LLMs, Burlap, Oil, Cooking

Nice Saturday afternoon.

I’d attended a CompSci lecture on LLMs on Friday evening, so it was easy to park. Ron drove me to a follow-on by the same visiting professor on Saturday. Afterwards, we went to Spoon for frozen yogurt and almond croissants.

I’ve been nervous about running out of oil. Left a message for Preite and found they’d switched tanks by the time we got home. Outstanding!

At some point, I cleared leaves off the deck with the blower – much better than attempting to sweep.

I’d baked a lemon poppyseed loaf earlier in the week and made a pot of lentil curry soup.

Decorated a Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake to celebrate the little boys’ good reports from school.

Ordered burlap and stakes from Tractor Supply to protect the bushes back and front.

In a lot of shoulder pain earlier this week. Felt like I’d been stretched on the rack. Ron thinks it was from moving the credenza in the living room.

Williams College students continue to amaze me with their kindness. Same with the facilities: meticulous, first rate. It’s like living in a dream.

Pro-choice referenda passed overwhelmingly across the country this past Tuesday. So, of course, the right wing misogynists are plotting to overturn them.

Meanwhile, the new House speaker has posted a Christian nationalist flag outside his office.