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  1. Ok..here are two “parents” that will be charged with murder… and rightfully so.
    But why aren’t the police in Cincinatti being charged with the murder of Mr. Jones?
    The Cincinatti Coroner rules his death was a homicide…but adds this doesn’t imply the police acted inappropriately??
    The police beat Mr. Jones, and he died.
    Mr. & Mrs. Reaves beat Joella and she died.
    Both are horrible and tragic events…
    Both deaths were avoidable…
    Both victims were murdered…
    All involved should be charged with MURDER.

  2. Homicide is the killing of a person by a person. There’s no implication in the word homicide that it was wrongful. If you shoot and kill an armed bank robber, it’s a homicide. It’s justified because you killed someone to prevent a violent felony.
    The two incidents are completely different.

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