s what started our day-long argument. I did get everything done before the rain, which was the objective.

After that, I did a shop at Stop & Shop, drove to the beach (Mashpee lots are open) but didn’t stay long and stopped in to the wholesale nursery for herbs, which I didn’t plant because I was ravenous. Brought home fried pickles and pizza for lunch.

I’ve spent a small fortune on food this weekend: vinegars from Gustare, produce and groceries from Shaw’s and S&S, Peet’s for the Nespresso, take-out from Moto.