Carpet Cleaning

We (actually Ron) cleaned the bedroom carpets today. I was amazed and dismayed by the amount of dirt we’ve been living with. Then again, I’m pretty sure that I’ve only vacuumed since I moved in here 11+ years ago.

We were well pleased with the unit we rented from Stop & Shop. It was easy to use and pretty easy to clean. The carpet looks much better – still worn in spots, but a heck of a lot cleaner.

I think the next big chore is going to be staining the deck rails, but only those that need it. That means just the horizontal surfaces, probably.

Stopped by Cape Mac to see Peter and got their advice on a great birthday gift which they ordered for Ron.

I paid the real estate taxes today and went to Feed Falmouth to work in the kitchen. There was a “plethora” of helpers, so I just had a quick supper – very good – and beat it out of there as fast as I could so I could work with Ron on putting back furniture and sundries.

We cleaned my stuff out of his closet so it’s finally his. He is pleased.

Ron is playing the guitar right now and even with the grass still in recovery from winter, the back yard is pretty as a picture. Nice time of day, for sure.

Grooming Fluffles

Spent about 45 minutes combing a sedated Fluffles yesterday. Unbelievable amount of undercoat. I felt like a monster.

We’ve been watering the lawn, front and back, hoping to get the grass recovered and the Chickadee absorbed. I’ve been weeding. Cut back the Montauks.

Received and faxed back the paperwork from Avid.

Washed the slider with a vinegar/dish liquid solution. The person who wrote about the wax residue from commercial cleaners must have been right: I had a devil of a time removing a film from the glass, finally used a razor.

Emailed a few possibilities for apartments in Marshfield and Weymouth. Joined NuRide and found several people in this area who commute into town.

There were three hawks circling the field yesterday. Very exciting. May it continue.

Gardener’s Diary

Put in the rest of the cold weather plants today: Asian greens and collards.

Picked up some really nice pansies for an incredible 45 cents a six-pack at Walmart. Planted these as well. Also bought some cherry tomatoes which I put in the cold frame.

Ron and I watered the lawn this morning, front, back and side yards.

Burned some blow-downs.

Cut back the Montauks; not much, maybe 1/4-1/3.

We went to the credit union this morning and stopped at Highfield to visit Carolyn’s memorial marker. Took a walk at Spohr garden. Many beautiful flowers are in bloom, more to come.

Went to Steering; small group, only five of us. Ron got us an incredible all-meat pizza from Zoe’s for supper.


Full day today. I’d planned to go with Ron to help out at the Folk Music Society but finished work here only a short time ago.

Did laundry and washed one of the door mats.

Dropped off a present for Cindy (her birthday) and picked up winter vegetables, top soil and Chickadee. Planted the kale. Did some more raking and put down the Chickadee in the front and back.

Made fishcakes for lunch with leftover cod, mashed potatoes, egg and bread crumbs.


I don’t so much object to women being “objectified” – if someone wants to be seen as an object, that’s her business – as I do being discriminated against because I’m not a woman who was born lucky enough to be objectified.

Ducks in the Neighborhood

010A pair of ducks were strolling around LeConti’s yard last evening, then walked across the street. Don’t know what happened to them after that or for that matter, where they came from. We think the rain may have confused them, it being good weather for ducks, haha.

Covered a Lot of Ground

011Started the day at 5 so I could get to help out Jr. Tech with their STEM for girls registration at MMA.

Had a nice conversation with one of the other volunteers, a lady who taught computer science in Worcester and is now helping her church manage their database.

I stopped off at Home Depot to pick up a dethatching blade for Peter’s lawnmower. Also got some metal hose nossles.

Dropped off a small donation to the 8th grade Washington DC trip fundraiser and then did a quick walk through the health fair at the high school. Some good information and learned of a new PE program: the high school got a grant to purchase rollerblades and helmets. The teacher invited me to try it and I would have loved to except for my arthritic ankle. Had a nice chat with Michael from Mahoney’s about cold weather crops. He agreed, everything is late this year.

Went to the market at the Waquoit church for donuts for Ron, but Patience wasn’t there. Picked up a gorgeous bottle of white wine vinegar. Stopped at Roche to get some celebratory macaroons for Peter and dropped them off for him at Cape Mac. Went to Stop & Shop for my meds.

Made sandwiches for lunch with the new Panini pan that Ron got on sale at Williams Sonoma: great. We loaded up the truck and picked up trash and recyclables at Edgewater along with the lawnmower.

After the transfer station, Ron was able to switch out the lawnmower blades. He dethatched the back yard. I did some raking as well; lots of dead grass.

Made meatloaf for the first time in the microwave: done in 15 minutes.