I Should Be Cooking

The thing about cooking is the mess it creates, even with the use of a dishwasher. I hate it.

Ron’s medical person refilled his prescription but only for nine days. He is not happy. I called a couple of other providers, but they are not taking new patients.

On the plus side, I finished painting the living room front windows and trim. It’s good to have it done.

Went to the food pantry in North Adams but seeing the enormous line of cars, thought better of it. Stopped by the Food Project for a tomato soup and salad lunch and filled a bag with bread, rolls and bagels. Did a shop at Stop & Shop for cheese, “used” produce, eggs, relish and peanut butter.

Read a summary of the last two chapters of “Little Bird”. Relieved to learn that the mother Bezhig seeks is her real mother, not the self-centered adoptoraptor who vehemently denies the truth of Bezhig’s upbringing and kidnapping.

The writer and producer have depicted the trauma lived by many adopted people with uncanny accuracy. Bezhig is a heroic figure with a universal story that rings true for adopted people of all backgrounds.