Gardener’s Diary

I saw two of my Master Gardener friends at the Barnstable Harvest Fair yesterday, one of whom, Inez Narbis, was my teacher a couple of years ago.
Inez is an amazing woman: partially paralyzed in a horseback riding accident years ago, she nonetheless maintains a demonstration garden at the Fairgrounds, while keeping up with her full-time job and other County Extension volunteer work.
I see Inez maybe 3-4 times a year at various events, and she’s always kind enough to give me a big hello.

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Job Well Done

For the first time since the Democratic primaries, I’m starting to believe that John Kerry was the right man for the job.
Almost every news outlet, including Fox, judged him the winner in last night’s Presidential debate. The only waffler I’ve found so far is Sumner Redstone’s (“the re-election of President Bush would be best for Viacom’s interests”) CBS.
And good for the networks for using split screens during the broadcast, thus ignoring the rules of the discredited Commission on Presidential Debates.

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Values Clarification

Okay, it’s the day of the first Presidential debate, and one hopes that by 10 o’clock tonight, the much-coveted Undecideds (estimated at 20%) will close Bush’s current 6% lead over Kerry.
That being said, I’m taking a few minutes to thank the folks at Midas Muffler in Falmouth, who once again, have kept my 214,000+ mile Subaru on the road without soaking me for unnecessary repairs.

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Riddle Me This

A lot of Bush’s support comes from the Christian Right.
A lot of Bush’s support comes from people who he and his cronies have terrified with their terrorist boogeyman stories.
So, riddle me this: if someone is a “Christian” right-winger, don’t they KNOW where they are going when they die?
No wonder they are so terrified: imagine what G*d Almighty has in store for them as payback for their anti-woman/jihadist/racist/anti-intellectual and generally hateful ways.
And I don’t think it’s a covey of virgin brides, either.