Dementia? Full Day

Ron was upset yesterday, claiming that his two pharmacies had lost track of his meds and it was his fault.

Turns out, his accounts are fine, the prescription records are all there, and I was able to set up new logins for him on both websites.

He argued and argued and argued with me about this. Instead of listening and watching what I was doing, he kept ranting about what the pharmacies’ staff told him, none of which made sense. He claimed that “guilt” prevented him from thinking clearly.

I’ve asked his doctor to diagnose him for Alzheimer’s before, and it looks like it may be time to do that again.

Meanwhile, I had a full day.

Picked up a superb mincemeat pie and cardamom bread at the Meetinghouse Farm baked goods fundraiser in West Barnstable.

Dropped off the holter at the cardio office, and stopped off at Janet’s for more bread. She gave me an extra loaf that “wasn’t up to quality control standards” but still very good.

Drove home to take Lizzie to the vet’s for blood tests, the results of which were outstanding. Her previously high levels were way down and well within normal range. Fantastic news!

Finally, had my computer glasses adjusted at Bayview.

Ron did a transfer station run with leaves. While we were raking the front yard, Cathy dropped off mac and cheese.