Third Bedroom

The experts wanted to demolish it so we could have a code-compliant stairway and possibly save on labor costs as an additional benefit.

I figured having storage and possibly a guest room was more important.

This weekend I’ve been sanding the big baseboard. For some reason, James caulked it, which is going to make painting a little tricky.

I think I’ve got covering the cost of the new oil tank figured out.

Feeling guilty about not going out at all today.

Yesterday we got to the transfer station to dump the compost just as the train smashboards were closing. We were able to drive on around 2:57, but the attendant was locking the gate. Mercifully, he let us through.

After wandering around South Williamstown, we stopped at the A-Frame bakery for cheesecake (Ron) and crumb cakes (both of us).

I’ve been curious about the so-called beach at Margaret Lindley park across the street from the bakery, but the “beach” is only a very small, shallow cement bowl. The park itself looks nice, though.

Well, there had to be at least one way Mashpee has it over Williamstown.