Giving up on local hardware stores, we picked up plant stakes and some hardware – hooks and hangars – at Home Depot.

Ron wanted to stop for food on the way back at Tammy’s Candy Kettle. We enjoyed their corn chowder; their battered onion rings are incomparable.

Unfortunately, he decided he had to have a vintage mug for what turns out to be double the price online.

This morning, he woke up all aflutter because he thought the lady cheated him. As it turns out, we could justify the cost of the food but not the mug which in fact is Robin Hood and not a pirate.

I was able to book an appointment with a local plumbing company for next week.

Installed the two hooks in the upstairs bathroom. Hung a painting there, too.

Heard from Peter, the boys are not traveling this holiday.

Had a little book made at Walgreen’s of James’ photos of the construction project.

Paid the old oil company for the service call that was my “mind like steel mesh” blunder. In fairness to me, it was partially caused by someone’s painting over the “Off/On” labels on the thermostat so that they were invisible.

Got partly squared away with Power Sports thanks to Joe.

This afternoon, Ron and I cleared the flower bed next to the driveway. We filled three leaf bags. Not sure how much more I want to do besides stakes and burlap.

Sent $25 each to Robert and James for Thanksgiving.