Sunday Morning

I don’t want to do anything today but post to the weblog and watch the light change. I don’t want to shower, dress, change sheets, pay bills, fight the tourons on the roads and the supermarkets, or read about the haves and have-mores that swamp the news and entertainment sections of both the print and online media.

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Not a Bad Week (and It’s Only Thursday)

So, Kenny-Boy has finally been indicted, with SEC charges pending.
John Kerry announced his pick for VP, causing failed businessman but favored son mega-millionaire one-term governor George Bush to fume about the lack of experience of self-made mega-millionaire trial lawyer turned one-term Senator John Edwards.
Friend Cathy found herself a term-to-perm gig as a staff accountant at a well-established local company, and an on-Cape transfer opportunity opened up for Tony.
Candace Mary’s new fence is about 90% done.
The Coreopsis have come back and the Lupine and transplanted hostas are blooming. The hanging planter of New Guineau impatiens that holds the little wren’s nest (with at least one fuzzy baby) has an incredible abundance of healthy, dark green leaves, no doubt due to the Nitrogen infusion from its tenants.
Thanks be to God, what else can possibly go right this week?!

Gardener’s Diary

Deadheaded most of the fairy rose and all of the Bachelor’s buttons.
The Columbines that are most exposed to the sun are looking sickly, losing their leaves, maybe not getting enough water.
Penstemon is doing great, though, maybe put in more next year.
The yellow flowers on the left side of the fence have come back, I can’t remember their name.

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