Cranberry Compost

Got up at 6:30. Showered and had breakfast. Picked up treats at Dunkin Donuts for the gang at the cranberry farm. Dropped off breakfast foods at Peter’s. Went to PJ Cranberry. Got a truckload. Stopped at South Sandwich Stop & Shop. Dropped off catalogs at Stonewood.

Changed clothes, met Cindy and Cathy at Celestino’s in North Falmouth. Picked up James and dropped him off at his bank and then to work.

Ron and I unloaded the truck, filled our two new beds with cranberry compost.

We’d just finished tea when Liz called to offer us jobs!

Ron’s been watering and changed the hose configuration to be more efficient.

Did laundry. Haven’t used the clothesline much these days, either I’ve not been organized enough to get things done early or the weather hasn’t cooperated. Today is somewhat cool and gloomy.

Started the second of Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan Novels yesterday.

Made spaghetti squash with a curry- and chili-based tomato sauce and roasted garbanzo beans for supper. Tasty but not especially filling, even with salad.