3 Down, 1 to Go

Finished day 3 of a 4-day travel/work/conference marathon that started on Thursday.

I’d signed up to volunteer at Connecting for Change in New Bedford. In exchange, I got one day of regular attendance, which I elected to do on Friday, day 2 of the “marathon”. Tomorrow, day 4, is my volunteer day, but the conference will end at 3:30. Last Thursday, the first day of the marathon, was orientation for volunteers, and that took place after work.

Today, day 3, I attended a terrific WordCamp in Providence. Learned a lot and had my head turned around from back end to front end development.

I went back and forth on whether I had to stamina to handle four days straight. For example, I thought about taking the bus to Providence today, but the fare would have been $50 round trip. We got discounted parking, so even with the cost of gas, the trip didn’t come to nearly that much.

I thought about grabbing a hotel room or rooms, but the least expensive I found was over $50.

The weather has been great, the calm before the storm, so travel hasn’t been a problem at all.

One more to go, then I can concentrate on storm preparation.

Gardener’s Diary

Watered at Edgewater. Ron, Peter and I got caught up.

Picked up Holly Tone and Rose Tone at Waquoit Feed & Garden. Fed and watered everything but (duh) the holly.

Listened off and on to TEDx New England.

Ron had an appointment at Beltone.

Signed both properties up for heating system service contracts with the gas company.

Water Filter

Changed the filter in the water pitcher today.

Planted the liatris, weeded, watered, did some Fall cleanup. Ron’s been working on the deck at Edgewater. Finally filled in and seeded the area dug up for septic tank pumping. Made fish chowder with salmon poaching broth and hake.

Gardener’s Diary

Overseeded the side yard today. Planted 21 garlic cloves. Dug up the liatris and transplanted the small grass; it looks nice. Did the transfer station run and laundry. Met the Birthday Brunch bunch for Mary’s birthday; she got some great mugs. Ron worked the entire afternoon on scraping and sanding the gate: a horrible job. The porch looks amazing from the front, though.


Raked, mowed, overseeded and put down starter fertilizer in the back yard at Edgewater. Spread the other peat moss brick on the new garden, which someone used to deposit scat.

Ron continues to work on the porch and made great progress today on the gate.